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Math 170 final 1 | Mathematics homework help
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1. State whether the statements are true or false: AcA

A) True   B) False


2. Fill in the missing value. Assume simple interest.

principal $19,582

interest rate 4%

time ________

simple interest $2,349.84

A) time 3 years   B) time 4 years    C) time 2 years


3. Using the combination formula complete the following: How many combinations of two letters are possible from the letters U, A, and X?

A) 3    B) 5    C) 9


4. Find the probability. Write your answer as a percent rounded to the nearest whole percent: A number from 8 to 16 is drawn at random. P(12).

A) 11%    B) 13%     C) 15%


5. Evaluate the expression: 2 • 7!

A) 10,080    B) 10,280    C) 10,000


6. If A and B are independent events, P(A)=.4, and P(B)=.6 find P (A u B)

A) 0.76     B) 0.076     C) 0.0076


7. A number from 15 to 26 is drawn at random.P(24)Express the probability as a percent. Round to the nearest percent.

A) 8%     B) 9%      C) 10%


8.Evaluate the expression: 9!

A) 362880    B) 362800


9.Determine whether the events A and B are independent P(A)=.6, P(B)=.8, P(A n B)=.2

A) Independent    B) Not Independent


10.Evaluate: 3!

A) 6    B) 3     C) 1


11.Evaluate the expression: C(9,3)

A) 84     B) 48      C) 27


12.Fill in the missing value. Assume simple interest.

principal $87,698

interest rate ________

time 1 year

simple interest $6,138.86


A) interest rate 7%     B) interest rate 8%     C) interest rate 10%


13.A jar contains 21 pink and 26 navy marbles. A marble is drawn at random.P(navy)Express the probability as a decimal. Round to the nearest hundredth.

A) 0.55     B) 0.055     C) 0.0055


14.Find the probability. Assume that the spinner is separated into equal sections: You flip a coin and toss a 1-6 number cube. P(3 and heads)

A) 1/12 or 0.083     B) 1/6 or 0.167     C) 1/8 or 0.125


15. State whether the statements are true or false: {0}=0

A) True     B) False


16.Fill in the missing value. Assume simple interest.

principal $400,007

interest rate 13%

time 2 years

simple interest ________

A) simple interest $105,001.82    B) simple interest $104,001.82    C) simple interest $104,003.82


17.State whether the statements are true or false: 0eA

A) True     B) False


18.Find the probability: A number from 10 to 22 is drawn at random. P(an odd number) Express the probability as a decimal. Round to the nearest hundredth.

A) 0.46     B) 0.17     C) 0.75


19.Fill in the missing value. Assume simple interest. principal ________ interest rate 3% time 1 year simple interest $2,472.57

A) principal $82,419    B) principal $85,419    C) principal $822,419


20.There were 13,249 weddings in Springs City last year. According to state records, notaries public performed 17% of the weddings. How many weddings were not performed by notaries public?

A) 1099    B) 10994    C) 10997


21. Let A and B be two events in a sample space S such that:

(P(A)=.6,  P(B)=.5, and P(A n B).2 find P(AB)     

A) 2/5    B) 5/2


22.If A and B are independent events, P(A)=.4, and P(B)=.6 find P(A n B)

A) 0.24    B) 0.024    C) 0.0024


23.Evaluate the expression: 3•5!

A) 360   B) 120    C)15


24.Find the probability. Write your answer as a fraction in simplest form: You roll a number cube numbered from 1 to 6. P(1).

A) 1/6    B) 6    C) 1/3


25.A jar contains 25 green, 19 white, 6 pink, and 21 orange marbles. A marble is drawn at random.P(white, green, or pink)Express the probability as a fraction.

A) 50/71     B) 71/50      C) 5/7


26.Evaluate the expression: 6!+4!

A) 744     B) 704     C) 720


27.Determine whether the events A and B are independent P(A)=.3, P(B)=.6, P(A n B)=.18

A) Independent     B) Not Independent


28.Evaluate the expression: P(5,5)

A) 120    B) 230    C) 25


29.Evaluate: 5!

A) 120    B) 25    C) 5


30.Evaluate the expression: 5!-3!

A) 114    B) 2    C) 8















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