MBA Scholarship Essay Sample and Guide

MBA Scholarship Essay Sample and Guide

Most potential business school students often have to secure MBA scholarships and other kinds of financial assistance to pursue their studies. However, the process of filling out such scholarship applications is often not that simple, which is where a reliable MBA scholarship essay sample comes in handy. There are numerous free essay samples available on the Internet. However, not all of them can pass as reliable.

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MBA Scholarship Essay Sample and Guide
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MBA scholarship essay sample

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How Do You Start A Scholarship Essay?

With the ever-increasing number of scholarships available for students, you have a high likelihood of winning a significant sum of money, which you can put towards your MBA. However, scholarship application processes can be a bit of an uphill task, especially for new students. This is why we recommend referring to Free Essay samples as much as possible.

Lucky for all students though, there is no one size fits all approach to writing scholarship essays, especially the introduction. However, when starting your scholarship essay, there are some key things that you should bear in mind. Generally, aim to start your essay with these things:

  • An attention-grabbing first sentence
  • A concise explanation of what we intend to address in the essay
  • A thesis statement that addresses the essay prompt

How Do You Write a Scholarship for a Leadership Essay?

Among the most crucial elements of any academic application process is a well-written scholarship essay. Nowadays, it is not uncommon to come across scholarship essays on the subject of leadership. Writing informative and persuasive essays on leadership can go a long way in helping students win themselves valuable scholarships that will positively impact their future. One way to learn this crucial skill is by getting hold of a good MBA scholarship essay sample and studying it thoroughly.

MBA scholarship essay sample

By referring to any reliable MBA scholarship essay sample, you will quickly discover a consistent process of writing scholarship essays on leadership that includes:

Conducting Research on Leadership

Essentially, leadership is a person’s ability to guide other people towards a common outcome or goal. To write a proper scholarship essay on leadership, it is necessary to first develop a deep understanding of leadership. Therefore, do extensive research by reading articles, websites, books, and an MBA scholarship essay sample that focuses on leadership.

Define What Leadership Means to You

Now that you have probably gathered a lot of information on leadership, it is time to think about what leadership means to you.

Do you draw inspiration from the risk-taking and ambitious nature of good leaders? Then make this the sole focus of your essay. Maybe you find it interesting how good leaders are knowledgeable about their missions while having a strong vision and how they intend to attain it. You can highlight such traits as well in your essay.

Brainstorm on How You Exhibit Leadership at a Personal Level

Most scholarship essays on leadership require applicants to reflect on how the demonstrated traits of leadership in the past. You can make your writing process a lot easier by brainstorming before you embark on any writing.

Begin Your Essay with an Attention-Grabbing Introduction

As a rule of thumb, include three or four sentences in your introductory paragraph that address what you intend to cover in the essay. In this case, your introduction should be about leadership. To get a better picture of how to write a good introduction, refer to any well-written MBA scholarship essay sample.

Sum up Your Entire Argument in a Thesis Statement

In one thesis statement, adequately explain what factors about leadership your essay will cover.

Use a three-paragraph Body Text

Your body Text should convey your message adequately while supporting the argument you make in your thesis statement. Implement the classic format of a five-paragraph essay by following your introductory paragraph, a body text comprising of three paragraphs.

MBA scholarship essay sample

What Do You Write In an MBA Essay?

Among the most difficult aspects of writing excellent personal statements for MBA, applications are deciding where to begin. It takes plenty of creativity, a clear plan, and lots of confidence to structure a good MBA essay. You can address this by viewing a sample personal statement for a scholarship application or a reliable MBA scholarship essay sample.

When writing your MBA essay, always include the following:

A Genuine Story about You At Work

When providing a story in your essay, make it as interesting as possible with details that emphasize your ability to think on your feet and good business acumen. Express your actions in a positive light. This is perhaps the only opportunity to narrate to the reader who you are, beyond what letters of recommendation, test scores, and standardized transcripts reveal. To achieve this, share details about yourself that they will not likely discover in other parts of your application.

