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An MLA research paper format is one of the easiest themes to comprehend and apply. This is because it entails the use of a writing style that is commonly used all over the world. MLA is an abbreviation for the Modern Language Association. Although students argue MLA is a difficult writing style, given the best assignment help, it becomes quite straightforward.

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This goes to mean that, when you are conversant with the MLA writing style, it becomes easier to understand the MLA research paper format. My Homework Writers offers the best assignment help on how to write and understand the MLA research paper format. Therefore, let not your MLA research paper format bother. Not only do we offer the best assignment help on how to write the MLA research paper format, but we also offer samples of the MLA research paper format.

What is a Research Paper?

Before we even proceed further, it is crucial to understand what a research paper is. A research paper is a type of academic writing that most students dread. It refers to a type of writing that requires a student to highly research on a given topic. Not only is it highly demanding, but it is also very time-consuming. It requires comprehensive research and great writing skills which tend to intimidate most students. Hence, they turn to the best assignment help websites online such as My Homework Writers to write their research papers. Although it is argued to be among the most complex pieces of writing, research papers are actually quite easy to write. All they require is a student to break down and understand the topic. Besides that, a student should be able to accurately define and answer the research question.

Understanding the MLA Format

The Modern Language Association (MLA) is a writing style that was developed to help researchers, students, and writers to format their papers in one uniform way. The uniform manner of formatting such work enables the readers to easily understand the content. More so, the MLA research paper format also allows one to easily access a particular text in the entire work. Today, the MLA writing style is not limited to literature writing. It is fair to say that almost every other language subject area has adopted its use. Due to this fact, it is very essential that students understand the MLA research paper format. Only the best assignment help websites such as My Homework Writers will teach you this. So, if you are looking to understand the MLA research paper format, contact My Homework Writers.

General Paper Format in MLA

Even before proceeding to write your research paper, My Homework Writers urges students to first obey the rules of the MLA general paper format. The MLA research paper format emphasizes paying attention to various aspects. These include the page number, the margins, the abstract, the table of contents, among many other elements. Therefore, My Homework Writers will discuss each element at a go and how it should be properly structured as per the guidelines of the MLA research paper format. It entails various steps which are;

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MLA research paper format

MLA research paper format

Step One: Setting the Page Margins to One Inch

Sometimes students assume that the margins are always set for them. However, the best assignment help websites will tell you that this is not always the case. Thus, for you to set your margins, My Homework Writers is giving a guideline of how to go about it. To do this, first, click on the File button that appears at the left side of your word document page. When you do so, a page setup page will appear from the menu bar. Here is an image of how it will appear;

Upon clicking the page setup page, set the margin at 1” inch at all sides. This is simply by entering the number one using the arrows that appear there. Do so using the up and down arrows, then click ok.

Step Two: Setting the Font Size

It is yet another assumption that the font size is always set at 12. However, at most times, the font size is always set at 11. Failure to acknowledge this will make you proceed without paying attention to guidelines of the MLA research paper format. It is very essential that a student uses a clear font and font size. My Homework Writers recommends a student to use Times New Roman, font size 12. It is very clear and makes your research paper readable. To select the font, go to the toolbar directly below the Home button. Below that, you will a box. Use the arrows given to select the font and the arrow beside that box to select the font size.

Step Three: Setting the Line Spacing

Most students are used to writing a double spaced MLA research paper format. This is to mean that they are quite conversant with double line spacing. However, sometimes one is required to use single line spacing. If you have no idea on how to go about it, My Homework Writers is here to grant you the best assignment help. To begin with, click on the Format button from the menu bar. After that, click on the paragraph.

Ensure that you select the indents and spacing tab as shown in this image;

Having done, proceed to click on the line spacing. It is very important that you select the spacing according to your paper instructions. Hence, if your MLA research paper format requires double spacing, click on double. However, if it requires single spacing, click on single. Proceed then to click on the ok button to save these changes. In case one is lost and requires additional help, contact My Homework Writers. We provide the best assignment help in this sector. Moreover, we also provide the best assignment help online in writing the MLA research paper format.

Step Four: Creating the Running Head

The running head in an MLA research paper format is entirely different from that of an APA research paper format. Students encounter multiple problems when writing the running head of an MLA research paper format. However, there is a solution to your problems. My Homework Writers is among the best assignment help websites on teaching how to create the running head of an MLA research paper format. Begin by clicking on the insert button from the menu bar. Proceed to click on the page number. Choose the top of the page. In the MLA research paper format, the running head consists of the last name of the student and the page number. They should follow each other and appear at the far top of your right-hand side. For more help on how to create the running head in the MLA research paper format, contact My Homework Writers.

