How to Write a Good Essay in an Exam

How to Write a Good Essay in an Exam

Several online writing services always have different strategies and tips on how to write a good essay in an exam. While most academic writing services and other sites always have the right idea, some might mislead you. As if writing a good essay in an exam wasn’t a hard-enough struggle, you end up being misguided by wrong information.

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How to Write a Good Essay in an Exam
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Writing the perfect essay paper can be a daunting process, especially if you don’t know how to write one. Not to mention the time pressures that essay exams come with.

Becoming a better writer takes a lot of practice, consistency, and dedication. But even that might not be enough. You also don’t necessarily need to be an expert writer to conjure the perfect essay.

You only need to know how to put your thoughts into text and know how to manipulate words. It’s not always as hard as it sounds. If anything, knowing how to write a good essay in an exam takes the least amount of effort.

Don’t stress, though. This excerpt should provide you with the most effective way how to write a good essay in an exam.

Knowing How to Write a Good Essay in an Exam: The Question and Answer Format

Many students often ask what it takes to write the perfect essay papers for exams. Fortunately, the answers to these kinds of questions are often quite similar, regardless of the type of essay you’re writing. It’s vital that your paper is:

Highly Focused

First, it’s essential that you always answer the question being asked in the paper. Target the question being asked as thoroughly and completely as you can.

Meaning that you must answer all the parts of the question to the best of your ability. Remember, also, that you avoid padding or rambling unnecessary information in your paper. Doing so only implies to your professor that you have no clue what the paper requires of you and are grasping at straws.

Highly Organized

One of the main focuses of knowing how to write a good essay in an exam is to avoid writing haphazardly. Sure, being an exam, your professor will expect some nervousness from you. However, you’re still obligated to plan your essay and ensure that it’s written in the proper format.

The paper must have a clear introduction, a thesis, and a body that answers the essay question. That said, ensure that you also include a conclusion that properly summarizes all your key points. Your professor will appreciate this effort.

Highly Supported

This applies to all essay papers that you write. You cannot just claim that whatever in your paper is true. You have to prove your claims with facts, examples, tests, or whatever else you can use to help you prove your argument.

You find that the difference between a perfect paper and a good paper is the degree of supporting evidence on both essays. It’s one of the most crucial exam writing tips, especially for essay papers.

Highly Accurate

Students incapable of using conventions of language are always considered incompetent and lacking in education. It’s, therefore, vital that you write as concisely and effectively as possible.

Ensure that your paper is as accurate as possible if you want it to help you fetch the highest grades in class. If you are unsure about anything, don’t include it in your paper. It may only end up hurting your final scores if you don’t include accurate details in the essay.


As a student, it’s always important that you only write about what you know and understand. This is the most effective writing process for any student who wants to know how to write a good essay in an exam.

What Constitutes a Good Essay in an Exam?

From the above excerpt, you can see that writing a good exam essay isn’t always that difficult. You only need to know a few exam writing tips for your essays, and you should be good to go. Here’s a detailed list of the most crucial steps that constitute the perfect essay:

Answer the Question

As aforementioned, it’s always vital that your essay hits home right from the onset of the paper. Remember, you want your professor to know that you know and understand what the paper requires of you. Answering the question is, therefore, the first and most important step to make when writing your essay.

Often, students make common mistakes when writing their essays, which usually costs them points. This can be a huge disaster, especially for the grade that you get in your final exams.

Ensure, that you know and understand what your examiner expects from you. As a result, it’s always advisable that you refer back to the main question several times throughout your paper.

It might sound like stating the obvious; however, answering the wrong question is often the main cause of disappointing examination results.

Good Introduction

The introduction of your paper is also a vital part of your essay. This is what your professor will come across first when reading your paper. You, therefore, want to make it as interesting and catchy as possible. Pull in your professor to want to read more into the paper. Additionally, your essay introduction should be short and concise.

It should summarize all the main points that you intend to raise in the paper. If appropriate, you should also clarify the key concepts of your paper.

Introductions often go wrong when the writer goes too much into detail. Generally, it’s always advisable that you start your paper off with short sentences. Don’t use complex words or sentences that might confuse your reader or discourage them from reading the rest of your paper.

