The Best Instant Homework Help Websites

The Best Instant Homework Help Websites

Genuine and top instant homework help websites help students submit quality homework answers that contribute to a student’s academic success.

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The Best Instant Homework Help Websites
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Technological advancements influence every aspect of life, and the education sector is not an exception. Students and instructors agree that the Internet is an irreplaceable resource when it comes to learning. From accessing learning materials to research content for learning, there is so much benefit that students and instructors can obtain from the Internet. There is however, one concern about the use of the Internet in learning, cheating in examinations and assignments. There are claims that students can use the Internet to obtain answers for their examinations and assignments instead of putting in the work. However, students can use the Internet to obtain instant college homework help and improve their academic performance.

Instant Homework Help Websites

The overall performance of a student in a subject or unit is the average performance of the student in-class assignments, practical sessions where applicable, and end of term examinations. Therefore the performance of a student depends on how the student performs in each of the tasks. There is not much that a student can do when they need to do well in their end of term exams as the examination is strictly supervised. However, a student can ensure they perform best in their assignment by obtaining assignment help.

Why do students need instant homework help?

Students seek instant homework help for different valid reasons. First, there are some students who are busy with part-time jobs and hardly have time to handle the assignment. Note that a perfectly handled assignment requires one to conduct in-depth research on the assignment subject. Second, there are some students who are not well-versed with the relevant writing skills that one needs to handle assignments. Fortunately, all students can benefit from homework help services regardless of the reasons for seeking homework help services. The best way to obtain homework help is to help from online instant homework help websites.

The significance of quality assignment work

A student cannot get grades in any subject if they do not pass their assignments. Students who have part-time jobs or need help with their homework often turn to online instant homework help websites. Unfortunately, not all the sites that are available online are genuine. Therefore, a student may get in deeper trouble if they seek homework help from an illegitimate website. The consequences of getting homework help from an illegitimate website include getting your assignment late, getting an incorrectly done assignment, or not getting any homework help at all.

Instant Homework Help Websites

Failure to submit an assignment or handing in the assignment past the deadline has serious consequences. One can get a zero or be considered as a missing mark. That would mean the student would have to retake the subject in the next year. In the long run, the student will end up taking longer to complete their course than they would if they submitted perfectly done assignments. It is therefore important that a student takes their time to test the genuineness of an instant homework help website.

Top homework help websites

Here are some of the top genuine instant homework help websites that any student can use for their homework:

My Homework Writers is among the top genuine instant homework help websites. The website has writers who can handle homework on different subjects. From the website, you can see reviews from past clients who sought homework help services and were satisfied. The team at My Homework Writers is strict when picking writing experts to ensure they offer quality homework help services to their clients. Not to mention that their rates are affordable, and the delivery of the services is timely.

Genesis Writers

Since its inception, has been a preferred choice among students seeking homework help services. The purpose of the website developers was to develop a platform that would help students in all learning aspects. As a result, the team at Genesis Writers sees that a student grasps the concepts that were used when coming up with homework answers. The extra step that the homework help team goes in seeing a student understands concepts helps students tackle their end term examinations better. It is no surprise that Genesis Writers is among the top homework help websites.

My Rest Lab was formed by a team of top academic experts in different fields. The founders understand the challenge that students have when they have to complete homework within a stipulated time amidst busy schedules. These experts thus created a platform where students can seek homework help and not compromise their education. My Rest Lab specializes in providing homework help to students way before the homework deadline. That way, a student can go through the homework answers and understand instead of submitting homework answers that they have not gone through. The website is a one-stop homework help website for any student seeking homework help on any subject.


Chegg is not your typical homework help website. The website has tutors who are experts in multiple subjects and offer homework tutoring services. A student seeking homework help logs on the website and specifies the kind of homework help that they want from the website. The website then matches a student with a tutor. The tutors on the website are available around the clock so a student can get homework help anytime of the day. The student can then get a lesson from the tutor. Live lessons with a tutor include a video, audio, chat via text or writing on a virtual whiteboard.

The other services that a student can get from Chegg, which include:

Textbook solutions

Students do not just get free homework answers to their homework questions. They get to see the step-by-step process of getting the homework answers to tough problems. Students also learn through practice sets and guided videos on multiple problems.

