Law 421 week 2 complete contemporary business law a+ graded

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Law 421 week 2 complete contemporary business law a+ graded
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LAW 421 (Contemporary Business Law)


Week 2


WEEK 2 Discussion Question #1



      What arethelegal elementsofnegligencethataplaintiffwould haveto provein court to winhis orhercase?



      Howdoes an intentional tortdifferfromtheunintentionaltortofnegligence?

Provideexamples fromcourt cases that arereportedononeoftheresource sites listed in theCourse Materials Forum.



      What isstrict liabilityand howdoesthestrict liabilitydoctrineapplyto business corporations?Provideexamples and explain howyourexamples demonstratethestrictliabilitydoctrinethatappliesto business corporations and organizations.


WEEK 2 Discussion Question #2




      Howdoesthelawdefineintellectual property?What areallofthedifferent types ofintellectual propertyheldbyyourcompanyororganization?Howis eachtypeofintellectualpropertyprotected?


      What aretheadvantagesand disadvantages ofanoncompeteclauseas opposedto anondisclosureclause?When it is appropriateforan organization to usetheseclauses in theircontract agreements?Do you have such aclausein youremployment agreement?Did youunderstand whatit was priorto taking Business Law?


      What privacyand securityissues arisewhen conductingbusiness on the Internet?Provideexamples that areappropriatelyidentified andexplained.



Week 2 Assignments:


LAW 421 WEEK 2 Critical Reflections (650+ Words)


LAW 421 WEEK 2 Individual Assignmen1 (450+ Words)


LAW 421 WEEK 2 Individual Assignment


LAW 421 WEEK 2 Team Learning (650+ Words)

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