How to Write a White Paper | Write My Assignment

How to Write a White Paper | Write My Assignment

What is a White Paper?

Most do not people not know how to write a white paper. What is even more unfortunate, is the fact that a significant number do not know what a white paper is. Therefore, it is crucial to define a white paper. A white paper refers to an authoritative manuscript informing its audience on a specific topic. Consequently, it is a piece that is written to educate a reader on a chosen topic. As such, it means that one must be knowledgeable about the problem they are discussing. This is because the paper combines both comprehensive research and expert knowledge in a particular subject. The paper can argue for an individual solution or recommendation. Thus, one can use white papers to understand various issues, solve specific problems, or make decisions.

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How to Write a White Paper | Write My Assignment
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What is the Purpose of a White Paper?

It is essential to understand the value or significance of a white paper. This is because it will help one know how to write a white paper that fits the purpose of this document. Given that there are multiple white paper topics that one can discuss, it means that the goals may vary. Nonetheless, there are standards purposes of all white papers. These include:

  1. A white paper explaining a specific product can be used to describe an unfamiliar or new product. As a result, a company gets to attract and inform potential customers on how to use the product.
  2. A well written white paper is used to expand a company’s brand presence. Consequently, a firm may gain a competitive advantage within its market or industry.
  3. This document is also used by a company aiming to build credibility and trust. For instance, a white paper explaining a product can be used to assure users of its safety and benefits. The simple technique eliminates doubts that potential users may have, which are hindering them from purchasing the product.
  4. It is also written as a means of reaching out to other market leaders and potential partners.
  5. A white paper is also written to boost the engagement of a company’s audience. Additionally, it can be used to encourage an audience to share a company’s content on social media. The move can result in more customers, and supposedly, potential partners and investors.
  6. A white paper also helps in generating essential information about your site visitors. Such data can tell you what your audience prefers in terms of your product. Additionally, it can inform you if your clients are satisfied with the products you are producing.

how to write a white paper

White Paper Topics

After one has joined a firm, one may be required to take part in the development of a white paper. However, the problem is that most individuals are not conversant with how to write a white paper. More so, majority cannot even tell you what topics are discussed in such a document. As a result, so many employees dread going to the office or also showing up for a meeting. This is because they do not want to be asked how far they are with their task. Despite all these challenges, the fact is that white paper writing is quite straightforward. It is even more natural when one comes up with a brilliant topic.

Factors to Consider When Selecting White Paper Topics

Choosing the right theme is vital to have your white paper read. There are three factors that you should put in mind when selecting subjects for such a task. These include:

  1. Your Audience

Like any other paper in business writing, it is essential to consider your audience. There are various elements in this section that you should consider. These include:

The Target 

Do not write your document blindly without a target reader in mind. Take time to evaluate who you want to read your message. It could be long-time customers that are familiar with your company since its inception. If not, it could be that you are targeting new prospective buyers who just ventured into your field. Whoever it may be, ensure you begin by identifying them.

Their Knowledge on the Topic

After that, research on your targets to discover what they know about the topic you are discussing. You may end up writing content that they have heard over and over. Try to use or explain the issue at hand from a different angle or perspective.

Their Preferences

Also, research to see what style and white paper structure they prefer. Sometimes, an audience is specific about how they want their white paper content to be structured. Therefore, if it does not align with their preferences, they tend to overlook the message.

Their Opinions on the Topic

It is okay to have an opinion about a particular theme. However, what may be wrong is discussing topics without analyzing the views of an audience in that specific theme. Your goal may be to persuade. However, since you did not reflect on the target’s opinions, you end having not changed their views. So, take time to reflect on the major claims and beliefs of the reader within your topic. Thoroughly investigate how they arrived at those conclusions, so you know how to persuade them about your point of view.

  1. The Company’s Expertise

As much as you are struggling to finish this task, it can be useless if you do not reflect your company’s expertise. It goes to mean that you must be, therefore, conversant with the external and internal factors affecting your company. Similarly, you must have internal knowledge of your firm. An individual also ought to know what their firm is conducting external research. If not, one ends up only providing surface knowledge, which at most times, is what your audience knows. So, since this manuscript tends to be comprehensive, ensure you know your firm inside out. If you are not sure about a particular concept, ensure you consult with your senior managers. After all, it is your business know-how that will reflect what is included in your white paper.

