Media and society | Social Science homework help

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Media and society | Social Science homework help
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throughout human history, ,media have excited in four stages: traditional, public, mass and electronic .

the transitions between these times have been characterized by “ disruptive” media, which alter both the communication methods and society that originates them.


choose one medium and describe its emergence as viable channel of communication , explaining in what ways it was a “ disruptive” medium . then choose one way in which that medium disrupted society , and analyze why and how that happened.


the paper should be 5-7 pages in length , double-spaced, with 1”margins and 12 point type in either Arial, Times New Roman or Goudy old style fonts.


when sources are used at least 50% MAY NOT be sourced from internet .

all sources must be properly cited in either MLA or APA format .

no grammer errors

clear statement thesis 

paper properly addresses the prompt 

clear and proper analysis 

proper citation and attribution

sources are evenly distributed between online offline


i have many options

 ( how the Emails disruptive  Mails)  

(how online news disruptive news papers )

(how Uber disruptive Taxies )

and i’m open to any good ideas .

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