Argumentative Essay on Social Media | Cheap Reliable Essay Writing Service

Argumentative Essay on Social Media | Cheap Reliable Essay Writing Service

Having the ability to write different types of essays is a critical skill for academic success. Nowadays, learning institutions require students to submit essays as part of standardized tests. Also, essays are an essential undertaking of your college application process. Although writing different types of essays may confuse you, however, you will mainly come across four kinds of essays. These include argumentative essays, descriptive essays, expository essays, and persuasive essays.  Today, we discuss the argumentative essay. While at it, we provide an overview of how to write an argumentative essay on social media.

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Argumentative Essay on Social Media | Cheap Reliable Essay Writing Service
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What is an Argumentative Essay?

Argumentative essays are typical assignments that students handle while in college. Frequently, argumentative essays are exciting opportunities for students to highlight their persuasive skills. An argumentative essay on social media discusses the merits and demerits of contemporary social media. It uses an analytical approach to assess and convince an audience of the merit of the social media from the writer’s perspective.

Often, an argumentative essay on social media requires one to pick a side on the issue. However, you must acknowledge opposing views, use evidence and facts to support your argument. Think of an argumentative essay as a discussion which requires an open mind.

But what is an argumentative essay on social media? An argumentative essay on social media essay focuses on platforms that help people connect online. For example, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and many more.

In this case, you offer your opinion and discuss the pros and cons of the assigned topic. Typically, the writer’s opinion earns more points than the opposing view.

Now, let us look at the elements of an argumentative essay and the three main types of arguments.

Elements of the argumentative essay

Argumentative essays contain the following elements:

argumentative essay on social media

Position: the side you represent in the argument.

Reasons: these are the facts or points constituting the why of the position taken. This element plays a critical role in argumentative essays. Without it, arguments lack the power to convince.

Evidence: this element helps you establish your position social media essay. Here, you substantiate your claims using facts from external sources. Besides, you should provide citations and references for your sources. By doing so, you prove the credibility and reliability of cited factual evidence.

Counterarguments: effective argumentative essays always include an opposing viewpoint. Even so, you should use evidence to refute the falsity or truthfulness of counterarguments to increase the persuasiveness of an argumentative essay on social media.

Argument Types

Three main approaches are available for use with argumentative essays. These include:

  1. Classical Approach

A method commonly used in most argumentative essays. Its structure is as follow:

  • Introduction: an introductory paragraph and a thesis statement.
  • Arguments: this section elaborates an essay’s main arguments. This is where you inform the reader of the evidence and claims that substantiate the thesis of your argumentative essay on social media.
  • Concession or Refutation: typically, arguments have more than one side. Besides, audiences often have several responses to an argument. So, presenting the opposing viewpoints lets the arguer anticipate and respond to objections to their stated position. By doing so, one preempts opposition to an argument.
  • Conclusion: If you are writing a Facebook social media essay, this is where one closes the argument, solves the problem, or answers the questions presented in the intro. Use the conclusion to give your readers balance and closure. Include emotions or ethical appeals here to sway your audiences’ opinion.

2. Rogerian Approach

A second approach for developing an argumentative essay on social media is the Rogerian approach. This approach is suitable when tackling highly polemical subjects. In this approach, authors typically identify common goals and describe opposing viewpoints objectively as possible. In comparison to classical argumentation styles, Rogerian arguments focus on the creation of a mutually beneficial solution.

argumentative essay on social media

Here is a summary of its sections:

  • Introduction: presents an overview of the problem under contention rather than an issue.
  • Opposing viewpoint: state the opposing opinion fairly and accurately. In this way, you demonstrate an understanding of the opposite position.
  • Opposing view context: neutral analysis of the evidence that validates the opposing position.
  • Your claim, viewpoint, or position: an objective presentation of your perspective presented fairly and with clarity.
  • Contextual background of your position: provide your opposition accompanied by the contextual background that validates your position.
  • Benefits: finally, appeal to your opponent showing how an argumentative essay on social media is beneficial to the society.
  • A primary goal of a Rogerian argument is to create consensus rather than win an argument. Instead, it creates grounds for a compromise between opposing sides necessary for arriving at a solution.

