Human resource assignment — attached matrix to be completed

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Human resource assignment — attached matrix to be completed
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Complete the Strategic Human Resources Functions Matrix by selecting three activities from this list of functions that HR usually manages in organizations:

  • choose any 3 activities
  • Talent acquisition and      development
  • Employee/labor relations
  • Total reward systems
  • Organizational      development/effectiveness
  • Workforce planning

List the name of the function in the first column. In the second column, define/describe the function in no more than two to three sentences using a scholarly source such as the text or a journal article. In the third column, search a few global organization websites, and provide one strategy a global organization has relating to each function you selected. Finally, in the fourth column, explain the rationale for the strategy.  If the website doesn’t include a rationale, suggest the business reason(s) for the organization to have adopted the strategy.

Write a 350-word strategy that one of the organizations you researched should adopt based on its mission and/or social responsibility statement.

Indicate citations in the narrative.

Format references in APA style after the summary.

Cite a minimum of 3 scholarly sources.

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