Issues in criminal justice discussion

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Issues in criminal justice discussion
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1)  After reading the material found at the links in the Course Schedule for Week Six, use the internet to find at least one related scholarly article pertaining to a current issue in Criminal Justice from an authoritative source that confirms, or dis-confirms, any key concepts in the readings.  Upload a copy of the article you have found to your response to this Thread, or provide a link to the article.  Then respond to this question by commenting on:

a. What is the most significant thing you’ve learned in your review of the articles provide in the readings and the one you found online?

b. Why is this significant learning important to you?

c. How do you plan to use what you’ve learned to be a better Criminal Justice Leader in the future?

Answer each part of the Discussion Question thoroughly and substantively, citing sources for any assertions.  You will be graded on substance, content, and quality of the response. 




2) explain in substantive detail exactly what the most important thing you’ve learned about leadershipin the field of Criminal Justice.  Quote your authoritative source readings (not mere opinions) to substantiate any assertions or conclusions you may infer from the lessons learned. 

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