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For this discussion, assume you have a job with the federal government in the Department of Health. You work in a back room and do not engage with the public, but you specifically deal with childbirth issues. You are also heavily involved in many social causes, including membership in several anti-abortion groups. After work, you often march and protest with these groups throughout Washington, DC. You wear many t-shirts to work that express your anti-abortion beliefs. There is no dress code at work, but several of the employees have complained to your boss about the clothes you wear to work. Your boss has told you that you can no longer wear your anti-abortion t-shirts to work and that you might want to rethink your after-work activities.

  • For your initial response, discuss who is right – you or your boss? Be sure to incorporate course concepts from this weeks reading into your response. You are making constitutional arguments, so do not focus on the anti-abortion subject matter
  • All posts are to be substantial, incorporate course concepts, and relate to the discussion issue. You might also want to conduct some independent research to enhance your posts

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