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*******I have already complete the in class observation I only need 8 journal entries of in classroom experience ****** 

I need eight(8) journal entries

Field Experience Requirements

1. Journal entries describing your observation experiences are required. These entries should be written each day you are out in the field. Entries may be as long and detailed as you wish to make them, but should include complete descriptions of your experiences as well as a thoughtful reflection and analysis. Entries are expected to be written in complete sentences within well-structured paragraphs. Bulleted items are not accepted as a journal entry.

2. You are also required to interview your cooperating teacher and record a summary and reflection of the interview as one of your journal entries. During the interview, you should ask questions that relate to at least two topics discussed in class. These topics can include SOL instruction and assessment, diversity issues, classroom organization and management, lesson planning, curriculum, technology use, etc.

3. In addition, you should choose at least THREE of the following suggested activities. Add a description of the activity and your reflection as part of your journal entry for that day. Please label or highlight each one in your journal.

           a. Observe in an art/music/physical education class or in the computer lab. Explain how these resource activities become part of an integrated curriculum in your classroom

           b. Observe the cafeteria, the playground, or during bus duty. Explain how safety is maintained and the responsibilities that the teachers are expected to assume.

           c. Teach a small group or whole group lesson in your classroom after planning it with your cooperating teacher. Discuss how the students reacted to your instruction.

          d. Observe in another teacher’s classroom after obtaining permission from the cooperating teacher. Note similarities and differences in the classroom organization, management, and teaching styles.

          e. Attend either a grade level or department meeting, a faculty meeting, a PTA meeting, a school board meeting, or a parent-teacher conference. Identify the critical issues and give your reaction to how they were handled.

          f. Tutor individuals or small groups, using activities and materials prepared with the assistance of the cooperating teacher and under his/her supervision in the classroom. Give you reaction as to your effectiveness as a tutor and the success of the student(s).

         g. During a lesson, observe student behavior in the following manner: How are rules established and/or made clear to the students? What off-task behavior was corrected by the teacher? How was the behavior corrected and what observable effects did the correction have? 

What things does the teacher do to increase the amount of on-task behavior? In what ways are you comfortable with the behavior management system in place in the classroom? Describe any behavior management systems in use in the classroom.

         h. Discuss potentially dangerous situations with your cooperating teacher (weather emergencies, student aggression, school intruder, weapons, medical issues, etc.). What kind of prevention and/or intervention strategies are in place? What suggestions did your cooperating teacher offer you concerning how to handle threatening situations? (Study the school’s written Crisis Management Plan. Based upon your review, explain the role of the teacher in a potentially dangerous situation.)

         i. Review three curriculum/resources such as books, workbooks, videos, resource books, computer programs, or online resources used by the teacher. Make your reviews reflective in nature, telling what works and what does not. Explain how each source fits the SOLs. 

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