Essay Plan

Your essay writing plan doesn’t necessarily have to be perfect. Provided it can help you gather your thoughts and help you to remember your key arguments; you should be set. A good essay writing plan also provides you with the opportunity to brainstorm what your topic is about and what you know about it.

Remember not to get too much into detail here as well since you will need a significant amount of time to start writing and complete the essay. Writing keywords and phrases are often the best solution in such a situation. As such, you can spend between 5% and 10% of your allocated time to create a concrete writing plan that gets you the rest of the way.


The conclusion part of your paper is also just as important as the introduction. Here’s where you notify your reader that your paper has come to an end. It is in the conclusion that you reiterate your main points.

Never add and new points or ideas in this section. A strong conclusion also always justifies why you side with or are against certain points or ideologies. Also, try to make this section as short and concise as possible.

How Much to Write

Most students don’t always know what the word count is for their essay exams. Often, you find some students write one side of their exam papers then stop, usually in mid-sentence.

Simply finishing one side of your paper doesn’t always mean that you are finished with your essay. There’s, therefore, no right answer to this question, really. Not unless your professor limits you to a specific word count that you shouldn’t exceed.

The important thing when it comes to word count is always to write as much as you can within the time allotted to you. Remember, however, to write only what is relevant to your paper.

However much quality always outweighs quantity, being minimalist with your essay might not work in your favor. Also, if you write more, you will have a higher chance of getting all your points across.

Ensure You Answer the Question

Lastly, but not least, remember always to answer the question the examiner asks of you. This is the one most important rule of writing an essay. Everything else aside, how you answer the essay question carries the bulk of points.

You cannot afford not to answer or wait until towards the end of your paper to answer it. It’s even worse if you end up writing a whole essay for almost an hour only to realize that you answered the wrong question.

Vital Tips to Improve Your Essay Writing Skills

Exams are right around the corner, and you have no clue about how to write a good essay in an exam. It’s always wise that you get prepped early enough to ace your essays by bettering your writing skills.

Fortunately, you can now find several academic writing services such as that provide the best custom writing services in the world. My Homework Writers is the leading essay writing service and has thousands of positive reviews from satisfied customers as proof of excellent service. sources for and hires the most certified tried and tested professional writers to work on their assignments. You can, therefore, rest assured that your paper is in good hands.

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That said, here are some crucial tips on how you can improve your essay writing:

Focus in Your Essay Writing Style

First, it’s important that you focus only on the essay writing style that you need for your exams. It’s probably the most important step in writing a good essay for an exam.

Before you start implementing other essay writing tips, ensure that you know which writing style best fits your essay. Know the writing style that you’re going to need to write and finish your paper.

If your essay is for business purposes, then you should focus on business English. The same is also true for marketing, medical, engineering, and other types of essays.

It’s paramount that you be clear on what you intend to write about and the style that you plan to use for your paper. Only after figuring this first step out can you craft an effective essay.

Find and Copy Other Writing Examples of Texts

In the internet age that we live in now, finding great essay examples online is now easier than ever. You can now get writing models online that you can copy and use to practice and improve your writing style.

Thanks to Google and other reputable search engines like Bing and Yahoo, students now have access to almost everything. That’s inclusive of some of the best essay writing styles, tips, and tricks in the book.

You can always use these online examples and other resources to improve your writing skills. With time and enough practice, it will become your second nature to write excellent essays.

Read a Lot

You can always start by reading other student’s papers that have already been graded. Reading is another vital tool to have in your arsenal if you want to be a pro essay writer. It helps you to familiarize yourself with how English is written.

Reading also helps you to know and spot mistakes that you might have made in your papers in the past. It helps you to rectify errors that you might have missed while writing your previous papers.

Read, read, and read some more. It will help you to write less complicated essays in the future and even know which stories generally grab the reader. Remember, you always want your reader to be interested in your paper and read it through to the end.

And if you don’t like reading by yourself, you can always try using free or paid audiobooks. Use these to read along with a hard copy to grasp the message the writer intends to pass.

Practice and Get Feedback

Learning how to write a good essay in an exam is like learning a new skill. It requires a lot of practice and consistency. Also, you will need to source feedback from other people to check on your progress.

