interview with the curriculum specialist in a school district

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interview with the curriculum specialist in a school district
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The purpose of this assignment is to understand a method of curriculum development through an interview with the Curriculum Specialist in a school district. Assignment includes:  Interview a Curriculum Specialist, Coordinator or Director in a school district, using this assignment to guide questions. Write a  5 page paper (not counting the title page),

 to summarize the interview and your reflections.

Include a Title page and page header using APA format. 

 In the introduction provide a brief background of the demographics of the district and identify by position the Curriculum leader being interviewed.

 Summarize the district’s Curriculum Adoption and Development process by addressing the following interview questions: 

1- who determines what curriculum is used? 

2- what are the considerations or basis for the design of the curriculum used?  3-what is the district’s curriculum adoption process? 

4- how is the curriculum document communicated to the teachers who use it?  

Reflect on the Curriculum Adoption and Development process, addressing the following reflective questions: 

1-  What would be the positive aspects of this curriculum adoption and development process? 

2-  What would be the issues/concerns with this curriculum adoption and process? 3- How is literacy and numeracy addressed in the curriculum documents? 

 In summary, reflect on your own experience related to the interview. Consider the following questions: 

1- Have you ever had a transformational experience with regard to curriculum?  2- How did you view curriculum when you first entered the profession, and how do you view it now? 

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