3. Toulmin Approach

Similarly, the Toulmin approach is effective in polemical arguments. With it, you break down an argument into six parts. These parts include:

  • A claim or claims: an assertion that you want to prove to an audience. That is, your main argument.
  • Grounds: facts and evidence that support your claim
  • Warrant: an implicit or explicit link between your claim and its grounds.
  • Qualifier: refers to the degree of certainty that a presented argument offers.
  • Rebuttal: a statement that recognizes a valid opposing view.
  • Backing: additional support for a Toulmin argument.

When developing an argumentative essay on social media using the Toulmin model, be sure to include a conclusion. Also, use qualifiers or rebuttals to increase the credibility of your argument. By conceding that a position is not necessarily correct, you present yourself as an unbiased and careful thinker.

Format of an Argumentative Essay

Follow these steps to construct effective argumentative essay on social media. Begin by breaking down your essay into four major parts: an introduction, thesis, opposing claims, and citations.

argumentative essay on social media

Introduction: a paragraph that acquaints the audience with your viewpoint. Use the introduction to inform readers about how you will prove your stand.

Thesis: one or two sentences that present an argumentative essay on social media central theme. A social media argumentative essay thesis appears at the end of the intro. Be sure to make it specific as possible.

Opposing Claims: note down the most valid claims against your position. Next, evaluate their validity using research to prove why they do not work.

Present your viewpoint: Then, present your argument and provide facts and evidence to back up your claim. Use transition phrases to ensure an essay flows from the beginning to the end.

Conclusion: a summary of your main points. Avoid introducing new material at the end. Instead, nicely wrap up your argument and evidence by redirecting readers to your initial thesis. Rephrasing your thesis statement is an effective when concluding your argumentative essay on social media. Also, ensure the conclusion leaves readers with something to think about.

Citations: based on the requirements of an argumentative essay on social media, include a list of references in the appropriate style. References should appear on a sperate page. A reference page lists external sources used to develop the essay.

Argumentative Social Media Essay: Definition, Structure, and More

For most students, writing a social media essay is a daunting undertaking. Often, students do not know how to start. However, don’t let that stump you. Why? Among all potential topics, writing an essay on social media is fun and exciting. Besides, we all have different opinions about the benefits, importance, advantages, and role of social networks. After all, churning out an impressive social media essay depends on how passionate you are about this topic.

But you require more than passion to author a high-quality argumentative essay on social media. Not only will your tutor evaluate your ideas, logic flow, and reasoning, but also your ability to satisfy formatting requirements. But before I digress, let’s define what social media is and social media essays.

What is Social Media?

Two frequent questions our writers receive from students are, what is social media, and what is a social media essay? Different experts define social networks differently. But for this post, we stick with this definition, “a collective of online communication channels that facilitate community-based inputs, interactions, collaboration, and content sharing.”  Technically, social networks consist of websites and hosted applications that offer services such as microblogging, discussion forums, curated content, social bookmarking, social networking, wikis, and many more. Examples of popular social media sites include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Wikipedia, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Snapchat.

On the other hand, strong argumentation characterizes argumentative social media essays. Its author relies on the argumentation styles presented above to present vivid claims, facts, evidence, and analysis using reputable sources. The next section discusses the role, benefits, impact, and benefits of social media.

Role of Social Networks

Nowadays, social media plays a vital role in our daily lives. We use social networks to communicate, keep in touch, and make new friends. Besides, these platforms allow the sharing of ideas, thoughts, and emotions. Because of its features and functionality, social media confers tremendous benefits to society.

Given that we live in a digitally connected world, a flood of information is just a click away. Each day, we use the web to communicate, read, and express ourselves. What is more, the popularity of social networks increases each day. This increase is attributable to the fact that communication fulfills a fundamental human need. As a result, social media facilitates millions of people to connect, share and participate in cooperative activities. Facebook, for instance, has over 2 billion members.

Regardless of the implications of social media on humans, it is vital researching about it and having an educated opinion.

But how does one begin writing an argumentative social media essay? Here are a few tips to help you develop an effective social media essay.

How to Write an Effective Social Media Essay

Before, writing an argumentative social media essay, be ready to conduct in-depth research on your chosen or assigned topic. As previously noted, social media essays are fertile grounds for developing an argumentative essay on social media any way you want. So, here we go!

