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EHR303 Performance Management

Assessment 2: Written Assignment

Assessment Name: Analytical Report

Format: Report

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Due Date: Week 11, by 5.00 pm Monday 28 January via Turnitin

Length: 2000 words (+/- 10% or penalties will apply). The word count includes in-text citations but does not include the reference list.


Weighting: 40%


Learning Outcomes: 1 – 5


You are to write an analytical report on a selected area of Performance Management as it


relates to organisations and their employees.


The task includes:


  1. Choosing a topic (choose one of the topics below).


  1. Searching the literature for relevant theories, concepts, and empirical findings.


  • Writing a report that provides an in-depth analysis of a specific area within the topic using relevant literature (identified at ii.).


  1. Providing clear recommendations on policies and practices which should be developed and/or implemented by organisations to respond to issues identified as being of critical importance in performance management. These recommendations need to be clearly derived from the critical analysis (identified in iii) and supported by references.


  1. Including a minimum of TEN (10) scholarly or peer reviewed journal articles published within the last 10 years to support all the arguments presented in the report. You may cite the textbook and include articles dated prior to the last 10 years, but this does not count towards the minimum eight references. Websites (including dictionaries, encyclopaedias, business magazines available online, and blog posts) and will not be included in assessing whether you have met the minimum referencing requirements (i.e. these are not scholarly, peer reviewed sources and should be avoided in academic writing).


how to do Harvard referencing

What is an analytical report?


An analytical report is a report that goes beyond simple summary and description. It requires an in-depth analysis of a focused topic. You will need to conduct a review of the

current theory and research. It is recommended that you use the Griffith library catalogue to access scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles. You may also find Google Scholar useful.


Assignment Topics

Choose ONE of the following topics and focus on one specific area:

Topic 1: Performance appraisal: Issues and strategies for best practice


Suggestions for specific areas to focus on for Topic 1 include (but are not limited to):


  • Objectives and/or performance standards


  • Formal and informal meetings


  • Self-evaluation


  • Potential disagreements


  • Supervisor training


Topic 2: Managing poor-performing individuals: Issues and strategies for best practice

Suggestions for specific areas to focus on for Topic 2 include (but are not limited to):


  • Identifying and diagnosing performance problems


  • Designing and implementing a development plan


  • Role of the supervisor


  • Coaching for development



Structure of your Analytical Report


Note: No title page, abstract, executive summary, or TOC required.


Your report should include the following sections (approx. % of word count):


Title (N/A)


  • Include the topic title.


Introduction (10%)


  • The introduction should introduce the topic, explain why it is of critical importance in performance management, and provide an overview of the report (major arguments/ directions).


  • Use ‘Introduction’ as a subheading.


Critical Analysis (60%)


  • The analysis is more than just a summary of the literature. You need to conduct an in-depth analysis of a focused topic that:


o  Highlights similarities and differences within the literature;


  • Strengths and weaknesses of the PM policies, strategies, and practices reviewed.


  • Include your own sub headings which relate to the themes being discussed within this section. The subheading should not be Critical Analysis.


Recommendations (20%)

  • Make recommendations, based on the arguments presented in the body of the assignment, for policies and practices which should be developed and/or implemented by organisations to respond to issues identified as being of critical importance in performance management.
  • You must reference relevant literature to support the recommendations.


  • Use ‘Recommendations’ as a subheading.


Conclusion (10%)


  • The conclusion should clearly summarise the key issues discussed in the literature review.


  • Use ‘Conclusion’ as a subheading.


Word Count (N/A)


  • Provide the assignment word count just below the Conclusions section.


References (The reference list is not included in the word count)


  • Provide a reference list consistent with APA 6th edition (preferred) or Harvard style.


  • This is NOT a bibliography. Do not cite material that you have read, but have not referred to in the body of the report.


  • Ensure sources are cited in-text and in the reference list. Failure to do so can constitute plagiarism.


  • Use ‘References’ as a subheading.


You have 2000 words (+/- 10%). Your introduction and conclusion should each be around 10% of this (i.e. 200 words each). This means that you have 1200 words to construct your arguments (60%) and 400 words for your meaningful and well-researched recommendations (20%). A well-written report will be clearly structured and integrate information from multiple sources to develop your points.





Additional Instructions


Academic Integrity


Plagiarism in assignments is detected using software that highlights text, which is similar or identical to another source. Developing your skills in paraphrasing and integrating information from multiple sources is key to avoiding unintentional plagiarism. Changing a few words or rearranging sentences does not ‘hide’ plagiarism from the software, which still highlights the similar parts of the sentence.


