How to Write Better Essays | Cheap Custom Writing Service | Professional Writing Services Near Me

How to Write Better Essays | Cheap Custom Writing Service | Professional Writing Services Near Me

One compulsory and important task in every high school or college is writing an essay. No matter how simple or complex essay writing can, each and every student must learn how to write one. It is not only for the purpose of passing an exam but also you may need to draft one even in the future. The fact that not all the students are capable of writing a good essay worth high grades is true. It can be due to lack of sufficient writing skills or limited time due to too much workload. When in such circumstances, you can always opt for our cheap custom writing service on how to write better essays. Alternatively, you can find ‘professional writing services near me’ with the aid from My Homework Writers.

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How to Write Better Essays | Cheap Custom Writing Service | Professional Writing Services Near Me
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how to write better essays

Essays Categories

Today, effective writing of the distinctive types of essays is very critical, yet important to success in school. Writing an essay is a very common and popular assignment that teachers and tutors often assign their students. It is also part of the standard examination and a basic requirement when it comes to college or university application. When doing an assignment, selecting the right essay type to write about is the key to get the question correct. However, the major issue here is that students get confused a lot on the types of essays. There are various types of essays thus it becomes very easy to confuse them. But essentially, there are for main essay types with distinct variations.

Four Main Types of Essays

Differentiating the types of essays means understanding the main goal why you are writing the essay. It can be explaining a certain issue, describing something, talking about your own experience. It can also be convincing the reader to adopt a particular point of view. Therefore, the main types of essays include the following;

how to write better essays

Descriptive Essay

A descriptive essay, just like the narrative essay presents an image with the use of words. Therefore, when writing an essay, you may need to describe an object, person, place, or certain even with special importance. However, the descriptive essay does not just involve giving a description for the sake describing. Instead, it strives to present a deep meaning via description process. So when writing, you need to show but not tell. You can use sensory information or colorful and interesting words. A good descriptive essay should be able to appeal the emotions of the readers with an evocative result.

Narrative Essay

When writing a narrative essay, you need to give a story in relation to real life experiences. Telling a story sound so easy, however, writing a narrative essay is equally difficult since it involves thinking while writing. For your essay to be successful, try involving the readers as you make the story more vivid and interesting. Don’t forget that narrative essays should be written in the first person in order to engage the readers. It also gives them a feeling that they are part of that particular story. Generally, crafting a narrative essay in the right way creates a personal statement and draws the reader towards the conclusion.

Persuasive Essay (convincing)

Writing a persuasive essay involves the presentation of the actual facts. Its main objective is to convince the readers to adapt your own point of view or argument. Therefore, when writing such an essay, consider building an argument with the use of real facts and logic. Also, include relevant samples, examples, sound reasoning, as well as the opinions of the experts. On the other hand, you need to present both sides of the argument. Try to clearly communicate without evading why a particular position is right.

Expository Essay (actual facts)

The expository type of essay is an informative type of writing which shows a neutral analysis of a particular topic. So when writing such type of an essay, you should define and give an explanation of the topic. You can successfully accomplish this by the usage statistics, actual facts, and examples. It usually involves a wide range of variations. It includes the essay on the causes and the effects, comparing and contrasting essay, and how to essays. Since expository essays are based on actual facts but not individual feelings, you do not necessarily have to express emotions. Also, there is no need to write such an essay in the first person.

Tips on How to Write Better Essays

For some students, writing an essay is very easy as it only involves sitting down and typing. However, to make it a success, there is a lot of planning that you ought to do. In general, writing an essay is usually difficult especially for the beginners and those who lack good writing skills. Therefore, a good idea before you start writing is to learn how to write better essays. Another way of learning how to write better essays is with the help of My Homework Writers. With our service, you can enjoy our cheap custom writing service and get professional writing services near me. The following are some essential tips on how to write better essays;

how to write better essays

Choosing a Topic

Before you start writing an essay, the first and the most important thing is to select a good topic. In case you already have a topic, then think about the type of essay you are going to write about. It should either be a generic overview of the topic or a particular analysis. If necessary, try to make you focus narrower.

In case you have not been given a topic, then you have to think more even beyond the limits. At the same time, it gives you an opportunity to select a topic which is relevant and interesting to you. The first thing to consider is defining the topic purpose and whether it is a persuasive, expository, argumentative, or narrative.

After determining the essay purpose, it is time to evaluate the options. State whether your objective is to educate and select a subject which is more familiar to you. If your objective is to persuade, then select a subject which makes you passionate. Whatever the objective of the essay is, ensure that your topic is interesting.


It is relatively impossible to craft a good essay without having an idea of what you should write about. This is why brainstorming is very essential. It involves the process whereby you come up with an ideal topic of the essay. So all you have to do is to sit as you think critically of good ideas and points.

As you think, make sure that you take note of everything that crosses your mind. This is because you can as well narrow your topic. Also, you can use the mind mapping or cluster technique to brainstorm and create essay ideas. This can be the best way to create a topic.

Conducting Proper Research

After brainstorming ideas and choosing the topic, you have to conduct some research on how to write better essays. You can visit the library for more research or a rather search your information on the internet. When it comes to the internet, you can access the cheap custom writing service by My Homework Writers. With our services, you can easily get professional writing services near me. Another way of gathering information is by interviewing the experts in your particular subject.

