I would like assistance with my business ethics assignment. 2000 word

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I would like assistance with my business ethics assignment. 2000 word
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A Corporation’s responsibility extends to Government, Customers, Shareholders, Staff and the Community, in addition to other stakeholders. It is therefore imperative that a Corporation takes all reasonable steps to ensure that they operate in a “responsible, honest and business-like manner”.  It is now more important than ever that Corporations uphold the highest ethical standards.

Select a business scenario that has arisen in a company that you are familiar with, where you believe that the company faced an ethical dilemma.  This may be a company that you are studying in other modules on your programme, where you are aware of an ethical issue(s) facing the company.  Alternatively, it may be a case studied on the Business Ethics module or an ethical situation that has arisen in a company that you are aware of through the media or through personal experience.  Please note that you are NOT to use the PepsiCo in Burma or the Enron case study as discussed in class. 

You should clearly identify the business scenario and how the company responded to the ethical issue(s) in question. 




Identify the Systemic, Corporate and Individual issues relating to the business scenario in your selected company.  Were the Systemic, Corporate and Individual responses to the scenario ethical or not, in your view?  (100 marks) 


I would like this assignment to get a result of 80-85%, harvard referencing style please but also the core content of the answer to be your own personal opinion.

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