How to Write a Business Proposal Letter | Homework Assist Sample

How to Write a Business Proposal Letter | Homework Assist Sample

All businesses at one stage in their life start an idea that often requires nurturing and more pursuing. They tend to acquire more clients or attract a certain investor. Therefore, the firms tend to seek for a business proposal amongst other companies. This common trend in the business world has resulted to students writing multiple business proposals letters. Although most students are unaware of how to write a business proposal letter, our homework assist services will help you. My Homework Writers offers ideal homework assist services on how to write a business proposal letter. Our goal is to ensure that you know how to write a business proposal letter before you hit the job market. Our homework assist services are very easy and straightforward. This is to ensure that you quickly and easily understand how to write a business proposal letter.

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How to Write a Business Proposal Letter | Homework Assist Sample
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Definition of a Business Proposal Letter

One must understand the definition before they proceed to learn how to write a business proposal letter. All homework assist services agree on one common definition of a proposal letter. It is a document that proposes cooperation and highlights how one’s company will benefit a potential client or investor, through their products or services. Business proposal letters are very common in firms which want to improve its sales, thus aim at attracting more clients. Additionally, they are also prevalent amongst companies that want to acquire more investors.

Essentials You Need to Know Before Writing a Business Proposal Letter

There are several essentials you need to know before writing a business proposal letter. These simple facts will help ease your process of understanding how to write a business proposal letter. They include;

  • A Business Proposal Letter is a Sales Document

Thus, it is very appropriate that a student uses sales language and terminologies. This language may include the details of what your company offers in the market. This is essential in helping the potential client or investor understand what product or service your company offers.

  • They Can Either be Solicited or Unsolicited

A solicited business proposal is a formal letter. Therefore, one should follow all the guidelines of how to write a formal business proposal letter. Besides that, one must also ensure they use only professional language in their letter. On the other hand, an unsolicited business proposal letter is an informal type of letter.

  • It Follows a Basic Format and Structure

Business proposals follow specific requirements for the format and structure. Since most students do not know the basic format and structure of how to write a business proposal letter, they seek homework assist services. My Homework Writers the best homework assist services in this sector. This is because we provide a complete guide of the format and structure of how to write a business proposal letter. Our homework assist service will not disappoint you.

  • It is Written by the Seller

The seller is the firm that is seeking to acquire potential clients and investors. Therefore, at no point should the letter be written by an outsider who is not knowledgeable of the firm’s dealings. In case a student is confused about how to go about it, My Homework Writers will be glad to assist you. Our homework assist services will ensure you know how to write a business proposal letter both easily and quickly.

The Basic Features of a Good Business Proposal

Writing a proposal of any kind is intimidating. The most intimidating of all is learning how to write a business proposal letter. It torments most students all over the world.  However, with the right homework assist services, one can easily write a convincing business proposal letter. There are certain aspects that your business proposal letter should have. These are the basic features of a good business proposal letter. These three things indicate the factors that the recipient usually looks for in your business proposal. After all, they cannot invest or buy from a firm that does not provide comprehensive details about itself. Think of these as the raw materials and foundation of your business proposal letter. They are;

How to Write a Business Proposal Letter

How to Write a Business Proposal Letter

  • Thorough Information about your Company

Most students may assume that just highlighting the name of your company is enough. However, this is not. Clients and investors often want to know; who are you? What do you do? What services or products do you sell? Your mission statement. What is the story behind your organization? Why should they trust you?

All these factors will determine if the clients or investors will uphold your business proposal. Hence, our homework assist services encourage a student to ask themselves certain questions before they write their business proposal letter. These questions include; who are we as an organization? What do we offer? Why would a potential client or investor pick us over our competitors? The answers one compiles to these questions help a writer to acquire thorough information about their company.

  • In-depth Knowledge of the Existing Problem

It is unusual for a firm to write a business proposal without first understanding what the problem is. Hence, conduct research on the existing problem in your company. Show that you understand the loophole and want to fix it. For example, if you want more clients, identify that you know what the clients need. In addition to that, also show that you understand their consumption trends and can provide quality services or products to them.

  • Transparent and Detailed Pricing and Methodology

All homework assist services agree that pricing is one critical subject in a business world. Hence, lack of conducting an appropriate research on the price can make a business proposal go entirely wrong. Telling a client or an investor that they will need to pay price A for a product is not sufficient. It is crucial to go further and tell them how that price was set and arrived at.

Additionally, one should ensure that they detail the activities or methods they will undertake to solve the identified problem. Try and indicate what tools and instruments are required to solve your prospect’s problem. Besides that, also highlight what actions or tasks will be undertaken at each stage, why they are crucial, and who will be responsible for the tasks.

7 Steps to Writing a Winning Business Proposal Letter

The goal of writing a business proposal letter is to ensure that the firm is successful in making a deal. Therefore, there are 7 steps to writing a winning business proposal letter. They are very easy and straightforward.

