Job posting for an informatics nurse

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Job posting for an informatics nurse
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I need 2-3 paragraph that completely address these questions:


Find a job posting for an Informatics Nurse. This could be titled in a variety of forms, as long as it relates to nursing and informatics. Use the posting to answer the following questions based on the American Nurses Association’s (ANA) Scope and Standards of Practice for Nursing Informatics:

  1. What is the title of the position and type of organization?
  2. What educational requirements or certifications are needed for the position? Do they seem appropriate?
  3. Does the position description align with the informatics competencies (from the readings)?
  4. Are there informatics nurses where you currently work? What is your perception of what they do as compared to your new understanding of nursing informatics from the readings and position postings?


Your responses should consist of complete sentences and should be at least 1 paragraph but no more than 3 paragraphs.

Post your individual responses by the end of the day on Wednesday, 11:59 pm (EST) of Module 2. Read the postings of other students and thoughtfully respond to at least 2 other student posting[s] by end of Saturday.

 NOTE: Failure to write a scholarly post, scholarly reply, or cite appropriate sources will be interpreted as failure to meet the required posting and will be recorded accordingly 

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