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For this assignment, do some research regarding your potential career. In addition to researching your career, look at job ads for positions in your career field.

-What soft skills are needed for this career?

-What soft skills are companies looking for

Next, look back at the soft skills that we discussed in the Week 2 discussion. 

-What soft skills did you find to be applicable to you?

-How can you use these soft skills in your future?

-Which soft skills do you have that will make you an ideal candidate for your career field?

Write an APA-formatted paper about:

Your current soft skills – Looking at the lists of soft skills you’ve researched, which ones do you consider current strengths? Why are they strengths to your future career?

At least three soft skills you need to work on – Why these soft skills? What will they provide you in your new career? 

How you will learn the soft skills you identified – What is your specific plan to develop these skills? How will you measure your progress? 

The body (written text) of the paper should be at least 600 words in length & must have a  title page and reference page. The paper should have at least five (5) paragraphs including an introduction paragraph and conclusion paragraph. The introduction paragraph tells the reader what you plan to tell them. The conclusion paragraph summarizes what you’ve told them.

                                                    I have attached the soft skills list             

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