How to Write a Business Proposal Letter

How to Write a Business Proposal Letter

Step 1: Studying the Clients Requirements

Preparing a winning business proposal letter requires one to take a lot of time and effort in research. Although other homework assist services may think that knowing how to write a business proposal letter is the key to a successful letter, well, there are other factors to consider. The major factor is the clients’ requirements. Try asking yourself questions such as; what do they need according to their Request For Proposal (RFP)? What are their goals? Can my firm achieve these goals? Is their budget, work schedule and other factors such as expertise realistic? Does my company have the necessary resources to meet these goals? Understanding these requirements will help determine if you will write a winning business proposal letter.

Step 2: Understanding the Client

If you do not understand the client’s problem, urgency, and need, then there is no way one can propose an effective methodology. Due to this particular reason, it is essential that one understand what the client exactly wants. The best way to do this is to speak directly to them. Try and ask them what their concerns are, and the solutions they think can apply to them. Besides that, also try and evaluate what has been working or not working for them. The information you acquire will prove to very helpful especially when coming up with a methodology.

Step 3: Come Up with a Methodology

After you have identified your client’s goals, come up with goals and strategies that you require to reach them. A good methodology reveals a student understands how to write a business proposal letter. One can choose to brainstorm for appropriate resolutions. However, if you are a student and having problems, one can acquire our homework assist services. Besides teaching how to write a business proposal letter, we also help in developing the methodology. Hence, do not succumb to such pressure when My Homework Writers is ready to offer you their exceptional homework assist services.

Step 4: Evaluate the Solution

You may think you have developed an appropriate methodology, but later the client ends up rejecting it. If it is unacceptable, one has to go back to the drawing board. As we earlier said, writing a winning business proposal letter is a time-consuming process that requires patience. If you need help, our homework assist services are always available 24/7. You have to understand that you need to satisfy the client. Therefore, try evaluating the solution according to the criterion in the client’s RFP. For any homework assist help in this segment, contact My Homework Writers.

Step 5: Outshine your Competitors

All businesses have strong competitors. Additionally, do not forget that a business proposal letter is a sales document. Thus, if you do not persuade a client to their satisfaction, they will move on to your competitors. No firm wants this. Hence, let the clients know what your strengths are in your letter. One mistake most students make is mentioning negative points or weaknesses of the firm. This is quite a put off to potential clients. Instead of negativities, try making them aware of your firm’s strengths and achievements.

Step 6: Write the Proposal

Winning business proposal letter is one that is based on exhaustively conducted research. Therefore, if you lack information on a certain aspect, there are high chances that your business proposal letter will be weak. For help on how to write a business proposal letter, simply log in to My Homework Writers. Our homework assist services are nothing like those you have come across before. Besides giving guidelines on how to write a business proposal letter, we also offer editing services. This is to make sure that your business proposal letter is 100% error free.

Step 7: Review your Business Proposal Letter

At this step, one is required to apply the finishing touches they think their letter needs. Make sure that your letter has ideas that have a logical flow. Alternatively, ensure that your letter has no negative comments or ideas. It is also significant that student ensures their letter contains no type of error. Most contracts in the past have been rejected not because they did not meet the client’s needs, but because the quality was weak. Therefore, to ensure your letter is of high-standards, it is crucial to get rid of any existing mistake. Additionally, review the structure. A good structure reflects an in-depth understanding of a student on how to write a business proposal letter.

Step by Step Guide on How to Write a Business Proposal Letter

Just like any essay, a business proposal letter follows a specific structure. Here is the step by step guide on how to write a business proposal letter;

How to Write a Business Proposal Letter

How to Write a Business Proposal Letter

Step 1: Identify and Define the Problem and the Client

You cannot persuade a client whom you do not know. Thus, conduct your research and identify who the client is, what their concern is, their goals, and expectations. It is an important thing to also put in mind what kind of language one will use their business proposal letter. Besides that, a writer should also determine how to phrase their points. Jumbling up information may make a client reject such a contract.

Step 2: Analyze the Problem Your Proposal is Seeking to Solve

Our homework assist services always recommend you ask yourself two main questions in this step. Who and What? Who is the proposal affecting? What is the necessity of the proposal? Is it really significant? The answers to these two question helps determine the methodology and urgency of your proposal.

Step 3: Define the Solution

Every problem has a solution. One may have multiple solutions to a single issue. Nonetheless, only the most realistic one can be implemented. As you define the solution to execute, it is also appropriate that one recognizes what resources they require. This includes the time, the personnel, the finances, and other basic resources like the equipment.

