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Most people are familiar with academic essays. Therefore, when there are asked to write college essays, they tend to face a lot of difficulties. Luckily, there are websites that are offering help on how to write a college essay. In addition to that, you can find a website to buy essays from. My Homework Writers is among the highly recognized websites offering help to students on how to write a college essay.

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Thus if you are looking at how to write a college essay; My Homework Writers is the place to be. We write brilliant college essays that pay attention to the instructions you give. Moreover, our papers are very authentic and of high standards, to please even the most critical admission officer in the college admission board. Thus, come learn how to write a college essay with us. Additionally, we are a website to buy essays from.

Definition of a College Essay

Before we even learn how to write a college essay, let us first discuss the definition of a college essay. Just as the name suggests, a college essay is the application essay you write to the admission office of your target college. Thus college essays are also known as application essays or personal statement essays. This is because they tend to give moiré insight o the admission officers on who the student is. A college essay is often written to the university or college administration officer. The goal is to share your personality, life experiences, challenges, and goals. In addition to that, a college essay also explains why that college is the best fit for you. In case you require help on writing your college essay, reach out to My Homework Writers. We have great deals for you and we are the best website to buy essays from.

How to Write a College Essay Introduction

Before learning how to write a college essay, it is important to learn how to write the introduction. An introduction is the most vital part of the college essay. It reveals if the opening has captured the attention of the reader. For students to grab the attention of the reader there are a few components that should be present in their college essay introduction. These components are the secret ingredients to a perfect college essay according to My Homework Writers. These components include:

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how to write a college essay

  • A Killer Hook

This is the first sentence in your introduction. Its goal is to attract the reader’s attention. Thus, if it is not juicy, it won’t meet its objective. In order to write a killer first sentence, a writer should use quotes, jokes, or anecdotes for their hooks. However, it is very essential for a student to use a competent hook. Do not use a joke on food, yet the theme of the college essay is to get you a slot in your dream college. Instead, let the joke be school-related. If you need writing help on how to develop a hook, contact My Homework Writers. We have ideal writing help and also teach you how to write a college essay.

  •  A Vivid and Comprehensive Story

This is a short story illustrating the writer’s eventual insights. It must reveal great sensory information of the reader. This is in order to keep the reader glued to your college essay. In case you need writing help on how to go about it, feel free to reach out to our writing firm. My Homework Writers will provide you with the most ideal online help on how to write a college essay. Additionally, it will teach you how to write a college essay.

  • An Insightful Pivot

After giving the story, the audience would want to know its essence. Therefore, you should connect your short story to the greater point you are making in the essay. Failure to connect the two, the reader (admission officer) will be left in a maze. Consequently, they will not be impressed and you will not acquire the slot to join your target college. For more help on this, contact our writing firm. We are a website to buy essays from and also learn how to write a college essay.

Steps by Step Guide on Writing a College Essay

There a lot of students who write college essays, with the hope of acquiring a slot in the college of their choice. However, only a few of them get the slot. In most colleges and universities, the admission board usually uses three criteria to determine if they will accept or reject the student. These criteria include:

  1. The previous course work- this refers to the Grade Point Average(GPA)
  2. Standardized test scores- the most considered tests scores are SAT and ACT.
  3. The admission essay- this is the college essay that provides the admission officers with a better understanding of the person behind the statistics given.

Therefore, it is very important for a college student to learn how to write a college essay. My Homework Writers will teach you this process by giving a step by step guide. This guide is further classified into three sections.

how to write a college essay


Step 1: Planning Your Essay

Before writing the college essay, it is very important for a writer to anticipate what to write about. You would want to meet the expectations of the admission officers in order to get accepted to the college. Therefore, in your college essay, keep in mind the basic of these officers. This is only successful if you properly prepare and plan ahead. Thus, ask yourself questions such as: how do I reassure the admission board that I will succeed in their school? How do I show them that I will not drop out? What will I bring to the table? Will I bring honor and prestige to the university or college? What are my long term goals? The answers to these questions will help you acquire content for your college essay. More so, they will help you to have a plan on how to write your college essay.