Step Five: Inserting the Page Numbers

According to the best assignment help websites, each and every page should contain a page number. This is to enable the reader to easily access your document. More so, My Homework Writers acknowledges that the page numbers should be numbered consecutively. To begin with, place the page number ½ inch from the top-right margin. For the best assignment help on how to insert page numbers, contact My Homework Writers. It is also important to note that you should type your last name just before the page number. This is to mean that, when you type your surname, follow it with a spec then the page number.

The Heading and Title in the MLA Format

The heading is crucial because it gives details of who is writing the paper and what it will tackle. The heading and the title are usually indicated in the first page. To begin with, type your name, the name of your instructor, the course name, and the date at least one inch from the top of the first page. Here is a sample of how to write it;

Technological Advancements in the New Era

Student’s Name

Tutor’s Name

Course Code


MLA research paper format

Contents in the MLA Research Paper Format

The MLA research paper format contains various elements that lack in other pieces of writing such as the essays. Therefore, our best assignment help website will look into every element and discuss it into depth. More so, My Homework Writers will also give a guideline of how to write each section of the MLA research paper format. The sections entail;

  • The Abstract

The best assignment help websites define the abstract as a summary of the main points of the research paper. It is very important because it gives the reader an idea of what research question your research is tackling, the various data tools you used in the research, the methodology you used, and also the data analysis techniques you used. It should present a clear and specific argument of your research paper.

My Homework Writers recommends that you always write the abstract after completing the other chapters of your research paper. This is because you cannot create a summary of work that you have not yet formulated. In addition to that, your abstract should be brief. The best assignment help websites in the world argue that it should be between 150-250 words. However, if your professor requires a larger or a shorter abstract, adhere to the given instructions.

Tips on How to Write a Good Abstract

Here are a few tips on how to write a good abstract according to best assignment help website in the world; My Homework Writers;MLA research paper format

  • Avoid copying pasting points from your research paper-Most students to copy word for word directly from their research paper. This is wrong and should not be the case. Instead, a student is required to use the same idea, yet present it in another unique manner in the abstract, that is different on how it occurs in the body.
  • Keep it simple-Avoid long sentences. Alternatively, also avoid using complex terminologies. There is a fallacy amongst most students that superior words reveal they are well educated and knowledgeable. However, excessive use of complex terms is off-putting and only makes your research paper hard to read and understand.
  • Keep it brief-This is just a concise summary of your work. Therefore, do not go into details.
  • The Table of Contents

It is very important for a research paper to have a table of contents. This is because it makes it easy for the reader to access information simply by looking at the page number of that content. The table of contents should also be inserted after one is done writing and editing their research paper. It is good to note that a good MLA research paper format is one that a well-labeled yet specific table of contents. To insert a table of contents, simply highly your work, and classify it either as heading 1, 2, or 3 from the menu bar. After you are done, proceed to the reference button from the menu bar and click on it. You will see different styles of the table of contents. Select the one you are comfortable with and the table of contents will be automatically generated.

  • The Tables and Figures

Any good MLA research paper format utilizes graphs, tables, and other figures. They are very crucial, especially during data collection and analysis. Failure to use tables and figures results in more complexity when the reader is trying to understand or analyze your collected data, especially the statistics. Therefore, any student who is writing their research paper should ensure that they use tables, graphs, and other figures such as pie charts in their research papers. However, they should not be blindly inserted such that they do not reflect the collected data.  For those who do not know how to insert such graphs and tables, My Homework Writers is ready to offer you their ideal college homework help solutions. We are the best assignment help website in offering help on the MLA research paper format.

  • The Works Cited Page

Most students confuse the works cited page in the MLA research paper format for a reference list. Although they are similar, the reference list is used in APA writing style, while the works cited page is used in the MLA research paper format. There are a lot of reference materials that a student can use for their research. They could either be books, journal articles, YouTube videos, or even pictures. Whatever one chooses, ensure that you cite it in the works cited page. Students have highlighted that experience various problems when citing various documents. Thus, My Homework Writers will provide the ideal guideline of how to cite multiple reference materials in MLA style.

How to Cite Various Materials in MLA Style

  • A Book

Format For one Author:

Last Name, First Name. Title of Book. City of Publication, Publisher, Publication Date.

For Example;

Rabinbach, Anson. The human motor: Energy, fatigue, and the origins of modernity. Univ of California Press, 1992.

