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SD productions is a theatre company in the entertainment industry that produces plays and musicals. It is considering to increase their investment to be able to include more famous actors in their plays, increase the quality of the music, special effects, etc. By doing so, they expect to bring better reviews, which in turn could increase their ticket sales. This should lead to higher profitability, and therefore more money available to invest in the future. They are aware of the fact that the bad weather may decrease their ticket sales regardless of the quality of their plays.Homework For You

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Investment Increase Assignment | Homework For You
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  1. Sketch a CLD that illustrates this situation. Do not forget to specify the polarity of each link (+, -), as well as the overall loop polarity (R, B).
  1. Sketch a S&F diagram that illustrates the fact that the amount of money that the company has increases with the ticket sales, as well as the generous donations from sponsors, but also decreases due to the payroll, the location rent, and the general expenses. Currently, the average ticket selling rate is of $200,000 per month. They receive about $10,000 per month in donations. However, the payments to actors and staff are of $100,000 per month, the monthly rent is of $60,000, and their monthly general expenses are of $20,000. Get Finance homework help today

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