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Do you feel as though you have good or poor money management skills? How/why? Thinking about what we discussed in this class and you read about in Chapter 9, describe at least 5 principles and skills that you can use to manage your money better and work towards a good financial future. Include how you can put those principles into practice.


8) Emotional Intelligence Quiz Reflection. After taking the quiz please reflect below on your assessment in your journal. What was your immediate emotional reaction to your results? Were you surprised? Angry? Happy? What areas did you score higher on than you expected? Lower? What are some ways that we discussed in class that you think can help you to improve your Emotional Intelligence? (in attechment . does not matter for yout writing but can you check emotional quiz)

9) The feeling of stress is very common among college students, especially as they get closer to the end of the semester. The in-class activity we did today helped the class to identify sources of stress, learn new strategies for managing stress, and select certain individual strategies that you can use to manage your own stress. What did you learn or get out of the activity we completed? What did you like/dislike about the activity, and how would you improve it? How do you think the postcard you completed will help you, and what will you do with it?

10) Reflect upon your first and second journal entries. Did this class reach your expectations? Were you able to meet the goals you set for yourself this semester? How has this class prepared you for the rest of your college career?

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