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Lamar leading organization change | edu
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The focus I chose is to integrate Blending technology in an ABCD classroom by using a station rotational model. ABCD is Academic and Behavior classroom. The link for my e-portfolio is  justinw.pb.online 


Influencer Strategy – Part A & B


Assignment Value: 150 (Parts A & B combined)

In this assignment, you are to complete the development an influencer strategy to implement the innovation plan that you are planning on using to bring about change in your organization. 


In Part A of your influencer strategy you addressed the:

  • Results you want to achieve and how you will measure them.
  • Vital behavior(s) you are trying to change. 
  • Who are your organizational influencers?

In Part B of your influencer strategy you will explain how the six sources of influences will shape the desired/vital behaviors you are trying to change. To ensure that you cover all six sources of influence you can follow the format used the six sources of influence matrix located at the back of the 10x Your Influence Research Report

Combine Parts A & B into one cohesive strategy and post to your eportfolio.

Submission Details:

Even though your evidence of learning for this assignment may take the form of a Google document, video, presentation, blog post or other digital format to submit the assignment URL you will be required to use the provided document template: Assignment3-EDLD5304-Submission.docx

  • Download the document template,
  • Past the URL into the space at the top of the document template,
  • Add your name to the document,
  • Rename the file with your name and assignment identifier
  • Upload the file to Blackboard by or before the deadline.

If your evidence of learning does take the form of a Word document then you can simply paste the content into the document template and complete the assignment submission as outlined above.

The School of Education is using this submission process in its online courses for two reasons:

  1. We wish to provide you an offline copy of the assignment instructions that you can refer to.
  2. We want to ensure there is a consistent and permanent record of assignment submissions that can efficiently be converted to hard copy.


  • You can use a document, Google doc, presentation, video, infographic, blog post or any other format to present your ideas to your audience.
  • Use the APA format to cite your sources.
  • Use the assignment name, your last name and first initial (assignment name + last name + first initial) to label your assignment submission.

Add to eportfolio:

Since this assignment is part of the course outcome of identifying technology innovations, embracing them as opportunities rather than challenges, and recognizing that they can proactively be used as catalysts to enhance your learning environment and organization you will also need to add this to your eportfolio. In the final module you will be required to consolidate all the course assignments into a cohesive section on your eportfolio, so we recommend that you add this to your eportfolio as you go along rather then wait until the end.

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