Kinesiology homework.. read chapter one and answer questions

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Kinesiology homework.. read chapter one and answer questions
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Kinesiology is the discipline that focuses on physical activity.   Think about all they physical activity you engage in on a daily basis.  What is physical activity? Your assignment is to complete a one-day physical activity journal recording all the physical activity you complete in that ONE day.  BE SURE TO INCLUDE DETAIL.  Please be aware of the definition of physical activity from the textbook and then carefully consider your ONE day.   I expect this to be very thorough if you wish to receive full points.   Minimum of 500 words.


Also, you are to answer these four questions:


  1. How would you define physical activity
  2. What do you consider the most important characteristics of physical activity?
  3. What methods can you think of that kinesiologists might use to study physical activity?
  4. Name five professions that use physical activity.

Each answer to the four questions has to be based of the textbook. please answer the questions and refer to textbook when answering them. My professor will take points off if the answer is not referred from the textbook. SO READ CHAPTER 1!. The link is below for the textbook, you just have to read chapter 1 and and REFER to it. ALSO, after answering the questions  there is a one-day physical activity journal recording all the physical activity you complete in that ONE day, It has to be a detailed description. Just record the physical activity you did in one day and i will use that information.  Be detailed with the phyiscal activity you did in one day and as well relate it some how to the questions and what chapter 1 speaks about.





Textbook Link: http://basijcssc.ir/sites/default/files/Introduction%20to%20Kinesiology%20Studying%20Physical%20Activity.pdf (have to read chapter 1 to answer questionS)

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