Q&A with an expert

A student with a question can access an expert in the subject anytime. They can either type the question or take a photo of the question and upload it on the platform. It takes an average of half an hour to obtain answers from an expert.

Chegg differs from other homework help website in that it offers an affordable subscription option to students. With the subscription, students can access a database of solutions with millions of solved homework problems and textbook solutions. The subscription can be on a monthly or annual basis, and one can cancel anytime. There is a Chegg app than any individual with a subscription can use to access homework solutions from their digital device.

Instant Homework Help Websites

Homework Market

The list of top instant homework help websites would be incomplete without Homework Market. This website provides students with homework help on a wide ray of subjects. The aspect that separates Homework Market from other homework help websites is the customized element of the homework help services. Students can obtain homework help that ranges from answers for assignment questions to complex essay writing services. As the name suggests, the website is a market for homework help, and there is no limit to the kind of homework help that a student can get. The website has a platform where students interact with specialized subject tutors.

Their homework help services are cost-effective without compromising on the quality of the work.

How to obtain homework help from Homework Market?

There are a number of steps that one needs to follow before obtaining their answers from Homework Market. The steps are as follows:

Sign up

Once you access the website, it is a requirement to sign up. You will specify that you are seeking homework help. Once you fill in your details, you will get a Homework Market student account. You will be accessing any help on the website using this account. On the other hand, homework help service providers already have a homework market tutor account on the website. The tutor will be offering homework help services using their tutor account.

Specify the assignment you have

You need to specify the kind of homework that you need help with. The assignment could be a maths question, an essay, or questions on a subject. Once you have selected your choice of the query, the website directs you to a small window that you should indicate your query.

Choose a tutor

Specifying your assignment helps the website select top tutors in the particular field. The website will give you a list of tutors that you can choose one from. Each tutor has a profile that you can go through before making a choice. Also, you can see the tutor’s rating based on the tasks they have handled in the past. A tutor with a high rating is an indication that they have provided quality work to past clients. Reviews from previous clients are also a good indicator of what you can expect from a particular tutor.

Make an agreement with a tutor

Once you choose a tutor to help with your homework, you will engage in a private window where you will agree on certain terms. The terms include payment details, homework answers deadline, and other expectations. The tutor will then submit your homework answers according to the instructions and your agreement with them.

Why are the above sites the best instant homework help sites?

As you have noted, there are some characteristics that the above-mentioned instant homework help sites have in common. These characteristics separate these sites from other sites you can get on search engines. Those characteristics qualify the sites as genuine homework help sites that any student should seeking homework help should go to. These characteristics are:

  • Delivery of quality homework help services
  • Provision of 100% plagiarism-free work
  • 24/7 availability of homework help service providers
  • Available homework help for different subjects and levels of education
  • Experienced and top-notch writing experts
  • The flexibility of the homework help services
  • Live support from the support team
  • Commitment from the writing team
  • The websites are legal and meet state standards
  • Affordable and reliable homework help services
  • Vast and flexible modes of payment
  • Positive feedback from past clients on the website
  • High-rating from previous clients
  • They have new clients who are referrals from past clients
  • Proof of a high number of return clients

Instant Homework Help Websites

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on instant homework help websites

What is the best homework help website?

There are different homework help websites that students can get on search engines. However, a student can choose a homework help website from the above-listed homework help websites. A student seeking homework help should consider going through the above websites and choose one according to their preference. After a student has identified a homework help website, it is advisable that they stick to that website to ensure consistency in the quality of their homework.

How can I get my homework answers online?

If you have chosen to seek homework help online, you will need first to identify a homework help website that you will use. You can choose one from the above list. Depending on the homework help website you choose, you will need to follow the instructions on contacting the writing team and to finally receiving the homework. Usually, you will specify the subject that the assignment belongs to. After that, you will be linked to an expert writer in the subject.

They will then assess the assignment paying extra attention to the assignment instructions and deadline. They will then give you a quote of the amount you are to pay for the homework help service. You may be required to make a deposit of a certain amount—a small percentage of the total cost. Once the homework answers are ready, the writing expert will contact you. They may show you a section of the homework answer, but you will receive full answers after completing making the payment.

