Module 6 educ 3012 discussion post

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Module 6 educ 3012 discussion post
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Having plans in place to evaluate the performance of staff and the  quality of the center as a whole is an important responsibility for directors  of child development centers. Without an accurate picture of how staff members  and the center as a whole is performing, it is impossible to determine which  areas need improvement and which areas should be replicated or celebrated for  their success. In this Discussion, you will consider how you, as a director,  might approach assessment and evaluation. Reflect on the following:How might you monitor the performance of your staff—in  other words, on what basis (monthly, quarterly, yearly) and via what methods?  Would you use a performance appraisal form similar to that shown in Figure 8.4  in the course text? Why or why not?How might you assess the children in your program  as part of the center evaluation? Consider at least one specific assessment  method and why you would choose to use it.How and why might you collect data from children,  teachers, families, and/or the community/other professionals in order to evaluate  and monitor the quality of the child development center as a whole? Consider at  least two of these groups of people.  With these thoughts in mind, follow the  instructions below to post your response to this Discussion topic.By Day 3 of Week 11:
Post a description of how you, as a center  director, might monitor the performance of your staff, including on what basis  (frequency) and with which specific methods (e.g., observation, performance  appraisal). Then, describe at least one way you might assess the children in  your program, explaining why you might use this method and how the results  might factor into your center evaluation. Finally, identify at least two groups  of people from whom you would collect data in order to evaluate the quality of  the child development center as a whole. Explain why, as well as how,  specifically, you might gather the information you need to conduct your  evaluation. 

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