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JUS 303 – Unit Quiz

Learning Goal: Students will be able to describe the key components (i.e. principles, level of analysis, historical significance, and assumptions) contained within the sociological theory and be able to assess the viability of a particular theory in terms of its use in research.

Directions: This quiz will test your knowledge of theories used thus far in class.  You should write a 2 page DOUBLE SPACED response addressing a significant concept.

To complete this quiz you can use one of the artifact below or use the guiding question contained within the artifact.  After viewing these artifacts, you should use them any way you think appropriate to explain the major concepts you choose to address.  Citation is a key grading component — in other words you MUST cite course materials (i.e. articles, etc.) to achieve the maximum number of points.  

Artifact:  Use the following artifacts to craft your response. 

– Mesa Police – Use of Force

Use the web link  below to get information on a recent court case related to a Mesa police officers excessive use of force.  Then, listen to this radio broadcast that discusses how California is considering legislation to limit officers use of force abilities.  

Guiding Question:  How does this current debate relate to major concepts of critical legal theorists?

Here is the web link:


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