How to Write a Good Essay in Exam | The 5 Parts of an Essay

How to Write a Good Essay in Exam | The 5 Parts of an Essay

According to examiners across the world, most of the students do not have the skills to write a good essay. One effective way to get the best grades is by learning how to write a good essay in an exam. Therefore, as a student, you need to acquire as well as cultivate such writing skills. The best way to learn this is through the cheap reliable essay writing service by My Homework Writers.

how to write a good essay in an exam

The Format of an Essay

Creating the essay format is very important. You can thus create it once you have all the necessary content you intend to present in the essay. The only way you can how to format an essay is by attending classes and through studies. So when it comes to essay formatting, the most common and recommended style is the five parts of an essay.  Below is the five-paragraph essay to enable you to learn how to write a good essay in an exam.

The Five-Paragraph Essay in an Exam

The most common exam question to both high school and college students is writing an essay. Teachers often provide students with a writing prompt in which they should write an essay on a particular topic. Mostly, writing an essay in an exam can lead to great fear in the minds of the students. However, that shouldn’t be the case. With our cheap reliable essay writing service, we can help you prepare well to tackle an essay exam.

When writing an essay in an exam, the important thing is to understand the type of essay to write about. There are various distinct types of essay that are common in an exam as well. It can be expository, persuasive, narrative, argumentative, and critical among others. Usually, the type of essay should be able to determine the topic as well as the thesis statement. For instance, an essay question can be persuasive. This means that you need to answer the question by writing about something you know.

For exam essay questions, the student should craft the five paragraph type of an essay. It should about 700 words in length with inclusive of the introduction, the body with three paragraphs, and a conclusion. In order to know how to write a good essay in an exam, consider the following five-paragraph essay structure;

The Introduction (First Paragraph)

how to write a good essay in an exam

This is a very important part of the essay. A good introductive paragraph should be able to accomplish the following;

  • Capturing the interest and attention of readers and creating the desire to learn and read further. There are various ways to consider in order to achieve this. For instance, you can begin with a direct quotation from a popular person or a brief anecdote. Similarly, you can present an actual fact, give interesting statistics, or just give a challenging quiz.
  • The introduction should also inform your reader what the entire essay is all about. So you need to show your approach towards your topic and the thesis statement. A thesis statement refers to the key idea of an essay and is usually written in just one sentence. Therefore, ensure that the thesis statement is very clear in the introduction paragraph.
  • Lastly, the introduction should tell the reader the way in which your essay has been structured. Once the reader goes through the introduction, he/she gets an idea on how you intend to tackle the essay topic.

The Body (the Second, Third, and Fifth Paragraph)

The body of an essay should include three main paragraphs. Every paragraph should have one main idea to support the thesis statement. At the same time, every paragraph should contain a precise topic sentence that shows the key idea of that paragraph.

The first paragraph should have the most powerful argument as well as the most important examples regarding the topic. The second paragraph should contain less powerful arguments and less important examples. The third paragraph should contain the weakest essay arguments as well as the examples. Make sure that you give enough discussion and explanation. This is because it is essential to explain the key points in every paragraph. Also, try as much as possible to give details and relevant example to make the ideas more convincing and clear.

For you to come up with coherent information, do not jump from one key idea to the other. Keep in mind that one idea should only be a single paragraph. A perfect essay should have a good transition separating the different paragraphs. For instance, you can use transitions to end a paragraph or even use it to begin the next paragraph. This shows the relation between the main ideas. On the other hand, transitions can create the topic sentence of another paragraph or conclude a sentence in the paragraph.

Linking words can also be helpful in introducing the next part of the essay. It, therefore, includes; furthermore, likewise, similarly, yet, in comparison, as a result, surely, for this reason, and many more.

The Conclusion (the Fifth Paragraph)

how to write a good essay in an exam

The conclusion is the fifth and the last part of the essay. This is where most of the readers go through last and always remember it. Therefore, it is very significant to write it well and carefully. You need to sum up all the main point and ideas as you restate the thesis statement. In general, the conclusion wraps up every detail in the introduction and the body without introducing any new information. Due to this, try to avoid repetition of some examples.

There are a number of ways to conclude an essay in the right manner. One way is by leaving the reader in a sense of the essay closure. You can accomplish this by simply repeating all the key points and ideas of the body in the conclusive paragraph. Similarly, you can give an answer to the question in the introduction or simply use a quotation that summarizes everything.

How to Quickly Write an Essay Question  

After learning how to write a good essay in an exam, you should be able to complete it on time. Therefore, this means that the most important thing when doing an essay exam is the speed. Firstly, it gives the readers a good impression that you are one of the brightest students. With speed, you can get enough time to state all the important points. This is thus a good chance of getting the best grades.

The idea of writing an essay question quickly is relatively simple. First of all, you have to understand well the essay question. After understanding the question, create a summary of the actual facts which you are going to present in the essay. Don’t forget to work on your speed of writing essays.

