law 531 week 1 complete business law a+ graded new version

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law 531 week 1 complete business law a+ graded new version
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LAW 53 (Business Law)


Week 1

Week 1 DQ1

Go to www.findlaw.com  and browse the website. Post a brief summary of any useful resources you might have found on this website. Please ignore the “commercial” resources and focus on the free resources such as statutes, published court opinions, etc.

Week 1 DQ2

Go back to  www.findlaw.com and locate published cases from the state in which you reside.
Locate a case that you find interesting. In your posting provide a one paragraph description of the case and the  hyperlink to the case.   

Week 1 DQ3

Describe a dispute that may arise in a business where it is appropriate to use an ADR process to resolve the dispute.  What ADR processes work best to resolve the dispute?  Explain your answer.  What ADR processes are not suitable for resolving the dispute you have referenced?  Explain your response.  Try to avoid selecting a dispute mentioned by other students.

Week 1 DQ4

What risks do organizations encounter when they are forced to engage in litigation?   What measures should managers take to reduce exposure to those risks?

Week 1 DQ5

From your readings, select two legal forms of doing business and explain the differences between the two; the benefits of each; and the liabilities of both forms of businesses.  Of the two businesses you selected, which do you consider the preferred form of business operations, and why?

Week 1 Assignments:

LAW 531 Week 1 Individual Assignment Traditional and Nontraditional Litigation Paper (750+ Words)

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