Step 2: Determining the Goals for Your Essay

Goals are very essential for any student or individual trying to progress in their life. Most students often want the college admission board to view them as responsible, disciplined and academically successful. All these are excellent qualities. However, if the writer does not clearly give examples to prove this, then it is hard for the college admission board to believe him or her. They remain to be opinions of themselves and not facts. Thus, before writing a college essay, try and identify what message and image of yourself you want to portray to the college admission board. Think about your personalities, hobbies, teamwork activities, and interest to various clubs and organizations. This information will help you draft key qualities that the admission officers might be looking for in your college essay. Additionally, the qualities will help the officers have a deeper understanding of who you are.

Step 3: Standing Out From Other Applicantshow to write a college essay

One major thing students forget is that there are thousands of applicants also looking to be admitted in the same college. Therefore, it is a competition to acquire the slot. Understanding that this process is highly competitive will help you develop creative and unique trait in your ape, making you stand out. Ensure you explain your strengths in detail. This is because they make you stand out. However, you do not need to elaborate them at length. This may come out as being boastful. Instead, discuss them in one or two sentences. Besides that, explain your lifetime of experiences. Make them interesting, yet factual to ensure that the college admission board pays attention to you. Also, include distinct features that you think other applicants may forget to include or may not have. An example one can use is the ability to speak in five or more different languages.

Step 4: Evaluating Your Contribution to the College

One of the goals of the college admission board when reading the college essays is to identify students who will enhance the educational experience of other students in the college. In other words, they want to see which student will benefit the institution. After all, it is not just about the student taking, but also about the student sharing. One thing students should know is that there is more to offer to a college than just education. Do not limit yourself by just saying you will contribute to the college by offering educational support to other students. Instead, think bigger and out of the box.  A student can also contribute to the college by participating in the athletics team, music competitions, or by writing newsletters and blogs. Whatever you feel you can contribute, add that to your list in the college essay.

Step 5: Understanding the College Essay

At this point, I bet you have come up with multiple ideas than you can possibly use in your college essay. Therefore, you need to evaluate the goals of the essay. Afterward, you should then focus on three or four ideas. The chosen ideas should be the most attractive ones to ensure they capture the attention of admission officers. Nonetheless, the ideas should represent the expectations of the college admission board. Reading and answering the prompt of your college essay may seem obvious. However, it is very essential, yet highly ignored by people. Reading the prompt and interpreting what it requires only shows that you can read and follow directions. Moreover, it shows that you take nothing for granted. This is because you get to answer the questions accurately unlike another applicant who did not take his or her time to read the prompt.


Step 6: Writing the Essayhow to write a college essay

The key to writing a good college essay is to write in fine details. The more specific you are, the easier it becomes for the admission officers to understand. In addition to that, specificity tends to leave a good impression. In case you are trying to show you are a dedicated student, use examples that are coherent and can vividly support your point. Stick to examples that show you are dedicated and not disciplined. These are two different aspects. For all the details you give, try asking yourself questions such: do I have a clear example to explain this? Can I use imagery to make this incident more interesting? Can I replace some of the generic nouns to make them more appealing? The answers to these questions will help you to clearly describe your events into details. If you require more help on this, reach out to My Homework Writers.

Step 7: Demonstrate Good Word Choice in Your College Essay

Word choice is referred to as diction. In most cases, students tend to use simple language based on the assumption that simplicity will earn them good marks. However, this is not always the case. The word choice you use reveals a lot about your personality, intellect, and education, Therefore, if you consider yourself as an international student, for example, ensure you use great command of English. This is in order to reassure the college admission board that you have great grammar and word choice used. You might also consider working more on your vocabulary, spelling, and grammar before you begin writing your essay. Besides that, try to avoid using slang or casual diction in your college paper. For more help on how to write a college essay, contact My Homework Writers. We give an impressive guide on how to write a college essay.

Step 8: Writing Your Essay in the College Level Style

In this step, you are required to demonstrate that you are ready to work in a college institution. Although most students might not know this, this aspect is highly tested by the admission officers when they are reading your essay. They often want to see if you have college-level writing skills. Hence, when you are writing your college-level essay, try using varies distinct features. These may include complex sentences, figurative language, use of schemes, and other English linguistic devices. Such features will reassure the admission board that you can deliver essays once you are admitted to the college.I f you want a website to buy essays from, contact My Homework Writers. We write the best college essays and also teach on how to write a college essay.