  1. Choose an appropriate topic

In this step, identify an interesting topic to guide your research efforts. For example, you might choose to write about Facebook. Next, narrow down your argumentative social media essay topic to a specific theme. Doing so ensures that you have something eye-catching and captivating to tell your audience. In this instance, we suggest writing about “The Dangers of Facebook Addiction.”

When writing your essay, do not underestimate the importance of a catchy title. According to researchers, readers chose whether to read a piece based on the title alone.

2. Create an outline

Before you start writing an argumentative social media essay, create an outline. Next, use the outline to flesh out your argumentative essay on social media. Outlines help one sort and organize ideas for full development. A useful social media argumentative essay outline contains a topic, thesis statement, main arguments, and evidence.

3. Make your claim

When writing your argumentative essay on social media, remember that people love a good story. So, avoid ambiguity, obscurity, and surprising endings. Make your audience understand your position from the beginning and how you intend to argue your case. Never make readers guess your stand, as doing so alienates them. Use active words to state your position and restate it as you develop an argumentative essay on social media.

4. Organize your essay

The persuasiveness of an argumentative essay on social media depends on the audience’s ability to follow its logical flow. This is where organizing your ideas plays a critical role. But how do you organize an argumentative essay on social media? Begin with a clear thesis statement and make it the central reference point throughout the essay. Next, logically develop your argument, provide evidence, counterarguments, and coherent analysis of the essay’s theme.

Stick to the outline you developed earlier to avoid writing a muddled argumentative essay on social media. Use the outline as a framework for your argumentative essay on social media. What if you aren’t sure where to start? Consult with your writing center for clarification on how to proceed.

5. Use passion to persuade

Often, students perform better in subjects they have interest in. Similarly, argumentative essays are no different. Pick a topic you are passionate about to construct an effective argumentative essay on social media. If you don’t have the leeway to select a topic, don’t worry! Research the assigned topic, connect it to your passion and own the argument. While channeling your passion, don’t let emotions detract you. Avoid letting anger and bias affect your arguments.

6. Understand your audience

Remember you are writing for an audience. After all, writing is a communication medium. For this reason, consider your audiences’ needs, perspectives, and knowledge. Though your professor will read your argumentative essay on social media, he/she is not the intended audience.

Hence, know who you are writing for. Think about who you want to persuade. But why should you do so? Because audiences have their own unique needs. Besides, there is no one size fits all solution for writing an argumentative essay on social media that can satisfy all audiences.

7. Research deeply about your topic

Solid evidence comprises the core of all arguments. Therefore, it is impossible to bluff your way through an argumentative social media essay. If you think you can wait till a social media guru reads your essay! To write a persuasive social media essay, you must conduct in-depth research about the topic.

While researching ensure you grasp the topic from multiple perspectives. Besides, you must provide credible resources, factual evidence, and anticipate possible counterarguments. For this reason, use various sources to collate evidence for your essay. For instance, assemble evidence utilizing a mix of peer-reviewed articles, expert opinions, historical examples, and ethical news media.

Then again, never use unverifiable assumptions or manipulate data to suit your argument. Strive to present your arguments realistically. Get acquainted with research tools such as your school library and the Internet. Don’t know how to cite sources? Visit Purdue OWL for free referencing guides.

8. Support your arguments

Opinions are the foundation for arguments. As such, we create debates because we cherish our views. So, crafting persuasive social media essay arguments requires incorporating logic, research, and organizing your ideas. Avoid stating a point hoping to persuade readers to your viewpoint. Instead, present arguments, use strong evidence to appeal to your readers, analysis, and progressively develop the essay, the what and how that ties your case together.

9. Write truthfully

Compelling arguments employ the three rhetorical devices: ethos (ethical reasoning, logos (logical reasoning), and pathos (passionate reasoning). Previously, we covered pathos and logos. Now, let’s address ethos. Assuming you are writing an argumentative essay on social media, you should do so ethically. As you present your argument, avoid misleading your readers, relying on fallacies, emotional manipulation, misinformation, or other rhetorical devices to trick an audience into agreeing with you.

argumentative essay on social media

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Sample : Are Social Media Networks A Boon or Bane to Society?