Students are advised to complete the Academic Integrity Tutorial. The link for the Academic Integrity Tutorial is available under the Assessment 2 Written Assignment folder. Students who breach the Griffith University’s policy on academic integrity will be reported to the Academic Integrity Management System. Examples of a breach of academic integrity are:


  • Paraphrasing a paper from a source text, whether in manuscript, printed or electronic form, without appropriate acknowledgement; and


  • Word for word copying, cutting or pasting statements from a single source or multiple


sources or piecing together work of others and representing them as original work For full information, see Institutional Framework for Promoting Academic Integrity


Among Students document: ty.pdf


Academic Skills and Research Modules


This assignment requires extensive research and academic skills. All students are advised to complete the Academic Skills and Research Modules in order to help develop these skills and maximise your chances of succeeding at this assignment task. The links for these modules are available under the GBS OUA Library and Learning Resources tab in the left hand menu of the course website.



Referencing Requirements


This assignment requires a high standard of compliance to one of the advised referencing styles. Referencing must be consistent with the Griffith University Referencing Tool – type Referencing Tool into the search box on the Griffith home page. Below are some examples of how to reference correctly; refer to the Griffith University referencing tool for complete instructions on how to reference in-text. There are also pdf copies available of both Harvard and APA 6th Styles under the Assessment 2 Written Assignment folder.


Referencing In-Text Examples

In-text referencing can take two forms: first, the reference is used as part of the sentence; second, the reference is provided in parentheses at the end of the sentence (but is still enclosed within the sentence). Notice that references use ‘and’ when used within a sentence, but ‘&’ is used when the reference is in parentheses (see Table 1).


Table 1.


An Example of APA and Harvard In-text Referencing Styles.


Referencing Style

APA 6th Edition Harvard
Reference forms Smith, Jones, and Brown (2008) Smith, Jones and Brown (2008)
part of a sentence found… found…
Job applicants have been found Job applicants have been found
Reference provided […] adds value beyond the […] adds value beyond the
in parentheses attributes of the job itself (Smith, attributes of the job itself (Smith,
Jones, & Brown, 2008). Jones & Brown 2008).


Note. APA Style uses the Oxford comma; Harvard Style referencing does not.



Referencing Multiple Authors In-Text


This is an example of how to reference multiple authors in-text. Notice that the references are separated by a semi colon and listed in alphabetical order.


Example of Referencing Multiple Authors:


Some researchers have observed that the concept of disruptive innovation requires further qualification and contextual refinement (Gobbler, 2016; Nagy, Schuessler, & Dubinsky, 2016).



Referencing Tips


  • The reference list will begin on a new page and have the heading ‘References’.


  • Make sure to continue to use Times New Roman (size 12) font and double spacing in the entire document (this includes the reference list).


  • References in the reference list should not be numbered.


  • References in the reference list need to be in strict alphabetical order by first author surname.


  • References in the reference list should be formatted with a hanging indent (1 cm), as in the examples below.


  • Check the tool for how to reference one, two or multiple authors the first time the reference is used, and how to use the same reference in subsequent citations.


  • All referencing (including in-text referencing) must be consistent with ONE style (i.e. do not mix and match APA and Harvard referencing).



Reference List Examples

APA 6th Style – Electronic Journal with doi [Preferred]


Buckridge, M., & Guest, R. (2007). A conversation about pedagogical responses to increased diversity in university classrooms. Higher Education Research & Development, 26(2), 133-146. doi:10.1080/07294360701310771


APA 6th Style – Electronic Journal Without doi


Herington, C., & Weaven, S. (2008). Action research and reflection on student approaches to learning in large first year university classes. Australian Educational Researcher, 35(3), 111-134. Retrieved from


Harvard Style– Electronic Journal


Buckridge, M & Guest, R 2007, ‘A conversation about pedagogical responses to increased diversity in university classrooms’, Higher Education Research & Development, vol. 26, no. 2, pp. 133-46, viewed 16 September 2008, via Informaworld database.


Note: Both styles use a hanging indent.




Instructions for Formatting, Writing Style and Saving the File:


  • Use Times New Roman (size 12) font


  • Double space entire document


  • Insert page numbers (top-right)


  • No title page


  • Report format


  • Use headings and sub-headings


  • Use complete sentences and paragraphs for the entire document


  • Paragraphs must consist of several sentences, with linking sentences between the paragraphs.


  • Write in third person


  • Do not use ‘contractions’, such as can’t or won’t.


  • No abbreviations should be used without first spelling out the full name e.g., Performance Management (PM).


  • You can include a maximum of 1 direct quote and it should be referenced in-text with the exact page number. Please note that quotes should be avoided in academic writing. Students are expected to paraphrase their work.


  • Save the file as a .doc or .docx file. Do not save as a PDF file.


  • Save the file as SURNAME_first name_student number_course code for identification purposes (eg: SMITHjane234567EHR205.docx).



Submission Instructions


All submission folders are located under the Submit Assignment Here tab.


Step 1: Submit a DRAFT to Turnitin. Click on the text-matching report – do not just check the % overlap. You need to review the text with the originality report view, so that sentences that are too close to the original source can be revised before submitting.


Step 2: Submit an Electronic Cover Sheet. This MUST be completed before submitting your assignment. You will not be able to submit your FINAL submission without completing the Electronic Cover Sheet first. Do NOT include a printed cover sheet in the assignment submission.


