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Most students daunt writing a literature review. Literature review writing is considered as a difficult task by majority of the students. The responsibility to come up with a high-quality literature review paper intimidates most students.  The fact of the matter is, literature review writing is not hard. What makes them be afraid is the lack of knowledge on the literature review outline.

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literature review outline

Due to this particular reason, students tend to seek literature review help from literature review writing services. If you are having sleepless nights because of your literature review paper, My Homework Writers is willing to help you. You no longer have to worry about searching for literature review help. This is because My Homework Writers will grant you an ideal literature review help on how to compose a brilliant literature review outline.

Definition of a Literature Review

It is important for students to understand the definition of a literature review prior to them learning the literature review outline. Hence, a literature review writing service offering literature review help to students must teach them this definition. According to My Homework Writers, a literature review is a written summary of sources that one uses to draw information on the selected topic. These sources could be journal articles, websites, online articles, books, periodicals, government reports, among many more. The literature review, therefore, provides a summary, synthesis, and an evaluation of each source you are using. In a nutshell, a literature review is a collection of materials on a specific topic. Literature reviews are mostly used when students are writing theses, dissertations, or research papers. For more literature review help on the definition of a literature review feel free to contact My Homework Writers.

 literature review outline

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Reasons for Writing the Literature Review

Although most students have the literature review assignments, a great number of them do not understand why it is essential to write a literature review. Thus, My Homework Writers is discussing the various reasons for writing the literature review. To begin with, a literature review helps bring insight to the reader on the developments of the field. It tends to create a landscape to the reader showing that the writer has fully researched and understood the topic in question. Secondly, a writer also writes the literature review to show the areas of prior scholarship. It helps the reader know what theme or subject of interest the writer is interested in. Another reason for writing the literature review is to pinpoint areas requiring further research.  More often, researchers tend to highlights areas that direct other scholars to conduct further research.

Components of a Good Literature Review

For you to come up with a brilliant literature review outline you should include the components of a good literature review. These are the basic factors that should never miss in your literature review. First and foremost, My Homework Writers state that your literature review should include the objectives of the literature review. These are the main reasons for writing the review. Another component is the overview of the subject in question. This component helps provide insight to the reader on why the subject is important. The other component is the clear category of the sources you are using to support your particular position. My Homework Writers urges researchers to always use peer-reviewed and valid reference materials. This helps eliminate any chances of you acquiring false information. It is fundamental students comprehend these components because they are major elements of the literature review outline.

Types of Literature Review

Although students may not know this, there are various types of the literature review. Therefore, it is crucial to acquire literature review help before writing your literature review. This is to help you understand what type of literature review you are required to write. More so, this literature review help will help you determine the literature review outline to use. According to MY Homework Writers, the various types of literature reviews are;

1. Systematic Review

Systematic reviews are used by clinicians to provide the most reliable information regarding clinical practice. The primary focus of systematic reviews is to answer well-formulated research questions. Therefore, this type of literature review focuses on answering a specific question that is in most times posted in a cause-and-effect manner. Thus, this type tends to give an overview of the existing information on a well-formulated research question by using a standardized methodology to critically identify, select, and scrutinize appropriate research to gather and report data from the studies in the review. This is one area where most students tend to seek literature review help on. The good news is, My Homework Writers is here to offer you exceptional literature review help on the systematic reviews.

2. Methodological Review

According to My Homework Writers, this type of literature review pays close attention to the method of analysis. This is to mean that this type of literature review provides a framework of the data collection and analysis techniques, the research approaches, and the theories. The methodological review enables readers to understand the research protocols that researchers undertake in the fieldwork. This type of literature review is quite common and most students use it when writing the literature review outline. Therefore, if you are having difficulties understanding the methodological review, contact My Homework Writers. We always ready to provide you with our quality and reliable literature review help.

3. Historical Review

Historical reviews usually focus on conducting research throughout a certain period of time. Thus, these reviews tend to explain how a particular phenomenon, concept, theory, or issue emerged and has been evolving throughout time. Historical reviews also try to trace the evolution of such concepts within various disciplines. If you want literature review help on how to write a historical review, reach out to our literature review writing service. We assure you nothing but premium literature review help. More so, we also guarantee you quality help on how to come up with a high-standard literature review outline.literature review outline

4. Argumentative Review

This type of review is used by researchers who aim at gathering data to refute an argument, a certain assumption, or a hypothetical problem that already exists in the literature. Therefore, the central aim of these reviews is to acquire contrarian viewpoints on certain concepts in literature. However, the main problem that arises from conducting argumentative reviews is bias. Researchers could be prone to confirmation bias, reporting bias, or the observer-expectancy effect.