Today, people spend much time on social media networks such as Facebook, Tumbler, Twitter and the like. Since the advent and proliferation of the internet, computers, and mobile devices, social media has grown exponentially. Regardless of one’s location: at school, at work or home, social media pervades every facet of daily life. And with good reason too. Unlike anything witnessed before, social networking facilitates fast, seamless, and convenient connections between people from across the globe.  For this reason, social media has increasingly become the de facto communication medium for millions of people. While social media is a necessary tool in contemporary life, still, doubts remain regarding its role, benefits, and drawbacks. Therefore, an analysis of these aspects will inform society’s understanding of social media’s role in modern life.

Social Media Networks

            Typically, individuals use social media networks to connect, share, and communicate with others of similar interests. Without social media applications and websites, it is impossible connecting people from across the globe. Even if one cannot find people with similar interests in their locality, plenty of people are out there who do. In this way, social networks are powerful tools for connecting people from all over the globe.

Benefits of Social Media Networks

            Most learning institutions today use social media to connect students, share learning resources, and coordinate learning activities. For example, students use social media to assist others in the same course. Through these platforms, students can compare learning and education opportunities across institutions. Besides that, it helps people get back in touch quickly.  By leveraging the power of social media, people from diverse backgrounds can form new relationships, reconnect, and participate in social change as well as help during disasters (Houston, J. B., Hawthorne, J., Perreault, M. F., Park, E. H., Goldstein Hode, M., Halliwell, M. R., … & Griffith, 2015)..

            Moreover, social networks let people and organizations market their talents, skills, products and services positively. For instance, individuals advertise their abilities and corporations use social media marketing to engage with their customers. Subsequently, social networks comprise an integral component of business and professional relationships today. Nonetheless, research indicates that social media networks have several drawbacks, which individuals should recognize.

Social Media Networking Drawbacks

            According to Baccarella, Wagner, Kietzmann, & McCarthy (2018), social networking exposes individuals, businesses, and other organizations to various threats. These threats include cyberbullying, trolling, fake news, and privacy violations.  As a result, fear anger, scepticism, and disappointment erode the touted benefits of social networking sites. Since the advent of social networking, experts have lamented over the increase of these practices as more people embrace social media platforms.  Another cause of concern relates to the adverse psychological, emotional, and physical outcomes of addiction to social media.  In their study, Van Deursen, Bolle, Hegner, & Kommers (2015) note that addictive use of mobile phones to access social media sites leads to the increase of stress with women experiencing more depressive episodes than men. Similarly, Lin, Sidani, Shensa, Radovic, Miller, Colditz, … & Primack (2016), noted that the addictive nature of social media is responsible leads to an increase in depression among US teens.

            Indeed, the rise of social media networks revolutionized human relationships, business activities, and more. Given that, these networks collectively provide useful services while facilitating faster communication, collaboration, and knowledge sharing. However, people should not ignore the negative implications of social media. Subsequently, the lack of empirically accurate research regarding the impact of social media in the broader context of human relations, sociology, and psychology is appalling. Only by tracing these interconnections, can humanity harness the power of social media as well as address its shortcomings effectively.


Baccarella, C. V., Wagner, T. F., Kietzmann, J. H., & McCarthy, I. P. (2018). Social media? It’s serious! Understanding the dark side of social media. European Management Journal, 36(4), 431-438.

Houston, J. B., Hawthorne, J., Perreault, M. F., Park, E. H., Goldstein Hode, M., Halliwell, M. R., … & Griffith, S. A. (2015). Social media and disasters: a functional framework for social media use in disaster planning, response, and research. Disasters, 39(1), 1-22.

Lin, L. Y., Sidani, J. E., Shensa, A., Radovic, A., Miller, E., Colditz, J. B., … & Primack, B. A. (2016). Association between social media use and depression among US young adults. Depression and anxiety, 33(4), 323-331.

Van Deursen, A. J., Bolle, C. L., Hegner, S. M., & Kommers, P. A. (2015). Modeling habitual and addictive smartphone behavior: The role of smartphone usage types, emotional intelligence, social stress, self-regulation, age, and gender. Computers in human behavior, 45, 411-420.

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