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Spring 2020

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Music Performance Review Assignments | Online Homework Help
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Professor: Tim Smith      E mail: txs238@miami.edu

Teaching Assistant: Ray Kim  E mail rdk70@miami.edu

Office hours:  PLF South 113 TBA


MCY 127

Course Description:

This general education course is a study of the birth and evolution of the music form of Rock and Roll. It is a study of both the historical and musical elements of rock with a focus on the performers and the songs in the genre. Some of the objectives for this course include:

Increasing awareness of the wide range of musical styles that “add up” to form rock

Provide insight on the cultural evolution of rock and how it applies to society

Study how technological advances have influenced both the performers and composers in rock

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Required text:


Required listening: Spotify playlist MCY127TS

Course Requirements and Grading:

Test 1                                                    20%

Midterm exam                                  25%

Test 3                                                    20%

Final exam                                          25%

Essay on live musical performance           10%

Essay assignment will consist of attending a live musical performance at the Frost School of Music (or approved off campus performance). At the conclusion of the performance, you will obtain signatures of two or more participants. You will compose an essay that will summarize the performance (ensemble, repertoire, etc.). You will compare and/or contrast the performance with details we have studied in class. The essay should be two to three pages long, computer printed, double spaced, and stapled. It will be due on Thursday, November 19.

Conduct and rules:

Rock and roll is a joyous art form. I intend for the class to be a fun and learning environment. I hope to engage you as adults, not as adolescents. However, inappropriate language or behavior to one another will not be tolerated, and will result in the student facing disciplinary action and potential removal from the class. You are adults. I am not your baby-sitter. If you fail to attend class regularly, you will find it much more difficult to excel in the course. SHOW UP AND PAY ATTENTION! It will make your life easier in the long run. Plagiarism on your essay will not be acceptable, and will result in the loss of 10% of your final grade. Cheating is rampant. While I will make every effort to curb the options students might have to copy one another on tests, I can’t stop it completely. I will have assistance from the Honor Council on test days, and cheating will result in a zero on that test. None of you can afford this. I truly believe that if you will engage the material, come to the lectures, and actively listen to the required listening material, you will not find a need to cheat.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by any of the material, please make an appointment to meet with me during office hours.

Lectures and listening:

Each class will consist of a lecture and a period of listening to music appropriate to that lecture. The music played in class will be made available to you through Blackboard in addition. You will be responsible for the material presented as well as recognizing and identifying the musical examples played. My intention is for you to learn this, not to be tricky!


Attendance will be taken frequently during the semester. More than two unexcused absences will result in lowering of final grade by one letter grade.


Tentative Class Schedule:

Tuesday, January 14 Greetings, introductions

Thursday, January 16 The Beginnings of Rock

Tuesday, January 21 The Early 50’s

Thursday, January 23 1953-1957

Tuesday, January 28 The end of the 50’s

Thursday, January 30 1960-1961

Tuesday, February 4 1962-1963

Thursday, February 6  TEST 1

Tuesday, February 11 The calm before the storm

Thursday, February 13 The British Invasion

Tuesday, February 18 The Beatles

Thursday, February 20 NO CLASS

Tuesday, February 25 Beatles, Birth of the “supergroups”

Thursday, February 27 Woodstock

Tuesday, March 3 Tragedy of rock

Thursday March 5 Southern Rock

March 7-15 no class Spring Break

Tuesday March 17 Midterm Exam

Thursday March 19 Art rock

Tuesday March 24 Heavy Metal

Thursday March 26 Punk

Tuesday March 31 MTV

Thursday April 2 TEST 2

Tuesday April 7 new fusion, Herbie Hancock, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Return to Forever

Thursday April 9 Disco

Tuesday April 14 Funk

Thursday April 16 ESSAY DUE!!!   Yacht Rock

Tuesday April 21 Seattle/grunge

Thursday April 23 Miami and the Rock industry

Thursday, April 30 FINAL EXAM!!! 2:00PM-4:30PM

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