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Dayton, Inc. manufactured 15,000 units of product last month and identified the following costs associated with the manufacturing activity. $ 1,006,000 1,983,000 246,000 213,000 Variable costs: Direct materials used Direct labor Indirect materials and supplies Power to run plant equipment Fixed costs:
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Supervisory salaries Plant utilities (other than the power to run plant equipment) Depreciation on plant and equipment (straight-line, time basis) Property taxes on building 949,000 288,000 150,000 192,000 Required: Unit variable costs and total fixed costs are expected to remain unchanged next month. Calculate the unit cost and the total cost if 21,000 units are produced next month. (Round “Unit costs” to 2 decimal places.) Total variable costs Total fixed costs Total costs Unit costs. Get Accounting Homework Help Today

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Manufacturing Activity Assignment | Top Universities
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