Midterm project and week 4 post

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Midterm project and week 4 post
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This is 2 different assignments.  Do the midterm first and then the week 4 post second.



  • The Midterm Assignment is attached as a WORD document to this assignment. ATTACHMENT
  • The Midterm Assignment requires you to act in the role of a collection planner at the division-level for a Marine Corps Division tasked with an amphibious operation.
  • A scenario has been developed and described in the assignment, along with what you are expected to produce and submit.
  • Below is the rubric for this assignment. Please be careful to read the assignment, follow the instructions, and then double check your work against the Rubric to make sure you have covered all requirements to earn the best grade possible.
  • This is the first time I am using this new midterm assignment, along with this scenario. So I apologize if there are any bumps in the road. But the more questions you ask, the better I can refine this assignment for the future.

Week 4 Post:

The midterm project challenges most people, but in different ways. I would like you to think about the midterm project and share your idea and lessons learned. Be sure to interact with others. This is an opportunity to get positive about what you have learned and why it is important to you.

Please share the major lessons you have learned while undertaking the midterm project. I understand you have not yet completed or submitted this project. As you proceed, though, you will have run into questions, concerns, ideas, conclusions, etc., and this is the forum in which you are expected to discuss these. There are three elements to this:

1) State positively two things you have learned in short sentences and give a brief explanation.

2) Why is this a positive learning experience and what can you take away and apply outside this class (at work, in other classes, etc.)?

3) Why is creativity and imagination critical to learning and what have you learned about yourself in the process?

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