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Question one

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This framework is helpful when trying to make decisions in the company. It is very important when sorting out data from many sources, it uses the information technology infrastructures.

The ten levels of DGI governance framework include:College Homework Help

The first level of DGI governance framework is mission and vision. This is the first and the most important level. It has three levels which involve giving rules which are aligned, setting issues with the stakeholders who do not follow rules and regulations giving the organization security that is adequate.

The other component is the governance metrics, success measures used in the organization and goals to be met. This component helps to manage adequately the costs of the business and the ones it is going to incur in future, ensuring the revenues are relatively increased and the value of goods and lastly to make sure that thee privacy and security of the company’s data is maintained.

The next component is the definition and data rules. This component ensures that it gathers the existing information that it existing about these rules, coming up with new information of rules of the organization and then it formalizes the rules to be followed.

The next component of the DGI governance framework is the decision right. This is the component that issues orders and it also leads to the facilitation of decision right for compliance-based programs.

The other component is the accountabilities. This is the component that describes and explains all the points that will be used while designing, the points also that will be used for implementation and controlling any documentation in the organization.

The other component of the DGI governance framework controls. It is the component that has to deal with all the risks that are involved with the data. It also protects the data from being stolen and even when there is a possibility of data breaching from the company.

The other component is the data stockholders. This is the component that has the responsibility of making all the decisions which are made concerning the making of data in the organization.

The eighth component of the DGI governance framework is a data governance office. This component facilitates the activities of briefing the data in a company. The component also makes decisions that are related data, it resolves issues that are concerning data and it is important to note that these stakeholders are responsible when making very important decisions in the company.

The ninety component is data stewards. This component is composed of people who are of high rank and they generally help when making a decision concerning data in the company.

The last component of the DGI governance framework the proactive, reactive and ongoing data governance processes. This is the component that is mostly concerned with managing changes in the organization, defining data in the organization and resolving issues.

Reply one

The components of the data governance program include the following: mission and vision, goals, data rules and regulations, decision rights, accountabilities, data stakeholders, data stewards, processes and control people. In this reply, we note that these components can never be used to substitute the managers and the executives, they have to be there so that to make sure all the organs of the company are well unified.

The managers in a company are the ones who make sure that the general procedures in the business function well they make sure that all the necessities in the business are well addressed

Information governance when policy, standards, and strategy are followed

It can be said to be a sort of program that appears most times in the light of the fact that some gathering inside the association needs support from a cross-useful administration team. E.g. organizations moving from storehouse improvement to big business frameworks may discover their application advancement groups opposing the direction of Data Architects and Modelers. Formal Data Governance approaches, sponsored by cross-useful Stewards, can give required load to building positions. Procedures like Enterprise Data Management, Business Process Reengineering, institutionalization on stages, and obtaining of informational indexes and frameworks can likewise profit by such a program center. Frequently these sorts of projects start by focusing on sets of Master Data.

Reply two

According to this reply, there are basically ten levels of DGI data governance framework which includes,

Mission and vision. This is meant for aligning and defining rules and regulations. It also offers protection to stakeholders. This component also solves disputes that arise from not following the rules.

Goals, success measures, and funding strategies. This helps to know how the organization is likely to get its funding, how the organization is likely to succeed and what will be used to measure successes in the organization. It also checks the efforts that are being placed in individual projects.

Data stewards: they make data-related decisions in the organization. They makeup policies and also specify standards to the board of data governance.College Homework Help

Data rules and definition: has the following roles Gather existing information. Create new information. Formalize rules

Decision Right: has the following role, It facilitates collection of decision right for compliance-based program.

Accountabilities: has the following roles, It describes all the integration points for designing, implementation, controls and documentation.

Controls: has the following role, It deals with data risk. It also helpful to protect data breaches.

Data stockholders: has the following role It is responsible for making data related decision.

A Data Governance office: It facilitates and support following governance activities, Defining data, Data related decision and Resolving issues

Proactive, Reactive, and Ongoing Data Governance Processes: It is responsible for managing change, defining data, establishing accountability and resolving issues.

Question two

State, name and country and organizations which may be the victims.

The company which is known as MacAfee this is a company that has shown that there are cyber-attacks which are aiming for many countries which may be more than seventy two. These are countries together with different organizations, so the nations have to be aware of this issues. There is no state which has been specifically been pinpointed as a state actor although the evidence shows this country may be China.

This company called MacAfee came up with a proof of security breaches which started back in 2006, it is believed that this hacking may have started earlier than that year. A number of the attacks were just for a month while additional stretched for a long period such as twenty-eight months.

The largest list of targeted victims in the series of attack comprise the governments of Taiwan, the United States, India, Vietnam, South Korea as well as Canada; Organizations such as the Association of Southeast Asian Nations; the World Anti-Doping Agency; the International Olympic Committee; in addition to construction Companies of steel, solar power, energy, technology, accounting, satellite communications plus media. Moreover, twelve United States defense contractors, one U.K. defense contractor and some groups ranging from a United States insurance group to the Nevada county government as well as think tanks. However, McAfee rejected to recognize several of the targeted victims by means of name. Talebi and colleagues (2019)

It is suggested that McAfee researchers have performed their best to presume what was possibly stolen, through several interviews with several of victims. According to McAfee Vice President Dmitri of Threat Research claimed that the attacker selected information which would provide military and diplomatic along with economic benefits. Finally, McAfee is classically incapable to talk about its investigations due to non-disclosure agreements. The security company was competent to converse Operation Shady RAT as it was not yet bound with some privacy agreements for this case. Khan, (2018)

Reply one

According to this reply the American governments is always very concerned with situation which have a collaboration with the groups of criminals. There have been countries which have come up with programs which mainly attack the others in terms of cyber. Example is a country like the North Korea and this collaboration helps American government to find criminal gangs.

There are different organizations, companies and governments which have had their computer systems hacked for the past five years, it has not been established who is the culprit here but china has been hinted strongly this is according to MacAfee. This is because china has been hinted in other several attacks which include that of Google and the MacAfee Company has tried to trace this through its vigorous efforts to map the hackers.

According to the essay there are programs which are known as spying programs, they are mostly spread through emails and they run in the computer systems. They usually access the control and the command where they readily spy. MacAfee has identified more than seventy two organizations which have been hacked through this method.

In the America several arms of the government were found to have been compromised ranging from the federal governments to the state and local governments. United Kingdom was found to have been compromised and other countries which include, India, South Korea, and Taiwan among others.

There are other institutions such as the Olympic committee which was hacked for more than two years continuously particular the agency of ant doping which was observed particularly before the 2008 games held in Beijing. So china is the culprit here.

Reply two

According to this reply in the year 2011, the Intel Company known as MacAfee indicated that the number of hackings had gone up and there were more than seventy two organizations which has been affected by this issue. These were organizations all over the globe including the governments, organization and also corporations. This who were affected the most included United States, Taiwan, India, Canada, and South Korea among others.

The most affected corporation was Olympics international committee, the world anti-doping agency, high tech enterprises among others. United Nations was also attacked by this issue where a computer for the secretariat was broken into in 2008. This computer was attacked for more than two years without evidence from the logs, so the data of the secretariat was broken into.

When computers are hacked into it gives the enemy of the competitor an advantage when it comes to the economic front, military and much more. This is because they are able to observe your plan and hence be ahead of you. This means that even now everything is not okay for the organizations and governments. Best technological aspects should always be used to ensure that these attacked are always avoided and in case they happen, they are countered as soon as possible. Get Information Systems Homework Help today

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