Creating a Thesis Statement

The thesis statement is the key point of the essay. It is a sentence which states what your essay is all about. You can, therefore, use it to brief the readers about the whole essay. The distinctive points in the essay should all lead back to the thesis statement.

Creating a Thesis Statement

Essay Formatting

When it comes to writing an essay, there is no unique way to format it. It simply involves a creative process thus there is no need to confine it within its boundaries. But there is one basic format that everyone should generally adhere to when writing an essay. Therefore, the following is a basic structure to take into consideration;

The Introduction

The first part of an essay is the introduction. This is where you should introduce the topic you are writing about for the first time. Provide a short summary of the essay topic in the introduction part. Generally, the introduction should not be too long; it usually takes a minimum of four lines.

There are a number of scopes that help get more creative when writing the introduction of an essay. With this, you can get to know how to write an introduction with a hook. The purpose of the hook is to attract and keep their attention. So to make your essay you effective, you can either begin with a proverb or even a direct quotation. At times, you can also begin with a definition of the topic or subject. However, the most attractive and interesting way to engage the readers is by starting the introduction with a definition.

The Body

The body is the main, yet a crucial part of the essay. In other words, the body is like the meat of the essay. This is because it contains the introduction and the conclusion which usually sandwich it. So this is the part where you can write all the vital and essential details regarding the essay. When it comes to the body, you do not need to confine all your information into a single paragraph. Instead, you can extend it into two or three more paragraphs depending on the essay context.

Most of the time, there are a lot of details that one needs to write in the body. However, one common mistake most of the students often make is presenting the information in a haphazard way. There is no doubt that this can really confuse the readers. It is, therefore, significant to organize all the points and ideas in a logical manner. Write each and every detail in a systematic way such that the reader can easily understand and comprehend. For instance, when explaining a certain incident, a good way to make it successful is explaining in a chronological way.

The Conclusion

The conclusion is the last part of the essay. Most of the time, the conclusion is a reflection of the introductory part. Ensure that every word and phrases are different. Therefore, this is the best part to summarize the entire argument or the story. You can sum it up by giving the wrapping up an argument or with a moral lesson. So whenever you are writing an essay on any topic, ensure that you always end it with a conclusion. Do not leave any thread hanging.

how to write better essays

A Sample of an Essay

For you to know how to write better essays, consider the following sample;

The Introduction

A human’s great friend is the dog. This saying often contains the truth; however, they are not the only human friend who gives a good company. For most of the people, their greatest friend and companion is the cat. Apart from what the lovers of dogs believe in, cats are often the best pets and great companions.

The Body Paragraphs

Firstly, most people enjoy the cat company because of their affection feature. They tend to snuggle up, enjoy being petted, and even being scratched on the chin. With this, it is impossible to resist the cat. Whenever they feel less affectionate, they always tend to play due to their nature of being the most playful creatures. For instance, they can chase moving things like a ball or just dangle on the string. The most exciting part is when the owner takes part in playing. One good thing with the cats is that you can train them and they can learn with time.

Secondly, cats are the most civilized pets. They always don’t make a lot of noise like the dogs. Some do not even meow frequently; instead, they always remain quiet. Also, they don’t cause a lot of accidents or damages in the house hence you can feel safe with them. Another thing that makes them safe to be with is you can remove their claws. This is for safety purpose especially when there are young children around.

Finally, the most attractive nature of the cats as pets is the fact that they are easy to care for. They do not have to be dragged from one place to another. They do a lot of exercises as they play and their only business is small things on the floor. Cats are also concerned with their grooming. Therefore, bathing them is not necessary since they can always clean themselves. In fact, they are more concerned when it comes to cleanliness, unlike people. On the other hand, when they are left alone, they can fearless remain calm for hours.

The Conclusion

Cats require less maintenance and are the most civilized companions. Individuals with limited living space or insufficient time to care for pets should be grateful to the cat’s features. However, most of the people who have a lot of time own cats not only for their company but also because of their characters. In a number of ways, cats still remain the ideal pets to keep.

Cheap Custom Writing Service for Students

Even if students pursue an interesting discipline, this does not necessarily mean that they are enjoying every aspect. The subject may be interesting but what it entails as well as the assignments can be very complex. A good example of this is essay writing.

One tricky thing when it comes to essay writing is that it requires good writing skills and experience. It also involves research and being able to create powerful arguments to support your own point of view. Luckily, there is a better alternative when it comes to how to write better essays. With cheap custom writing service, you can always get help and learn how to write better essays. Also, you can be able to find professional writing services near me.

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The purpose of our cheap custom writing service is to make students life in school easy. One good advantage about our service is the fact that you can always choose the ‘professional writing services near me.’ This is because we do not only offer services locally but also internationally. By choosing the ‘professional writing services near me’ we assure you nothing but the best services from My Homework Writers. Some of the benefits you can get from us include;

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how to write better essays

In conclusion, essay writing is a common task to the students in high school, college, and university. Although it sounds easy, putting it down on paper can be very difficult especially when you lack good writing skills. This is why learning how to write better essays is very important. All you have to do is to find a reliable site where you can learn essay writing. Cheap custom writing service by My Homework Writers is an ideal place for you. With us, you get an opportunity to find the ‘professional writing services near me’. Feel free to try out our services today!

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