Labor relations and law | Law homework help

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Labor relations and law | Law homework help
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Assignment 2: Labor Relations and the Law


The mention of unions tends to make business managers and human resource (HR) professionals cringe, although that need not be the case. Employees have the right to unionize to protect themselves and establish good work conditions that satisfy their needs.


In many cases, unions make it easier to manage employees as all employees are governed under a single contract, making employment decisions straightforward. However, the power of a union can be abused, making the employment relationship more challenging. Furthermore, working with unions requires knowledge of additional laws, which can be overwhelming in practice.


In this assignment, you will analyze employment laws related to unionization in the workplace.



Select one of the following acts: 


The Norris-LaGuardia Act of 1932

The National Labor Relations Act or the Wagner Act

The Labor-Management Relations Act or the Taft-Hartley Act

The Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act

Research the act using a variety of resources and, on the basis of your findings, answer the following questions:


What rights does the act give an employer or employees?

How does the act impact (support or impede) the existence of unions at workplaces?

What are the implications of violating this law on workplace relations? Support with suitable examples.

What strategies or policies can employers use to comply with this law?


Write a 3–5-page paper in APA format, summarizing and analyzing your findings.


Use scholarly references to support your points. Cite all references in the APA format.


Submission Details:


Save your paper in a Microsoft Word document. Due by Wednesday, October 30, 2013


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