  1. A Problem-Based and Solution-Focused Theme

When picking white paper topics or problems, one must choose relevant themes that have solutions. After all, the purpose of your white paper document might be to offer a solution or recommendation to a problem. So, pick problem-based themes. You can obtain these issues from common dilemmas you have heard in the firm or problems arising from new trends. Additionally, the problems may also occur from changing techniques or stiff industry comparison. Whatever topic you select, ensure that you have a proposed recommendation or solution for it. The solution must be relevant and practical. It can be acquired from comprehensively examining the problem and existent solutions.

Step by Step Guide on How to Write a White Paper

‘How do you write a government white paper?’ ‘How do you write a company’s white paper?’ Well, the process is straightforward. There are various phases on how to write a white paper. So, for one to master how to write a white paper, they must learn all the stages. They include:

Phase 1: Preparation

The first phase of how to write a white paper is the preparation phase. It is made up of a couple of steps which include:

a. Research

Of course, you have to research on the selected topic. The study will help you come up with accurate, thorough, and relevant information. Since white papers are data-focused, ensure you comprehensively research from authoritative sites. They could be industry resources, online references, or a business’s internal documents. However, the trick is only to use credible and reliable sources. They could be industry files but contain outdated, obsolete, or inaccurate information. Therefore, if you want to write a valuable document, use only those sources that are current and provide accurate information. Although most people have problems citing a white paper, it is, however, essential to cite new details. For instance, the information you did not know before your research.

b. Evaluating Other White Papers

Some people are confident in their abilities of how to write a white paper. It is nothing bad or wrong. However, sometimes, one is required to read existing white papers that are written by other individuals. This is especially the case when there are multiple white papers written covering your topic or issue. Do not ignore them. Instead, you should be interested to see what information they are provided. So, take time to read these documents to know what knowledge gaps there are relating to the problem. Additionally, look for an opportunity to build upon the existing content. Such a review can help you avoid writing a redundant white paper.

Phase Two: Familiarize with the White Paper Format 

The second phase on how to write a white paper is to learn the white paper structure. It is nothing surprising to find people asking, ‘What is a white paper and format?’ The truth is that some people have never even heard of these papers in their life. As a result, they do not know how to write a white paper. So, in this step, all one has to do is understand how to write a white paper. This is achieved by familiarizing with the white paper structure. White papers tend to follow a standard document format. The format is quite similar to that of business reports. As such, most people tend to confuse between the two. However, some differences exist between the two.

The Standard White Paper Structure

Unlike business reports or other business writings, a white paper has a conclusion. This is one mega difference that can help you distinguish between these two documents. If you are learning how to write a technical white paper or how to write a white paper sample, then here is the format you should follow:

  1. A Title

Every white paper should begin with a topic. The topic tells the reader from the word go what you are discussing in your entire work. A good title is essential. So, do not just scribble down a theme. Instead, write an intriguing and captivating title that will capture the reader’s attention. Some people go overboard when writing their titles. They tend to use fancy words or complicated terminologies. On the other hand, some tend to beat around the bush. Your title should be accurate, precise, and written in simple language.


Here is an example of a plain white paper topic and an enticing white paper topic:

Plain Topic:

Bland: White paper on Law 123.4 Referencing Environmental Impact Assessments.

Enticing Topic: 

The Rules are Changing: White Paper on the Environmental Impact Assessment Legislation Proposals in 2018

One point to note is that the words ‘white paper’ do not necessarily have to be in your title. Sometimes, these words scare off individual readers due to the valuable and comprehensive content that comes in this document.

  1. An Abstract

In college, one was taught how to write an abstract during research paper writing. The same abstract structure is what is used in a white paper. The format or purpose of the abstract does not change. The goal of this section is to give a brief overview of the primary points being discussed. So, make a list of all your main points, and ensure you highlight them in your abstract. Your abstract also tells the reader if you have something relevant to their needs. It is the section that shows a reader ‘I found what I was looking for.’ So, ensure that you highlight points that spark an interest and urgency in an audience to read your work. Ensure your abstract is precise, concise, and accurate.