Where can I ask homework questions online?

If you have a homework help website that you have chosen to get homework help from, there is always a platform to engage with the team from the homework help website. You can type your homework questions on the platform for the writing expert to retrieve them from there. Better yet, you can upload the entire homework questions as a file on the homework help website. That way, the writing expert will have your assignment in the exact format that you have it.

Whichever method you use, you should ensure that you ask your homework questions just as they are in your homework details. Sending the wrong questions to the homework help website will result in you getting the wrong answers for your assignment. That will get you bad grades on your assignment or an outright fail on the assignment.

Instant Homework Help Websites

What app can help me with my homework?

In education technology, students can get homework help from applications. Some applications help students with their learning and also to offer answers for their homework. Students should only get these applications from genuine sources to get genuine application versions. Here are some of the top applications that a student can use when they need instant homework help:


This application is available for both Android and Ios users and is available for free for all users. The application helps students solve math problems. The app requires users to upload photos of typed equations in the app. The app then gives an output of the math solution but in a step-by-step method.


This application is free to the users, although students will pay for some homework services. The application offers tutoring services whereby students send their homework to tutors in the form of a photo. The tutors, in turn, give a step-by-step solution for the homework. If the student is in a hurry, the application can help expedite the answer.

Wolfram Alpha

This application is available on a buy-option. The application works like Photomath except that it does not support the uploading of photos. When creating this application, the target client is the older students who handle high-level mathematic problems. The solutions are often step-to-step to help a student grasp better the process.

Homework Helper

This application was launched by Baidu, a Chinese Internet search company. The application is available freely to both ioS and android users. Students around the world can get homework help answers from other Homework Helper users. If a student has a question, they post a photo of the task on the online forum. The student can also opt to type the homework question on the online forum. The student will then get free homework help for college students from other students. Users who are actively responding to other users’ questions on Homework helper for college students get e-coins as awards which they can use to purchase electronics online.


This application is great for high school and college students who need to crowdsource their homework. Slader is free, although some homework services are chargeable. The application is suitable for both college and high school students and mostly handles tasks in math and science. A majority of the questions in popular math and science textbooks have been answered on this platform, and students can retrieve the answers from the application. However, students can still post original homework questions and get answers.

How do you cheat on homework?

Cheating is an examination malpractice that has been around for long. During examinations, students pass notes, use codes to share answers, and even write down answers for others. It is argued that cheating is more prevalent when students are doing homework than when doing exams. That is because when handling homework, students are on their own, and there is no one looking if they are cheating or not. Students who cheat when doing homework do not benefit from research which is the most important aspect of having homework. Cheating is not a good practice among students and should be shunned. But do you know that you can cheat on your homework legally? Here’s how to do that:

Instant Homework Help Websites

Can one cheat on their homework legally? Is that even a thing? You may be confused at the thought of the terms ‘cheating’ and ‘legally’ being used together. The truth is these methods are not cheating methods but ways that students can use to be on track with their academics as they handle other responsibilities. What ways you ask? Online homework help services. These services work in such a student seeks homework assistance from a professional. The student issues the homework details, which include the deadline to the professional. That ensures that the student receives the homework in good time for timely submission.

How different is homework help from cheating?

At first, you may get the impression that this method is no different from when a student asks another to help with their homework. The thing that makes the most difference is that with online homework help, the student consults with a professional in the subject field. That way, the student supplements the learning they obtained in class. Also, the student can get new approaches to the subject lesson. Lastly, the student has enough time to review the subject and study more the areas they experienced difficulty.

It is undisputed that the Internet is a useful resource for students in their education. Students should consider getting homework help from instant homework help websites, especially when they are not in a position to handle the assignments. Getting homework help from homework help experts will not only see that a student gets better grades but also be helpful in seeing that a student understands the subjects better. That way, the student will perform well at the end of term examination on the subject and get good grades in the course.

When getting homework help from an online website, students should be careful with the sites that they seek help from. That is because there are some illegitimate sites that claim to help students with their homework and are not genuine. Students should only use genuine homework help websites for homework help.

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