How to Write an Argumentative Essay Thesis

How to Write an Argumentative Essay Thesis

One of the most tested essays by professors is the argumentative essays. They often want to evaluate how well students can argue for or against a given aspect. This article presents a straightforward protocol for how to write an argumentative essay thesis, the outline of an argumentative essay, and other vital elements to consider when writing an argumentative essay. Click here to order an argumentative essay.

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How to Write an Argumentative Essay Thesis
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How to Prepare an Argument

Argumentative essay ideas are everywhere. However, it is challenging learning how to prepare an argument. Start by searching for clues to your topic. Check the headlines of newspapers and the emerging issues. Chances are, you will read or hear another person trying to convince another to believe their claim. List your ideas down. You need to settle on one argument for your essay. To do this, try asking yourself questions such as; is this argument right? What caused this? Can this argument be well supported? How important is this argument? What should we do about it? All these are crucial steps that will help you prepare your case.


5 Types of Arguments

Considering the kind of claim to use is critical if you need to understand how to write an argumentative essay thesis. Some instructors may give a particular type of argument, while others may require students to come up with their own. Among the five types of Arguments, the first one is the Toulmin model. It is a framework for analyzing an argument, but can also help to construct arguments.


This type of cases presents evidence for a claim while awaiting the feedback from the audience. The other kind is a debate. This type is more common than the Toulmin. It is a discussion that compares two or more options, with the goal of showing that one option is superior to the others.


The other type of argument is the Rogerian model. A psychologist by the name of Carl Rogers developed the model. This approach matches or compares preferences by examining their weights, to identify the best option. Therefore, it looks at the strengths and weaknesses of each option. The other category of arguments is the persuasive essays.

A compelling piece argues a single position or course of action that the public or audience should choose. Therefore, one should give valid reasons as to why they support the proposed course of action. The last type of argument is called a satire. It is a particular kind of case that holds some flawed position up for ridicule.


How to Write an Argumentative Essay Outline

It is common for writers to confuse outlines when writing their essays. This article has offered a step to step guide on how to write an argumentative essay outline. The whole framework is split into three main sections. Section one involves writing the introduction. An introduction contains a hook sentence, the background information, and the thesis statement. How to write an argumentative essay thesis depends largely on your outline.


The whole goal of the hook sentence is to captivate the reader right from the very beginning. It is a phrase or group of words that stand out from the rest of the text. It could be a quote, a rhetorical question or an intriguing idea. Always use a hook sentence that will leave the reader reaching for a bag of popcorn and sitting back to read your essay. After writing the hook sentence, proceed to write the background information.

The background information helps narrow your ideas to a particular focus. Ideally, it helps provide information that allows transition one’s thoughts towards the thesis statement. It is important to note that you should not reveal your main ideas at this juncture. A thesis statement follows background information. Many writers often pose the question of how to write an argumentative essay thesis. Well, here is the answer.  A thesis statement presents the central argument of the essay. It is usually the last sentence of the introductory paragraph. It should be brief yet precise. Also, you should write it using simple language and words.


The other section of the argumentative essay outline is the body. The body contains the main ideas of the essay. Also,  it entails their justifications and claims. An excellent collection has paragraphs. One paragraph should include a topic sentence, claim, evidence to support the request, and a concluding sentence.

Topic Sentence

A topic sentence introduces the sub-argument of the entire section. It depicts what the whole part will discuss. Always claim after a topic sentence to link the main sub-argument with the thesis statement. The goal of an application is to explain and validate how your points strengthen the focal message.


Factual information should support all your claim this how to write an argumentative essay thesis. It is important to note that your opinions are irrelevant if they cannot be adequately backed up. Use statistics, references, or logical ideas to validate all your claims. After supporting your applications, then write a concluding sentence. A concluding sentence is usually the last sentence of a paragraph. The primary objective of this sentence is to summarize the overall significance of the claim to the thesis statement.


The last section of an argumentative essay outline is the conclusion. Write it in one brief paragraph. It contains three main elements. The first element is that it restates the thesis statement. It is not just stating, but showing that you have proved your thesis statement. It should reflect confidence to help sway the readers to believe that your thesis is a fact. The other aspect of a conclusion is a summary of the main arguments. It is likely that readers forgot the fundamental arguments in your essay.


Therefore, reviewing your main points helps emphasize the central ideas you want to communicate. The last bit of the conclusion is the overall concluding statement. Ending your article with a bang is necessary. Therefore, present a report that will leave your readers calling for action for further investigation, or leave them wanting to read more of your essay.


What is an Argumentative Essay Example?

In an argumentative essay, a writer is taking a position related to a topic, where opinions can vary. The stand or side a writer chooses establishes the thesis statement. Therefore, it is essential for the writer to know how to write an argumentative essay thesis. In all the contentious essay reference material I have come across, the audience always poses the question; what is an argumentative essay example.

This article is here to answer your query by outlining the cases. Examples of argumentative essays are; should parents monitor their children’s internet use? Is money an effective motivator at work? What is the underlying factor that determines between good and bad teachers? All of these are examples of argumentative essays. It is effortless to ace such compositions. By following the outline as discussed earlier in this article, you are guaranteed to write your essay effortlessly.


Tips on How to Write a Strong Argumentative Essay

Contrary to the opinions of many, it is easy to write and pass an argumentative essay assignment. The following tips will guide you on how to write an argumentative essay thesis. Here are the basic tips on how to write a robust argumentative essay.

Tip one requires you to choose a favorite topic. Always consider several issues before adopting the theme. One factor to check is if the subject can spark at least two solid, yet conflicting points of view.  However, it is important to note that a big topic does not necessarily mean it will result in a persuasive argument. Therefore, come up with a list of issues and settle on the one that you are passionate to explain. You will end up having more fun finding the facts and smashing the other side of your argument.

Tip two is very vital on how to write an argumentative essay thesis. It warns any writer from using emotional language. Overly emotional arguments tend to sound irrational. Now, this does not mean you don’t stir emotion among your readers. It merely states that you do it subtly, by giving justifications that will make the readers respond emotionally. The other tip requires a writer to slam the other side respectfully. I have seen some argumentative essays where the writer criticizes the other hand using words like stupid, uninformed or crazy. Do not call out a side. Give your facts and let the reader draw these conclusions themselves based on the information in your essay.

Take Note

The other tip requires you to use valid and relevant evidence. Never try to make up proof. If you cannot find valid points to back up your arguments, then choose another strong case. Made up evidence results too inaccurate information which ends up misleading the reader. Also, do not use untrustworthy sources to validate your arguments. The other tip requires you cite your sources appropriately, using the given formatting style.


Citing has been known to be a challenging aspect for most writers. However, it is quite simple to comprehend if you follow the guidelines of that specific style. Another tip is that you should always state the two sides of the controversy. Go into detail while discussing these two opposing sides. However, make sure you provide evidence, reasons and strong points of the stand you chose. The last tip is that of creating a stunner of an opening. In other words, I compare an introduction to a welcome. It could be cold or warm and helps make the visitor feel excited to go in or extremely put off. Look for a shock value that will leave a reader yearning to read the whole article.


Given these guidelines, it is simple to understand how to write an argumentative essay thesis. Just practice and be consistent if you want excellent results. Click here to place your order. Good luck!

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