Step 9: Proofreading Your Essayhow to write a college essay

This is arguably one of the most important steps when learning how to write a college essay. Everyone knows how to write an essay. However, not every student knows how to deliver a perfect essay. This is because a majority of the writes tend to have essays that are full of errors. Others tend to write the word that first clicks in their minds. This situation results to use of direct translation in the college essay. Due to this particular reason, you should always go through your work to make sure it has no mistakes. If you doubt your proofreading abilities, you can also seek for help. There are many custom college essay writing services such as My Homework Writers that offer editorial services. Similarly, you can ask a friend or a relative to go through your work while searching for errors.

Step 10; Submitting Your Work

College essays often require a tremendous amount of work. This means they are time demanding. It takes time for one to come up with a brilliant college essay. As you work to write your essay, ensure that you pay attention to the given admission deadlines. Every school has its own system regarding how the essay should be submitted, and when it should be submitted. Do not assume that the deadline is similar for previous years. The best way to stay organized is to ensure you know the deadline and then make a time schedule. Plan for when to write, proofread, and submit your work. In addition to that, always ensure you submit your work to the college admission board before the given deadline. For more help, contact My Homework Writers. It is a website to buy essays from and also learn how to write a college essay.

Features of How to Write a College Essay

Coming up with a good college essay is no easy task. The creative process is definitely not easy. In fact, it demands a lot of skills, time, and energy from the writer. This has made a majority of the students to search for a website to buy essays. Others search for a website from where to learn how to write a college essay. Not everyone is lucky enough to find a genuine website to buy essays from. Some are money oriented and manipulate the student. This has made most students more determined to learn how to write a college essay. Thus, My Homework Writers is providing you with the tips and tricks to ensure you use all the features of a good college essay.

  • Originality

how to write a college essayMost students are lost in the world of creating a ‘perfect’ essay. However, most admission officers argue that there is nothing like a perfect essay. The act of producing a perfect essay has pressured most students to replicate other people’s essays. Basically, every student has their own story. Moreover, everyone has a different talent and skill. Therefore, stick to your original experiences and skills. College admission officers often want to see new skills been brought to the school. Therefore, avoid copying other peoples talents and skills and stick to your own. Write about something that happens or happened to you specifically. Besides that, be creative and write a college essay that the admission officer has not read before.

  • One With Child Hood Aspects

Most college essays written by students tend to focus on their experiences in high school.  It is not a bad thing. Nonetheless, it is not fulfilling. Your college essay should talk about your whole life experiences. Admission officers often want to see your personality since you were a child. They want to see how your interests, passions, and tendencies have developed since your childhood. Think about an experience in your childhood and how it reflects your current personality. This is one feature that will make your college essay stand out from those of other applicants. In case you require writing help on how to write a college essay with the childhood aspect, feel free to ask for help from My Homework Writers. We offer exceptional help on how to write a college essay. More so, we are a website to buy essays from.

  • One that is Specific

The thought of narrating an experience is mind-blowing. This may tend to overwhelm students making them forget the goals of writing a college essay. Avoid using too many examples because they leave you wordy. Nevertheless, avoid using generic sentences that make you predictable. Instead, use details facts, events, reasons, and examples. For more help on how to write a college essay with this feature, ask a college essay writing help.

  • One That Is Concise

Have you ever read an essay where five paragraphs were being used to describe one point? Well, most students tend to be very wordy. Do not use 70 words if five can do the trick. Try to use specific language that only includes the relevant information you want to pass. Reach out to My Homework Writers to acquire homework aid on how to write a college essay using this feature.

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Benefits of Choosing My Homework Writers

My Homework Writers provides students with high-quality college essay writing assistance. We are known for delivering excellent results that surpass even the expectations of the client. In addition to that, we are precise and adhere to all the instructions you provide. Our writers also write your college essay from scratch. Thus, you do not have to worry about cases of plagiarism in your college paper. Our writers also deliver the essay before the given deadline to give you time to go through the paper and ask for revisions if you require them. In this case, we ask the writer to provide revisions until you are satisfied. We also have constant communication between the client and the writer. This unique feature has enabled clients to keep track of the progress of their college essay.

Are you tired of effortlessly searching for a website to buy essays from? Additionally, are you tired of searching for help on how to write a college essay? Come now at My Homework Writers. We offer high-quality help on how to write a college essay. Try us today!

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