Step 3: Submit FINAL copy to Turnitin to the FINAL submission point or if you have an extension or you are late submitting, submit to the LATE/EXTENSIONS submission point. Step 4: Save the digital receipt of your submission. You will see a digital receipt pop up which gives you the option to save the receipt as a pdf. If you do not get confirmation, resubmit or email the convenor to ensure your assignment was received.


Note 1: Students are expected to keep a copy of their written assignment until a final grade for the course has been awarded.


Note 2: Once the due date has passed you will not be able to see your submission. This is because the FINAL submission link closes on the due date and the LATE/EXTENSIONS link becomes available.


Final Tips

  • Proof read your report.


  • Check grammar, punctuation, spelling and accuracy of citations. It is a good idea to ask someone to read your report to make sure that sentences are clear and ideas are presented in a logical order.



Marking Criteria

Note: Academic Integrity should be evidenced in all aspects of the assessment task.


Criteria Excellent Very Good Good Satisfactory Unsatisfactory
(85-100%) (75-84%) (65-74%) (50-64%) (0-49%)
Identifying and Content shows in- Content shows Content shows Content shows Content Content
applying depth application clear application some application limited application shows little or no
concepts/theory to of relevant of relevant of relevant of relevant application of
issues/problems in concepts/theory. concepts/theory. concepts/theory. concepts/theory. relevant
a performance Analysis is Analysis is Analysis has some An attempt at concepts/theory.
management extensive and substantial and substance but analysis but Little or no
context insightful and reasoning reasoning is reasoning is analysis or
20% reasoning clearly generally effective. inconsistent and unclear or poorly reasoning is
articulated. tends to lack focus. expressed. evident.
Identifying Identifies and Identifies and Identifies and Identifies and No Identify none
issues/problems clearly and clearly communicates communicates a of the
within a concisely communicates some of the few of the relevant relevant current
performance communicates all most of the relevant current current and/or and/or potential
management the relevant current relevant current and/or potential potential issues within the
context and potential and potential issues/problems issues/problems context are
15% issues/problems issues/problems are identified are identified identified or
within the context. are identified within the context. within the context. communicated.
within the context.
Selecting and Evidence is very Evidence is well Evidence is present Evidence is present Evidence is
using information well chosen from a chosen from a from a minimum with some lacking or used
to support analysis minimum of 8 minimum of 8 of 8 quality interpretation or ineffectively in
20% quality scholarly quality scholarly scholarly peer evaluation but analysis. Does not
peer reviewed peer reviewed reviewed journal provides limited utilise a minimum
journal sources journal sources sources published support of of 8 scholarly peer
published in the published in the in the last 10 years analysis. Utilises a reviewed journal
last 10 years and last 10 years and and interpreted and minimum of 8 sources published
interpreted and interpreted and evaluated to quality scholarly in the last 10.
evaluated to evaluated to support analysis. peer reviewed
support analysis. support analysis. journal sources
published in the
last 10 years.
Critically analyse Detailed and Thorough Some examination Basic examination Little or no
solutions to form rigorous examination of of solutions, of solutions. There examination of
appropriate examination of solutions, which including are limited links to solutions. There is
recommendations solutions, which are well-supported relationships, with key little or no attempt
/conclusions are well-supported by theory and some links to key points/arguments to link to the key
20% by theory and references and points/arguments in the document. points/arguments
references and related to key in the document. Recommendations in the document.
clearly tied to the points/arguments Recommendations are not all Recommendations
key in the document. are not all supported by are not  supported
points/arguments supported by theory and by theory and
in the document. theory and references. references.


Criteria Excellent Very Good Good Satisfactory Unsatisfactory
(85-100%) (75-84%) (65-74%) (50-64%) (0-49%)
Structure and Writing is Writing is Organisation is There is some There is little or no
organisation of coherently generally well present; there may organisation attempt at
writing organised and the organised and most be some present but the organisation.
15% logic/ideas/argume logic/ideas/argume inconsistencies logic/ideas/argume Organisation is
nts are easy to nts are easy to with organisation nts lack clarity confusing to the
follow; writing is follow; writing is and structure of and/or conciseness. reader; rambles,
clear, concise and mostly clear and logic/ideas/argume lacks proper
persuasive. generally easy to nts, but generally paragraph
follow. easy to follow; construction;
writing is mostly transitions, topic
clear but parts may sentences and/or
lack conciseness. support.
Presentation, Completely Generally follows Attempts to follow Minimal attempt to Little or no
Mechanics and follows the the reference style the reference style follow the adherence to style
Referencing reference style guidelines; paper guidelines; paper reference style guidelines; little or
(Style) guidelines; paper has minimal has some guidelines; paper no evidence of
10% has virtually no grammar, spelling grammar, spelling has many editing and
grammar, spelling and/or formatting and/or formatting grammar, spelling revising.
and/or formatting errors. errors. and/or formatting.


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