Step 4: Come up with a Distinct Conclusion

In the conclusion, most homework assist services reveal that ne must reiterate their main arguments and purpose of writing the business proposal letter. Additionally, one must also include the cost aspect. In terms of cost, one should mention and break down the projected costs for various actions or activities undertaken in their project. Moreover, a student must also acknowledge the benefits of the client accepting the contract. Most students tend to only break down the monetary benefits. However, it is crucial to mention even the non-monetary benefits a firm would acquire from your investment.

Sample of a Business Proposal Letter

Besides giving protocols of how to write a business proposal letter, My Homework Writers will also provide a sample of a business proposal letter. It is very easy. Additionally, it also applies all the features and key elements that we have been talking about in this article. Check it out:

How to Write a Business Proposal Letter

How to Write a Business Proposal Letter


January 18, 2018


Ms. Claire Thompson

Le’ Femme Beauty Cosmetics

125 Main Street

Houston, Texas 10879


Dear Ms. Sarah Gordon,

I am pleased to invite Le’ Femme Beauty Cosmetics to become the exclusive beauty products distributor for the Claire Beauty Foundation, scheduled for Saturday, May 19 in Sam Houston Park.

The event will start at 11.00 am up to 2.00 pm in the afternoon. We expect over 200 models and aspiring models to be there. They will be competing for the annual Claire Beauty Foundation Crown. The activities to be undertaken on that day entail runways, cat walking, launching of new beauty products, and networking. The vent will also include free lessons from the famous model Naomi Campbell, a neighborhood barbeque, and a presentation by the Claire Beauty Foundation. We expect the event will draw more than 700 people, not to mention those passing by the Sam Houston Park.

We will recognize your support on our website, our promotional flyers, or even program, and other signs we will put up in Sam Houston Park on that day.  Council member Claire Thompson and event organizer Sandra Keens will also recognize you in their remarks during the ceremony. Our goal is to ensure that we create a good brand for your organization in the neighborhood.

I hope you will be able to be part of our efforts n recognizing young models in our society. They are our future assets and we appreciate them. I look forward to answering any questions you may have.

For now, I wish you the very best of luck with your business. I look forward to working with you in the coming days.


Sarah Martinez

Friends of Sam Houston Park


Common Mistakes to Watch Out for in your Business Proposal Letter

Although most homework assist services may not explain the common mistakes to watch out for in your business proposal letter, My Homework Writers does. Our goal is to ensure that besides understanding how to write a business proposal letter, one also comes up with a winning business proposal letter. These mistakes include:

How to Write a Business Proposal Letter

How to Write a Business Proposal Letter


  • Over-Generalizing

The human mind is a unique tool. Despite making you know how to write a business proposal letter, it can also mess you by trying to make you tackle everything in a limited piece of writing. As one tries to mention practically every issue they think is important, they tend to over-generalize the subject of interest. This is particularly dangerous according to most homework assist services. This is because it tends to reveal to the client that you do not understand their prime concern. Hence, the contract was hoping to acquire becomes rejected. Our homework assist firm can help you avoid over generalizing. Additionally, we can also help you know how to write a business proposal letter.

  • Use of Passive Voice

All students are prone to make one huge mistake in their business proposal letter. That error is using passive voice. Passive voice refers to a tense detailing how a certain event already happened. However, in our business proposal letter, the event is yet to happen. Thus, it is crucial that after one is done writing, they proofread their work. For any passive voice present in their paper, they should immediately change it into active voice. For more help on how to go about it, contact our homework assist services. We help ensure that you easily understand how to write a business proposal letter in active voice.

  • Wrongly Addressing the Recipient

This is arguably one of the worst mistakes a student can make. Imagine if someone wrongly addressed you. I bet this would put you off. Similarly, this is what happens to such a recipient who is wrongly addressed. This makes the clients to wonder if you really compiled a report based on their needs and not those of another firm. It makes them very skeptical and paranoid. It is very essential for a writer to take their time researching on the clients. Understand who they are, what posts they hold in the institution, and what their concerns are. Wrongly addressing the recipient can make a firm lose the contract.

  • Forgetting to Introduce the Firm

Another mistake writers writing a business proposal letter make is failing to acknowledge their firm. You cannot expect a client or investor to invest in affirm that they do not know. Although students argue that introducing themselves is enough, well, it is not. All homework assist services agree that you must recognize and introduce your firm. This helps to create a good rapport as the reader is reading the letter. In case one has problems trying out to figure out how to do this, our homework assist service is willing to help you. Additionally, we also teach how to write a business proposal letter first and easy.

How to Write a Business Proposal Letter

Are you looking for a homework assist service to help you learn how to write a business proposal letter? Well, worry not. My Homework Writers has a step by step guide on how to write a business proposal letter. Our homework assist firm has a goal of ensuring you know how to write a business proposal letter both fast and easy. Therefore, contact My Homework Writers. We are the ideal homework assist writing company to teach you how to write a business proposal letter. Contact us now!

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