With practice, you will start to feel more confident writing essays. Try to write a complete essay then give it to a native English speaker to check it out. Over time, you will notice the number of errors in your paper decrease as you become a more proficient English writer.

Tips for Writing Essays in Exams

Most students often find themselves writing their essays frantically only briefly after scanning the essay questions. This hardly always works in their best interest. From what you’re already read above, writing an essay requires planning. You, therefore, shouldn’t rush to start writing your paper without properly grasping what it’s about.

Instead, try this:

Find the Instructions in the Question

As a student, it’s essential that you carefully read each word of the essay instructions before you start writing. Ensure that you read each question super-carefully and understand what your examiner expects from your answer. Only then will you know if you are following your examiner’s instructions or straying from the question.

Pay attention to all the little things in the instruction on how to write a good essay in an exam. Often, it is the small things that cause students to make the biggest mistakes with their essays.

Generally speaking, you shouldn’t have any excuse for skipping this particular step since examiners always provide sufficient reading time to allow everyone to go through the paper instructions.

Manage Your Time

Remember, your essay will have a completion deadline attached to it. You must, therefore, learn to manage your time while writing essays to ensure that time doesn’t cut you short. Handing over half-done work is often almost equal to handing over a blank paper, “almost.”

You must always leave yourself enough of the exam time to complete your essay without pressuring yourself. Most top students always go through the first two sections of their English papers fairly quickly to allow them more time to write banging essays. And that’s what you should always try and emulate to finish your essay without time constraints.

Always Write About Your Evidence First

There’s always the likelihood that you might forget to include your evidence when writing your essay. It’s not always a must that you include evidence to back your arguments or claims in your essay. However, doing so can be seriously helpful and even earn you more points.

Any good essay always requires evidence to be complete. It might be in the form of quotes, stats, or even dates. It’s always worth having a concrete strategy that allows you to put your evidence in your essay.

And the earlier you do this, the better. You don’t want your mind to go completely blank when in the middle of your essay, and you don’t remember your key evidence. You can always scribble it on top of your paper so that you don’t forget it down the line.

Have Some Potential Theses Prepared

Sure, memorizing essays can get a little controversial sometimes. But having at least one or two potential theses and essay structured memorized can take you a long way. You should, at least, have some ideas or potential structures with you as you head to the exam room. It’s one of the hidden secrets of learning how to write a good essay in an exam.

While some students might remember whole essays, which isn’t officially recommended, others only remember bits of their supposed essays. Whichever category you fall under, it’s always important that you adapt your potential theses and essay structures to the examiner’s question. It’s really more about finding which writing approach works best for you and how you can use it to craft the most impressive essays.

If You Get Stuck, Pause and Collect Yourself

Having your mind go blank in the middle of an exam isn’t always a good thing. Remember, the clock is literally ticking. Also, you can’t always force yourself to remember what you’ve forgotten, especially when under immense pressure.

Your best bet when this happens is always to pause and think for a second. Waffling on in your paper won’t help you one bit. If anything, it will affect the clarity of your paper, which might end up costing you points unnecessarily.

Relaxing for a moment can sometimes help you to remember some critical points for your essay. However, if you somehow cannot remember your main points, it might be wiser to cut your losses and conclude the point. Move on to the next point quickly so that you save on time too.

Ask Yourself What the Examiner is Looking For

What is the examiner looking for by asking such a question? This is the overall best tip that any essay writing service would tell you if you are looking for ways on how to write a good essay in an exam.

This doesn’t mean that your job is to try and mysteriously tell your examiner what you somehow think they want to read from your paper. It does not work like that.

It would, however, help if you thought about your essay more sensibly. The examiner will want to know how well you understood the texts and how well you can communicate your answers to them.

How well can you bring out all the ideas and concepts that answer the examiner’s questions? is one service that will help you answer such questions in a logical, cohesive manner. Using a service like My Homework Writers also protects you from using too fancy language or obscure techniques that only make your essay more confusing.


From the above excerpt, it’s evident that knowing how to write a good essay in an exam is a critical stage in every student’s academic life. Also, writing an interesting and effective essay really comes down to how prepared you are for the paper.

It takes a lot of practice and a good strategy to craft an A+ essay. The steps mentioned above should be a good place to start. If you find it difficult to write your own you can place an order and an expert will be assigned to write your paper.

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