Reveal Why You Want to Pursue This Specific MBA Degree

Now that you have the reader’s attention mention the concentration you seek to pursue and why. Also, share any long-term career goals you have. For instance, you could express your interest in specializing in finance to work in the healthcare field, especially if this is the area you have experience in.

Share the knowledge you have by speculating on future challenges or the growth outlook of your specific industry. If you have adequate room, make it clear why this specific university’s MBA program is the best fit for you.

Emphasize Why You Are an Excellent Fit for the Program

Any quality MBA scholarship essay sample clearly reveals that applicants have the freedom to showcase how they intend to contribute to the programs they apply for. Therefore, aim to seal the deal by providing a summary of what you can offer to the cohort.

This calls for creativity and confidence in selling yourself and your abilities. What do you bring to the table? Most admissions readers seek candidates that bring passion and solid leadership skills to their MBA programs.

What Format Do You Use for a Scholarship Essay?

If you refer to an MBA scholarship essay sample, then go through the explicit guidelines of your scholarship provider and do not understand what format to use, then stick to a standard, professional format. A standard professional format requires you to use one-inch page margins, double-spacing, 12-point font size, and standard fonts such as Times New Roman in its default black color.

Avoid getting creative with colors or fonts. The aim of your essay should be to make the content stand out rather than any unorthodox formatting.

Why Do You Deserve This Scholarship Essay Sample?

Among the most common scholarship essay questions that scholarship organizations ask applicants is why they deserve the scholarship. This specific question can be quite intimidating for most students. The intimidation comes from the fact that they have to tread carefully and not come across as too greedy or needy.

To avoid this, you can refer to a Sage MBA scholarship essay sample that reveals how to stand out from the competition while coming across as humble and appreciative. My Homework Writers has an entire catalog of “why do you deserve this scholarship sample essay” on its website.

Tips for Writing a “Why Do You Deserve This Scholarship?” Essay

  1. Explain How the Scholarship Money Would Influence Your Long Term Goals
  2. Emphasize the Purpose of the Scholarship
  3. Never Shy Away from Promoting Yourself

Sample “Why Do You Deserve This Scholarship?” Essay

I believe I deserve the MBA scholarship your institution offers because of my track record of effective problem-solving. Both single-handedly and together with help from other people, I have helped the company I work for and my community solve stubborn problems. I intend to implement my problem solving and leadership mindset during my MBA, with a focus on project management.

My ultimate goal is to work in construction management. I believe this career option will position me well to make low-income housing development more efficient. Using this MBA scholarship, I believe I will be more equipped to solve even bigger problems in the future.

MBA scholarship essay sample

MBA Scholarship Essay Sample and Guide

To supplement any knowledge we have gathered from studying an MBA scholarship essay sample, we provide you with tips and an MBA scholarship essay sample to help you write a winning scholarship application.

How to Write a Successful MBA Scholarship Application

Read and Understand the Essay Prompt

Most organizations that offer scholarships will provide applicants with an essay prompt or a question which their essays have to address. As a rule of thumb, never begin the writing process without fully comprehending what the essay prompt or question is all about. Try and read between the lines. Since most scholarship institutions want to get a better idea of the applicants, reading between the lines will help you understand exactly what the essay prompt requires of you.

Always bear in mind that most scholarship essay questions, regardless of the topic, will require you to demonstrate your background, your interests, and, more importantly, highlight all your relevant experiences that fit with the mission and goals of the funding institution.

Sometimes, applicants may have to write essays on a topic of their choosing rather than focusing on an essay prompt. While these instances can be very challenging, they can also present opportunities for applicants to demonstrate their creativity. Finally, if any details regarding the essay are not clear, always consult someone from the funding organization to ask for clarification.

