Hrmt407 week 4 forum responses

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Hrmt407 week 4 forum responses
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Please respond to a minimum of 2 students.  Responses should be a minimum of 100 words and include direct questions, critical analysis, and scholarly discussions with fellow students.


The pay and compensation I receive at Caesars Entertainment is broken up into an annual salary, as well as a merit bonus which pays for performance. The great thing about this compensation package is that while I’m happy with my annual salary I have the potential to increase it year over year with the merit increase. The program rewards top performers for going above and beyond the call of duty. If you are rated a role model you receive a 4% increase to your annual salary and a bonus equal to %3 of your annual earnings. If you are rated a strong performer you simply receive 2% to your annual salary. The aspects of compensation that are important to me are growth potential and competitive wages. They are important to me because I never want to be in a position where I cap out in my pay grade and no longer have room for increase. In addition to not capping out I also feel I should be compensated fairly for the work I am doing. Personally I feel that bonuses ensure that employees are living up to their expectations when the structure is broken down correctly. It also highlights the work that they are doing and is an extra reward on top of the annual salary they are given. In level of importance to me this is of the utmost importance because it confirms that the work I am doing is valued and it is one way of many to show me that I am appreciated.


At my current job  as a tower climber 3rd hand I make $17 per hour.  When I initially took this job I knew I would take a pay cut because it was a trade I really wanted to be in.  It all works out though because of the enormous hours it makes up for the low hourly.  I get paid the second I get picked up until the second my boss gets home.  When it comes to compensation what I find most important are the hours that you’ll be working.  Ill take pay cuts if I know my overtime will equate more in the long run.  My work also does holiday bonuses which I also appreciate so I can have stress free holiday plans.  Overtime is structured different from what I’m used to in California, after working 40 hours in the week every subsequent hour is time and a half.  Also if you work weekends you receive a bonus for those days.


Overall I would have to say that direct weekly pay isn’t that important to me but the hours and benefits make or break the salary offer.  If I was to receive no benefits I would demand a higher hourly wage in order to cover basic ammenities myself.  A job with good benefits with good pay and a great culture now that’s hard to find in the trades.  Im looking forward to reading everyone elses post to hopefully gain more incite into what other people find important in compensation.

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