5. Integrative Reviews

Integrative reviews tend to research, review, critique, or synthesize existing literature on a given topic to acquire new perspectives on the subject of interest. Contrary to the opinions of most students, this type of literature review is quite easy t write. All you require is professional literature review help to understand how to go about it. According to My Homework Writers, when writing the integrative review, it is important to take note of the related hypotheses and the related issues to the topic at hand. My Homework Writers offers ideal literature review help in this sector. Not only providing that help, but My Homework Writers also provides a step by step guideline on how to write the literature review outline.

6. Theoretical Review

A theoretical review aims at examining existing theories that relate to various concepts, issues, phenomena, or theories.  They tend to establish the various existing theories, the relationships between them, the existing hypotheses, and the degree to what those theories have been investigated in the past. Theoretical reviews can either focus on one theoretical concept, or on the whole framework. Therefore, if you require literature review help on theoretical reviews, our literature review writing service is willing to help. We offer quality literature review writing help to students from all parts of the world.

Literature Review Outline

‘What is a literature review outline?’ ‘How do I write the literature review outline?’ These are among the most asked questions on the internet today. Some students are taught in class on how to write a literature review outline. Although this concept is easy to understand, multiple students still have problems writing the literature review outline. Therefore, My Homework Writers is offering you ideal literature review help on the literature review outline concept.Literature Review Outline

Definition of the Literature Review Outline

An outline is simply an overview written prior to help guide on how one should go about writing the main paper. Although most students write the idea of writing an outline, it is actually very important. Outlines help students focus on the main points rather than weak points for your paper. In addition to that, outlines also help students acquire a particular structure of how to organize their points.  With that information, it now becomes easy to define a literature review outline. A literature review outline is a draft written prior to the main writing of the review, in order to show the main points to discuss, and also the specific structure to use in your paper. It is very important to note that outlines differ. Therefore, do not expect the literature review outline to have similarities with the annotated bibliography outline or that of the research paper outline.

Step by Step Guide on Writing the Literature Review Outline

Having understood the definition of the literature review outline, it now becomes easy for a student to understand the step by step guide of writing the literature review outline. My Homework Writers has been conducting literature review outline research for years. Our goal was to come up with the most ideal steps in writing the literature review outline. We have finally come up with the most basic and straightforward steps on how to write a literature review outline. They are quite easy to understand and apply. They include;

Step 1: Decide on the Topic

The topic reflects your main area of interest. Sometimes students are offered a topic. However, instructors may require students to choose their topics. Although selecting topics is seen as an easy task, it is actually very tricky. This is because students may opt for enjoyable topics, which little information can be gathered from. Not only that, but some may also select controversial topics, yet lack a justified manner of how to approach them. Try to identify the objectives of conducting your literature review. This will help you establish limitations and set guidelines on how to go about choosing the topic. Try asking yourself questions such as; what is the main message I want my readers to understand? What specifically is intriguing about this topic? Can this topic help readers acquire new information? This knowledge will help you attain focus when selecting the topic.

Step 2: Come Up with a List of your Primary Points

Coming up with points is referred to as brainstorming. Brainstorming is very essential because at this point you come with the main arguments for your paper. This step addresses the main focus of your paper and that is what you are addressing. It is very essential that you only use main points that have valid evidence. Remember, without evidence from literature, then your review is based on opinions. In your literature review outline, ensure that the points you select are stronger than those you have chosen not to use. Students often tend to explain weak points and leave out the stronger ones. However, this act will only make you score lesser grades in your literature review. If you need literature review help on coming up with main points, My Homework Writers is ready to assist you. We are a highly reputable literature review writing service on offering homework solutions.