Create a List of Essential Keywords and Points to Including the Essay

Regardless of your essay prompt, always include the most relevant and important information regarding your background and experiences that make you the most suitable candidate for the MBA scholarship. To successfully complete this step, it may be necessary to do extensive research on the organization offering the scholarship you are applying for. Try and understand the organization’s mission and vision. Highlight some keywords from their mission statement and include them in your essay.

Most scholarship committees not only look for the brightest students; they often seek individuals who fit their organizational goals. Gather all other application materials such as resumes and academic transcripts to adequately review all your qualifications. Also, take note of anything missing from the materials that you should include in your essay.

For instance, in your essay, you can talk about a particular class that piqued your interest and inspired your current career and academic goals. This is because while the scholarship committee will review the list of classes you took on your transcript, they will not be able to decipher which specific class or classes inspired you the most. There is no better place to highlight this than your MBA scholarship essay. Some other keywords you can include in your list of important points are:

  • Any honors or academic awards you have won
  • Why your experiences match the mission of the funding institution
  • Any academic experiences, internships or courses that will not appear on the transcript
  • Your financial circumstances that deem it necessary to finance your academic goals through scholarship funding
  • Any special knowledge or training you have

Create a Rough Draft or Outline

While not all people like to make outlines before they start writing, this is one of the exceptional instances where it can be very useful. Use your list of important points to create the outline you will follow. Most people find storytelling as the most effective and easiest way to write scholarship essays. For example, you can narrate how you found your favorite book and how this book inspired and changed you. Regarding such a story, a sample outline you can follow is:

  • A college lecturer recommended an interesting book
  • I found the book’s title captivating and made some time to read it over the weekend
  • The book changed my perception of the world around me
  • I drew inspiration from the book to pursue project management

MBA scholarship essay sample

Write a Strong Statement to Summarize Your Main Points

It is essential to include a strong thesis statement that summarizes all the major points you intend to include in your essay. A proper MBA scholarship essay sample will highlight how easy it is to start writing using such a simple statement. On the contrary, your essay need not begin or end with a thesis statement. However, the statement should appear somewhere within your essay to tie different individual sections together.

For instance, use a thesis statement such as “you will find plenty of experiences from my personal life and my academic career aligning well with your institution’s mission: positively influencing community leaders who seek a more sustainable world.” Beginning your essay with such a sentence can enable you to organize the main points and thoughts coherently while shaping the direction of your essay.

After writing your essay, make sure you reflect back on the thesis statement and ask whether your entire essay explains and supports the thesis statement.

Fill in Any Missing Parts

Now that you have a list of important points, an outline and a thesis statement, start filling in any missing parts of the story. Your first sentence is very crucial as it should capture the reader’s attention and motivate them to keep on reading. Be articulate throughout the entire essay and paint a vivid picture of a personal experience.

Sample MBA Essay

Essay prompt: At [institution], we value creativity and innovation. Describe a moment you created positive change in an organization or group.

When I took my current position as VP of Content and Service at the company I work for, I knew I had to introduce changes in the company’s methodologies and structure. Until then, the company was operating as a one-man show. The previous CEO worked opposite all analysts, and middle management was virtually non-existent. Additionally, there were no organized research methodology and work processes. The company relied entirely on the personal abilities of its analysts, which made project qualities inconsistent while increasing customer dissatisfaction.

To create the first, middle management level, I hired ten new employees. I introduced new positions like research manager and client manager for each division to improve both research quality and client management. I also led the formulation of new research methodology by developing research capabilities in different languages and building a global network of industry experts. This methodology provided us an edge over the competition while enabling us to provide broader insights. After only two years, we had established ourselves as a household name for quality research, while doubling revenues from research projects.

The process also sparked fundamental changes within our team’s morale. The analysts, for the first time, had a reliable apparatus for guiding them through complex projects while receiving constructive feedback. Training new analysts also became a lot easier since there was a solid methodology to follow. The ultimate result was a highly committed and motivated team.

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