Law 531 week 5 complete business law a+ graded new version

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Law 531 week 5 complete business law a+ graded new version
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LAW 53 (Business Law)


Week 5

Week 5 DQ1

You are opening your own Business. The business will be an employment agency. You will employee a number of recruiters to obtain employment candidates for the positions that your are trying to fill for Fortune 50 Companies. You need simple office space for your business. Should you buy an office building or lease? What are the factors that you will consider in making this decision on
behalf of your business? Assume that you have enough capital to either purchase or lease.

Week 5 DQ2

You have won and been named the newest “Apprentice” by Donald Trump. He has put you in charge of Enterprise Risk Management. You are just starting your job as the newest apprentice when Mr. Trump walks into your office and says the following: “I want to Trademark, Patent and Copyright the phrase “You’re Fired”. I do not want anyone else to use it! Tell me what I need to do to make this happen. If others start using the phrase our market dominance will be at risk.”
You respond: “The federal government regulates/controls what can be patented, trademarked and copyrighted, but I will research the issue.”

You want to do a good job or you could be hearing those famous words.
Two weeks later, Mr. Trump walks into your office and says, “Well, what did you find out that will reduce the risk of someone else profiting from phrase, “You’re Fired”?



Week 5 DQ3

How has Sarbanes-Oxley impacted corporate governance? In your opinion, which provision of Sarbanes-Oxley is most difficult for organizations to implement?  After you post your initial response to this question, please respond to comments posted by your classmates.


Week 5 DQ4

In 2008, Greg, Kim, Phil, and Bob each owned 20 percent of the shares of a million dollar company called Home Health, Inc., and they each served as a member of the board of directors of the company.  Alex is also a 20 percent shareholder in the company, but he is not a member of the board of directors.

 One year later, Bob died, and his wife Suzie inherited his shares of stock, when the shares of stock were worth about $200,000.  One month after Bob’s death, Suzie assumed Bob’s seat on the board. Unfortunately, she is so grief-stricken that she is completely inattentive to corporate affairs. During this period, Greg, Kim, and Phil extend loans to themselves totaling $250,000 from corporate funds, and they never repay the loan.  Two years later, Alex discovers that Home Health, Inc. is insolvent.  He sues Suzie for breach of her duty of care to the corporation. Discuss the legal liability for Suzie and/or the other directors of the company.  What can Suzie and/or the other directors do to minimize their liability. May Suzie assert the limited liability of the corporate form as a defense?  After you post your initial response to this question, please respond to comments posted by your classmates.

Week 5 DQ5

Based on the business where you are currently employed, one that you are familiar with, or one that you have researched, discuss one or more applicable regulatory compliance requirements for business.  Discuss at least one way how business complies with those requirements.

Week 5 Assignments:

LAW 531 Week 5 Learning Team Assignment NewCorp Scenarios Legal Brief (1250+ Words)

LAW 531 Week 5 Learning Team Reflection (2000+ Words)

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