How to Write an internship reflection essay

How to Write an internship reflection essay

In most instances, our experiences shape us into better versions of ourselves. When we pause and evaluate some of the most significant events and experiences we have had, we might realize that they impact how we view different things.

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How to Write an internship reflection essay
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Consequently, reflection means taking a deep evaluation of an event or an experience that you have had in the past. Therefore, an internship reflection essay is a piece of work that uses creative writing to elaborate on the writer’s experience on a subject. My Homework Writers aims to guide you on the steps to follow when writing internship essays.

Reflective writing is about sharing your experience with something and how it changed you as a person. Just like the name suggests, an internship reflection essay is a paper that unveils your experience during your internship term.

Writing an internship reflection essay requires that you pause and reflect on your time as an intern and how it impacted your life. As such, you will have to describe, evaluate, and conduct an analysis of your internship experience and put it down on paper. Read on to understand how you can develop a reflection essay on internship.

What is an Internship?

Before we get into the details of writing an internship reflection essay, it would be wise to first understand the term internship.

An internship is an opportunity offered by organizations or employers to individuals who are potential employees. The internship opportunity is given to undergraduate students to get real-life exposure to their field of study.

An internship is usually offered on temporary terms, like three months, to give students (interns) the necessary training in their field of study. Internships are either paid or unpaid, depending on the terms of the organization or the employer.

How do you Write a Reflection?

A good reflection requires that you present the description of a past event or experience. With the description of your experience or event, you should evaluate and analyze the experience and also describe how the experience affected your life. Typically, reflection writing gives a writer the chance or platform to share their experiences on a specific subject matter.

By doing so, the writers get an opportunity to explain how the event or experience shaped them or how the experience changed their view on certain matters. Reflection writing presents a learning tool for people who have had the same experiences as the writers. The following ideas could help you further your skills in writing reflection essays:

  • An unforgettable experience
  • An event or experience that changed your life
  • A time that you overcame your biggest fear
  • The most frightening or happiest moment of your life
  • A time in your life where you felt lost
  • An experience in your life that you would like to relive
  • A moment where your belief in something changed
  • Someone you met who changed your life.
  • A certain moment in your life where you feel like you made the right choice
  • A moment in your life where you feel like you made the wrong choice

How do you Reflect On an Internship?

A reflection on an internship is like a review for internship experience. The following internship reflection questions can help you develop an internship reflection essay:

  • What have you learned in your internship?
  • What was your most significant accomplishment working as an intern in the organization?
  • Did you experience any challenges working as an intern? If yes, what were the challenges, and how did you overcome them?
  • What are the new skills that you developed while working at the worksite?
  • Did you experience something totally new?
  • How did you relate with the supervisor at the worksite?
  • What is an ideal work environment now that you have a little bit of internship experience in your career field?

How do you Write an Internship Reflection Paper?

Writing a reflection essay on internship requires that you use things more deeply into the internship period and write about your experience as an intern. You could use the ideas provided in the section above to help you develop the main ideas of your reflection essay on internship. With these ideas, you can begin to write your reflective essay on internship. The first step would be to create an outline of your essay.

The following section will guide you on how to create a good outline for the development of your reflection essay on internship. The guide has been specially prepared by My Homework Writers, which is one of the vastly known homework help websites for college students.

Tone and Structure

While the structure of a reflection essay is similar to other types of essays, the tone is slightly different from typical essays. Typically, self-reflection is an activity done on a personal level. Therefore the voice and tone of reflective writing are also personal. Consequently, reflective writing uses a first-person point of view to narrate an individual’s journey of discovery and growth.

The Outline of an internship reflection essay

Drafting an outline before starting to write your reflective essay on an internship is essential. The outline helps you gather all the important points of your essay and arrange them to make the essay flow consistently.

Furthermore, the outline will ensure that you do not forget any point that is significant to the essay’s development. This shows you have knowledge of how to write an essay. Typically, the outline of your essay should have three major parts: the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. Below is a guide on how you will format your reflection essay on the internship:


The introduction of your essay is like a preview of the whole essay. Typically, your introduction should have the following parts:

  1. Topic sentence: Use a compelling opening sentence to your essay. Therefore, ensure that you grab the attention of the reader with your opening sentence. Usually, most people judge the contents of an essay by the opening sentence. Therefore, make it captivating so that the reader becomes eager the read the rest of the essay. Use a quote, an interesting fact, anecdotes, or a statement that will make the reader want to know what follows next.
  2. Background information on your essay
  3. Preview of the main points in your essay
  4. The thesis statement which affirms the main idea of the reflection essay

II. Body:

Using the standard five-paragraph essay format, the body of your reflection essay on internship should have three paragraphs. Arrange the body of your reflection essay on an internship as follows:

Paragraph 1 :
  • A topic sentence that declares the main idea of the paragraph
  • Include supporting statements that elaborate or defend the topic sentence.
  • Ensure that you add supporting details such as examples, facts, or statistics to strengthen the main idea in the topic sentence. The pieces of supporting ‘evidence’ should be strong enough to convince the reader of the idea in the paragraph in relation to the thesis statement.
  • A concluding sentence that summarizes the idea of the paragraph and indicates the end of the paragraph
Paragraph 2
  • A topic sentence that indicates a transition to a new idea which is the main idea of the second paragraph
  • Supporting statements that elaborate or defends the main idea of the second paragraph
  • Ensure the supporting statements provide evidence that backs up the claim or idea of the writer portrayed in the second paragraph
  • A concluding sentence that wraps up the paragraph by summarizing the points in the paragraph