Step 3:  Organize your Main Points

Organization is very important in a literature review outline. Therefore, this is not just about coming up with the main points. It is also about organizing them to ensure there is chronological order in your literature review paper. There are very many ways of arranging your ideas. However, this entirely depends on the type of literature review you are writing, the instructions of the professor, and also the approach you are using to address your points.  Whichever format you use, ensure that the structure matches the rubric of your instructor. If not, ensure it meets the guidelines of the type of literature review you have chosen. For literature review help on how to come up with the literature review outline, reach out to My Homework Writers. We grant you relevant homework solutions on how to come up with the literature review outline.

Step 4: Find the Relevant Sources to Use to Write Your Literature Review

A writer can use journal articles, books, videos, or even periodicals to acquire information for their literature review. However, the most critical point is determining if the source materials are credible. To know if the information from these sources can be trusted, it is important that researchers only use peer-reviewed sources in their literature review. More so, it is important to properly cite your work to ensure that you follow the guidelines of the writing style you are using. For more literature review help on how to write the literature review outline, visit My Homework Writers. We have writers ready to deliver to you a custom literature review outline.

Step 5: Write the Literature Reviewliterature review outline

Since you now have an overview of how to go about writing your literature review, go ahead and write it. The great thing about having the literature review outline is that it helps you know what is required at each step. Therefore, all you have to do is follow to the latter what is included in your literature review outline. However, one point to emphasize is that you should pay attention to the guidelines of the writing style you have chosen. Literature reviews entail a lot of in-text citation use. Thus, if you have no idea of how to write in-text citations, your literature review is going to be weak. To avoid this, ensure you acquire help on how to write in various writing styles from My Homework Writers. We will grant you homework solutions on how to cite and also reference various reference materials in any writing style.

Professional Literature Review Writing Services

It’s very hard to acquire professional literature review writing services. This is because not many writing firms specialize in writing literature reviews. However, if a student finds a professional literature review writing service, their academic life becomes much easier. Professional literature review writing services entail a professional team with skills in literature review writing. The quality of literature review papers they deliver is of top-notch level. Not only that, but they are also highly reliable because they deliver the work on time. Such professional literature review writing services are very scarce. The good news is My Homework Writers is among these professional literature review writing services.  We are easy to find and we offer high-standard literature review papers. In addition to that, our professionalism allows us to deliver any type of review you require. Whether it is a methodological or historical review; My Homework Writers does it all.

Acquire Literature Review Help from My Homework Writers

Are you looking for a literature review writing service to provide you with literature review help? Well, look no further. My Homework Writers is among the highly reputable literature review writing services in the world in providing quality literature review help, We have writers who have specialized in writing literature reviews and dissertations. Not only that, they have years of experience due to the fact that they have been writing for years. Besides that, My Homework Writers provides literature review help at very convenient prices. We are not a money-oriented literature review writing services. Instead, we are only concerned with your academic success. Thus, we provide discounts to students seeking our literature review help. Not only that, My Homework Writers is a 24/7 literature review writing service. Hence, whatever time you require literature review help, My Homework Writers is always there to provide.

What Kind of Literature Review Writing Help do you Require?

My Homework Writers is one diverse literature review writing service. One of our fortes is writing literature reviews. We understand how stressful it can be to write literature reviews. Therefore, to relieve you of this stress, we have a team of writers who are highly trained in writing custom literature reviews. Besides that, we also offer help in editing. If you have no time or editorial skills, we have a team of editors waiting to work on your literature review. They notice even the slightest mistake. Hence, if you seek our editing services, we assure you a literature review paper that is 100% error free. We provide literature review help to thousands of students on a daily basis. This means that we have an unlimited source to past experience on writing literature reviews. More so, we have a lot of experience in writing the literature review outlines.

Affordable and Trustworthy Literature Review Writing Service

Today, most students are having problems trying to determine what literature review writing service suits their budget. Not only that, but they also have to worry about whether the dissertation writing service they choose is going to suit their preferences. Due to this, most students fear seeking literature review help. However, if you find a reliable and affordable literature review writing service, one can go ahead and seek literature review help from them. An example of such a writing service is My Homework Writers. We offer literature review help on writing literature review outlines at very convenient prices. Not only those, but our customers also keep on coming back because we have never disappointed them in terms of quality or time deadlines. Therefore, come acquire literature review help from us today. We assure you it is very reliable and pocket-friendly.

literature review outline

If you are looking for literature review help on how to write a literature review outline, simply contact My Homework Writers. We guarantee you quality literature review help surpassing your expectations. Try us now!

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