Mgmt 592 midterm | Human Resource Management homework help

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Mgmt 592 midterm | Human Resource Management homework help
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MGMT 592 – Leadership in the 21st Century

(DeVry – December 2015)

1. Leadership is described as both a science and an art. How can we understand it as both?  Describe why each applies and how they are reconciled in both the study and practice of leadership.


2. Are leaders born or made? Which dominates the process and why? How do these questions effect one’s leadership development perspectives? Discuss the ways leaders are developed.


3. How does obedience relate to power in leadership? Discuss the research that this relationship is based upon and its implication for leadership development.


4. Describe the three most well-known types of ethical decision making and the four dilemmas that each engender. Why do these matter to the leader in his or her own ethical perspectives?


5. Discuss in detail, the four methods of motivation used by leaders to get action from followers.  Why is this interaction so important to the leader’s effectiveness?


6. Motivating followers as individuals is challenging; but even more so is motivating groups or teams. Why is this the case? Discuss the unique characteristics of groups and/or teams and the differences between a group and a team.

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