The format for Two Authors:

First Author’s Last Name, First Name, and  Second Author’s Last Name, First Name. Title of Book. Place of Publication, Publisher, Year Published

For Example;

Bates, Anthony Williams, and Gary Poole. Effective Teaching with Technology in Higher Education: Foundations for Success. Jossey-Bass, An Imprint of Wiley. 10475 Crosspoint Blvd, Indianapolis, IN 46256, 2003.

The format for Three or More authors:

First Author’s Surname, First Name, et al. Book Title: Subtitle. City of Publication, Publisher, Date of Publication

For Example;

Johnson, Norine G., et al. Beyond Appearance: A New Look at Adolescent Girls.  American Psychological Association, 2009.   

Points to Note:

The title of the book should always be italicized.

After writing your references, ensure you arrange them in hanging indentation.

The names of the authors in an MLA research paper format are separated from each other by the word and and not the symbol &.

  • A Journal Article

Most writers hate citing a journal article. This is because they tend to view the format as hard and complicated. My Homework Writers, however, argue that the reference format of a journal article is one of the easiest.  However, it is very easy to understand the format and apply it.


Last Name of the Author of the article, Other Given Names. “Title of the article.” Title of the Journal, Volume. Issue (Year Published): Page(s).

For Example:

Hopfer, Christian. “Implications of marijuana legalization for adolescent substance use.” Substance Abuse 35.4 (2014): 331-335.

For Example:

Grunig, Larissa A. “Power in the public relations department.” Journal of Public Relations Research 2.1-4 (1990): 115-155.

  • A review

When learning the MLA research paper format, the best assignment help websites will tell you that most writers prefer to use reviews in their research papers. This is because they contain a lot of content that the researcher may use to either formulate their hypothesis or to use to draw their arguments and counterarguments. So, it is very crucial to understand the format of referencing a review in the MLA Writing style. It is quite easy and is;

MLA research paper formatFormat:

The Reviewer’s Last Name, First Name. “Review Title (if there is one).” Review of Title of Book Being Reviewed, by Book Author’s First and Surname. Publication in which Review Appears, Day Month Year, URL, permalink, or doi.  The Day Month Year the review was accessed.

For Example:

Bethune, Brian. “Geology Professor Salomon Kroonenberg Explains ‘Why

Hell Stinks of Sulfur’.” Review of Why Hell Stinks of Sulfur: Mythology and Geology of the Underworld, by Salomon Kroonenberg. Maclean’s, 14 June 2014, Accessed 25 Oct. 2016.

  • An E-Book

E-books are becoming quite common due to the technological advancements in the new era. Consequently, writers are using the e-books to gather data for their research. Given that we are among the best assignment help websites in the world, we will provide you with the basic format of how to cite an e-book in the works cited page. The basic format given by My Homework Writers is;

Last name, first name. Title. Title of container, Contributors, edition, e-book, Number, Publisher, Year of publication.

For Example:

Troy, Ben N., et al. A Guide to Citation. 2nd ed, e-book, New York Publishers, 2010.

  • A Speech, Lecture, or Oral Presentation

Sometimes students want to use various oral presentations, lectures or speeches to form arguments, or to use as evidence for their research points. The format of citing such work is very easy. It is;

Speaker’s Last name, first name. Title of the Speech, Lecture or Oral Presentation (It should be in quotation marks). Title of organization or conference, The Day Date Year, The Venue and the City. (If there is no venue, use the address of the descriptor)

MLA research paper format

For Example:

Stein, Bob. “Reading and Writing in the Digital Era.” Discovering Digital Dimensions, Computers and Writing Conference, 23 May 2003, Union Club Hotel, West Lafayette, IN. Keynote Address.

Allow My Homework Writers to Grant you the Best Assignment Help

You can only be the best when you learn from the best. Given that My Homework Writers is among the best assignment help websites in the world, it, therefore, means that their homework help is premium. We are the best assignment help website because we are made up of qualified writers who are experts in the MLA research paper format. This goes to mean that you will acquire the best assignment help when it comes to learning about the MLA research paper format. Besides that, we are a reliable writing firm. Hence, all the college homework solutions you acquire from us are trustworthy and will be delivered to you on time. This is one aspect that makes us the best assignment help website in the world.

My Homework Writer sis globally recognized for the best assignment help in MLA research paper format. Hence, if you are looking to acquire the best assignment help in this or any other academic sector, contact My Homework Writers. It is the best assignment help website to acquire all your college homework solutions.

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