Illegal drug use | Law homework help

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Illegal drug use | Law homework help
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Directions: Write a three-page research paper (not including the cover and reference pages) that addresses several unique challenges posed by illegal drug use, either using methamphetamines or heroin as the drug of choice. 
Provide some strategies for handling the challenges your community is facing in trying to rid these drugs from the population. Review the disciplinary actions that may be available for use if a law enforcement officer and/or corrections officer is caught and/or accused of dealing these drugs (either in the community or in the prison) by a citizen compliant. Be sure to review the learning objectives and outcomes listed at the beginning of the module, and address each one in your paper.
Required Resources:
• Course textbook
• Internet access
• AAU Library
Submission Requirements:
• Three-page double-spaced paper (not including cover and reference page)
• APA formatted
• 10-pt. Arial font
• Describe the kinds of disciplinary actions that may be used by agencies in an investigation of a criminal justice employee
• Discuss several unique challenges posed by illegal drug use – methamphetamine use and clandestine drug labs in particular – and some contemporary police strategies for dealing with them

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