Tips for Writing a Good Essay in an Exam

Essay writing in an exam can be a very complex task for most of the students. Apart from insufficient time, most students lack good writing skill and tips. Well, if that the case, then there is no need to worry or stress out. This is because, with the aid of My Homework Writers via our cheap reliable essay writing service, you can learn how to write a good essay in an exam. Therefore, the following tips can be very helpful when learning how to write a good essay in an exam;

  • Answering the Question

The most important and crucial part when it comes to essay writing is answering the question correctly. The worst thing is that it can be a major problem for the marks you get in the exam. Therefore, always ensure that you get to understand what the question is all about. One way to understand it well is by referring back to the essay question as you answer it. Although answering the question sounds obvious, most students tend to answer the wrong essay question. This is the greatest disappointment when it comes to the results.

how to write a good essay in an exam

  • Writing a Good Introduction

The introduction should give a concise and brief summary of all the main points you intend to discuss. If necessary, you can clarify the main concepts and points. Sometimes, students make a mistake of giving a lot of details in the introduction part. They also repeat these arguments in the body of the essay. In general, a good way is to start an essay is with brief sentences instead of the complex ones. This helps develop a clear purpose and ideas.

  • Creating a Good Essay Plan

Creating a good essay plan helps in gathering enough information and ideas. It also ensures that you mention all the main arguments regarding the topic. In other words, essay plain gives you a chance to brainstorm whatever you understand about the essay topic. Nevertheless, it is essential not to give too much information. The best option is to write phrases and keywords.

  • Presenting an Argument

When it comes to the presentation of arguments in the essay, it involves three major steps. The first step is presenting the basic arguments and statements. This is the section which tests the knowledge of the students. The next step is giving an explanation regarding the essay question. Despite the explanation part being obvious, it does not necessarily mean that you can skip it.

Finally, the third step is taking a look at all the arguments with an essential and critical distance. It gives you a chance to explain why a certain basic premise can be limited or wrong. It is also a good chance to prove that you are capable of thinking on your own. This is better unlike presenting a list of the key points. Keep in mind that this step is the most complex part of the essay involving evaluation and analysis. However, it is the part that earns you the highest marks.

  • Writing the Conclusion

In this part, you can try to weigh up various arguments to determine the strongest as well as relevant. A conclusion is all about adding something and relevant but not just a repetition of the previous points. For instance, you can state why your arguments are strong as you give supporting evidence.

The Sample of an Essay in an Exam

Essay question: Discuss the reasons why essay assignment writing is the common assignment in assessing the undergraduate coursework and in evaluating its effectiveness in learning.

how to write a good essay in an exam

The Introduction

Essay assignments are often created from a variety of questions. The purpose is to give the student sufficient time to conduct research on the topic. With this, they can find accurate answers and relevant references in relation to the sources of information. There are a few consequences of employing an assignment essay as the technique of assessment. However, they are for the purpose of educational practices. Therefore, this evaluates the key reasons for essay assignments and its benefit to the students as well as the disadvantages.

The Body Paragraph 1

First, essay assignments are often set with an aim of helping the students to develop the skills and knowledge. This major reason behind this is that assignments usually enhance a better understanding in relation to the subject matter. To know the materials of learning and create a better understanding, you should note every detail from the research. Furthermore, students tend to gain more writing skills of a particular subject, especially when conducting research, writing, and reading. Such an activity enables them to know the subject matter and how to craft better essays.

The Body Paragraph 2

Secondly, essay assignments help the students to learn faster, unlike other traditional techniques. It is thus considered that it tends to reduce the stress and anxiety most student experience due to an exam. Insisting that every student should write down whatever they have learned in their coursework doesn’t give them equal chances. While some students panic due to an exam, others are nervous hence the possibility of them failing drastically. Therefore, essay assignments should only help in assessing the student’s studies and give them essential feedback before an exam. An exam should only give students their marks instead of the actual feedback. Therefore, developing essay assignments for the purpose of assessing the students is a better approach.

The Body Paragraph 3

Thirdly, as the technique of assessing, essay assignments also have a few disadvantages for both students and the tutors. First of all, assignments consume a lot of time as well the resources. The major consequence of such an issue is that students often delay in giving their feedbacks. Delay is of less significance to the students, unlike the quick feedback. It has, therefore, become a major problem for tutors to easily assess their student and prepare them before an exam.

The Conclusion

In general, the essay assignment still has a major role in the educational system as the technique of assessing students. This is because it is effective and reliable in acquiring the skills and knowledge in writing for various subjects. Similarly, essay assignments tend to be less stressful, unlike the exams. This is because it enables the students to prove their understanding of the subject. On the other hand, essay assignments often to consume a lot of time in both marking and writing. This is thus one point of the major issue that should be addressed. However, basing on the evidence, essay assignment writing for the purpose of assessing students is the best technique. This approach has in several ways proven to have positive impacts on the improvement of students’ learning.

Get Cheap Reliable Essay Writing Service

The stress and challenges of essay papers are not only about writing it well but also the amount it costs. Today, there are various websites offering essay writing service. However, the major issue with such websites is the fact that they charge a lot. There is no doubt that not all the students are in a position to afford the writing service. Due to this, My Homework Writers have introduced a cheap reliable essay writing service to help students in various ways.

Firstly, our cheap reliable essay writing service is pocket-friendly and there is not that every student can afford. You not only get help with your work but also learn how to write a good essay in an exam. Every student’s dream is to successfully pass an exam and to know how to write a good essay in an exam. Therefore, one way to achieve this with the help of our cheap reliable essay writing service. Don’t hesitate to try out our services.

how to write a good essay in an exam

In conclusion, learning how to write a good essay in an exam is very important and helpful. One format I would recommend every student is the five paragraph essay. This format is not only easy to learn but also reduces the time students often spend on organizing their essay. Therefore, students with the skills in writing a good essay in an exam are more likely to get higher marks. So the best way to acquire such skills is by seeking help from My Homework Writers. With our cheap reliable essay writing service, we guarantee you that your objective to get good grades can be accomplished.

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