Paragraph 3

  • A topic sentence that relays the main idea of the paragraph
  • Ensure that the supporting statements are sufficient to defend the writer’s claim or the writer’s idea in the paragraph
  • A concluding sentence that summarizes the whole paragraph and also declares the end of the paragraph


  1. A statement the restates the thesis statement
  2. Provide a summary of the whole essay
  3. Tie your conclusion with the introduction
  4. Notify the reader that this is the last paragraph and the end of the whole essay

How to develop an internship reflection essay

 The Introduction

First, begin your reflection essay on the internship by providing a brief description of the internship. You could include talking about the duties and responsibilities of an intern in the position that you held. Furthermore, include the skills that you gained and the projects you handled while in the position.

However, ensure you are brief and precise. Integrate all your ideas by using transitional words and phrases to maintain the flow of your paragraph. Remember to include the thesis statement at the end of the introduction. The thesis statement declares your reason for writing the reflection essay on internship, i.e., describing your experience as an intern and how the internship impacted your career goals.

The Body

The body of your reflection essay on internship should give enough details to elaborate and defend the thesis statement. In all three paragraphs (or more), ensure that you give ideas that clearly illustrate your stay in the organization as an intern. You could expound on the body of your internship reflection essay using the following information:

  • An overview of the organization, including its mission and vision
  • Your experience in the organization,
  • Your projects(s),
  • The skills you acquired,
  • The impacts of the whole experience

Basically, the body part of your essay should give a reflection of your term as an intern. The reflection should relate to your coursework in school since the internship aims at building on your career after school.

The Conclusion

Finally, after you have provided the analysis of your internship experience, you could end by identifying the significant achievements during the internship period. Give your own perception in relation to your duties and responsibilities as an intern in the organization. In case you have an experience that made you change your perception of how you view your work, mention it as you conclude that reflection essay.

Examples of internship reflection essay

Legal Internship Reflection Paper

A law internship experience essay expounds on your experience as an intern in the court office, a law firm, or a congress office. This means that when writing a legal internship reflection paper, you should explore all aspects of your time as an intern in this field. Talk about your experiences in a courtroom.

Was there an event or a court session that challenged you? How do you feel about the whole experience? Did you achieve your short-term career goal in the field of law? Have a clear description of what you have encountered as a legal intern. Analyze all your experience starting with the most significant ones.

Any experience that was meaningless to your journey as an intern is not worth noting down. You could also note challenges and how you managed to overcome the challenges. Since there are several career fields, below are some of the topics used to deliver internship reflection essay:

  1. Mark Marketing internship reflection paper
  2. Hotel internship experience essay
  3. HR internship experience essay
  4. Social work internship experience essay
  5. Science lab internship experience
  6. Nursing internship experience essay

Internship essay sample

The following internship reflection essay is by a biochemistry student who worked as an intern in a biochemistry laboratory.

Without a doubt, practice makes perfect. It is, therefore, no secret that internships are the most efficient way for students to gain experience in their chosen career field. My internship at the XYZ Biochemistry lab was such a growing experience for me as a third-year biochemistry student.

Generally, my experience working at the laboratory has significantly helped to increase my knowledge base in the industrial and chemical world. All the lessons learned while at the laboratory have helped me to value both relational and transactional experiences. As I reflect on my time as an intern in the XYZ Biochemistry lab, I am truly grateful for all the skills that I acquired while at the worksite.

First, my internship term at the laboratory has significantly helped me integrate my theoretical knowledge into real-life technological and scientific worlds. This was my first time working in a laboratory outside the school environment. I was lucky enough to get hold of a consistent project that built on my scientific skills.

The project was my biggest accomplishment during the whole internship. I trained myself to plan ahead of time, work accurately, and analyze the results. The scientific procedures required that I conduct intensive research, which opened my eyes to the availability of several resources and databases of past research that makes it easier to find information. Now, I can easily get more resources to accompany my schoolwork for better grades.

Secondly, the laboratory project has given me an insight into how to turn practical results into meaningful information. My supervisor was really helpful in guiding men on how to interpret the results to valuable conclusions. In the process of obtaining and interpreting results, I came to learn of scientific failure.

Sometimes, not all experiments work as planned. However, learning how to react to such scientific failures positively is one of my accomplishments working as an intern. This skill is very significant in my career and life in general. Not everything happens as planned by we have to move past our failures and use them for our own growth.

Lastly, the internship program at the XYZ Biochemistry lab has gained me a new skill in analytical programming. With the help of my colleagues, I got to learn how to write an analytical program. Consequently, I came to realize that programming requires that you plan adequately to make the right choices. Furthermore, you have to a programmer can also decide to be more creative for effective results.

In conclusion, the internship opportunity at the XYZ Biochemistry lab has left me with several technical, scientific, and personal skills. I am positive that all these skills will come in hand in handy in my general life and my career life once I get hold of a job. This internship term has been one of my most significant accomplishments in my life.

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In conclusion, writing a reflective essay on internship requires that you become creative in your personal experience as an intern. Build the essay on your experiences, challenges, and general growth gained in the internship period.

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