I need two essays done before 02/07/16 at 3:30pm.

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I need two essays done before 02/07/16 at 3:30pm.
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I need two essays done before 02/07/16 at 3:30PM. The essays must include reference from the Text and video that I will post for you to complete each essay.  MLA Format. I will also use turnit it to check for plagarism.


Written Assignment 3

Answer the following essay questions. Each response should be approximately 750 words in length (about three typed pages, double-spaced) and should reflect your reading of the assigned materials and your listening to the audiotape or viewing of the video program (as applicable). Mastery of the principles on which your response is based must be evident by your indication of which principle you are using and why you have selected this principle to support your response.

Essay Questions

  1. Can you show how Jefferson’s theory of revolution (found in its shortest form in the Declaration of Independence) follows from John Locke’s theory of government? Could it follow from Hobbes’s theory of government? Under what circumstances?

Please watch video ethics in government. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGe-3U7WHkI

  1. Where does patient autonomy leave off and professional expertise begin in the practice of medicine? In the video presentation “Does Doctor Know Best?” (Program 4), one physician is delighted to encourage the patient to question physician judgment, to make her (the patient’s) own decision, to take treatment into her own hands. Another physician argues that such deference is just “catering” or “pandering” to the patient and will delay treatment. What do you think?

Please watch video Does Doctor Know Best: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xBo9xR5QGh4



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