  1. The Problem Statement

People who do not know how to write a white paper tend to ask, ‘What should be included in a white paper?’ For a start, a problem statement should be included. The problem statement shows the reader the issue that your white paper is going to address. As such, it must be well defined and expressed in simple language. Sometimes, people tend to overcomplicate their wording, which consequently makes readers misinterpret the problem statement. As a result, you end up having different readers understanding different messages from one document. To ensure that everyone is on the same page, write a concise problem statement. Additionally, place it into a context that the reader will easily understand.

  1. Background

In this section, one is required to provide background information about their topic. Sometimes individuals tend to assume that the reader knows where they are coming from. As a result, they skip writing the background information section. Do not skip it, since not all your readers know this information. This segment is important because it helps your readers to grasp the problem at hand even more. Besides that, it helps them understand how a particular solution best suits the issue at hand. So, as you write this section, ensure you show the relation between your well-defined theme and the broader topic. Ensure this segment is detailed and technical. This can only be attained when one conducts thorough research on their problem.

  1. Solutions

When being taught how to write a white paper, one is also taught the importance of this section. It is the most fundamental steps of why an individual learnt how to write a white paper. Additionally, it is the reason why they are writing one. Most people refer to it as the ‘ta-da’ moment of this task. The solutions segments entail using the preceding information to propose a solution to the problem at hand. The answers are acquired from the evidence in the white paper. So, do not formulate your solutions from elsewhere and just highlight them in this section. When writing the answers, ensure that you are also specific. Again, avoid being wordy or vague to prevent the reader from misinterpreting your message. Similarly, only give practical solutions. People want solutions that work in real life.

  1. The Conclusion

People who do not know how to write a white paper tend not to include this section. It is because most business writings, such as the business reports, have no conclusions at the end. So, when being taught how to write a white paper, you will find an instructor insisting on this element. The segment should summarize all the significant findings of your work. It should also restate the proposed recommendations and solutions.

  1. References

All the sources you used to develop your white paper must be collected and cited in this segment. The problem is, most people do not know how to write a white paper and cite it. So, you find people online searching for guides on how to write a white paper with citations. Citations add validity to your white paper. Additionally, they also indicate to a reader where one can go for further research. Thus, if you do not know how to write a white paper with citations, ensure you seek help from white paper writing services.

Phase 3: Writing the White Paper

Now that one knows how to write a white paper, the writing process is quite straightforward. To make it even more manageable, one must use an outline. It will guide them in every step of their writing.

Do White Papers Work?

Of course! They work if all one uses the correct white paper structure. However, if one does not know how to write a white paper, their work can be useless. So, before you write one, ensure you know how to write a white paper. Additionally, ensure you are familiar with the purpose of white papers.

How Long Does it Take to Write a White Paper?

It differs. For instance, a person who does not know how to write a white paper may take a longer time. This is because they have to learn or be taught how to write a white paper. However, one who knows how to write a white paper may take a shorter time. Those who have mastered the tips on how to write a white paper fast may take an even shorter time.

Where Can I Publish My White Paper?

It all depends on the purpose of your white paper. For instance, you can publish it on a company’s website of the aim of your work is to create awareness about a company’s product.

Tips on How to Write a White Paper

Individuals who have never learnt how to write a white paper may find this task challenging. However, it can be straightforward when one implements the following white paper best practices. They will save you on sleepless nights, time, and confusions. They include:

how to write a white paper

  1. Choose an Enticing Topic

Ensure that you pick a topic that everyone wants to read. The trick is to analyze your audience and figure what interests them and what does not.

  1. Have an Intriguing Intro

You want to catch your readers right off the bat with your introduction. So, ensure you write a captivating opening.

  1. Be Descriptive

White papers tend to be comprehensive and detailed. So, ensure that you are descriptive and break down every point. The descriptive element leaves most people asking about the white paper length. Well, it differs according to your theme. However, ensure that you have at least ten pages explaining your topic.

  1. Work with a Draft

When being taught how to write a white paper, one will also be taught how to develop its outline. Developing an overview is the first thing one should do before writing the paper. It will help organize your ideas logically to create a flow.

  1. Edit after Writing

Some people tend to write one page, and then go back and edit it. As much as this look safe, it is tiring and time-consuming. Additionally, it can make you overlook some errors. So, first, pin down your points. After that, take some time off to relax and later edit your essay. The idea will be fresh in your mind, and you will not be exhausted from the writing process.

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