How to Plan a Descriptive Essay

How to Plan a Descriptive Essay

So many things exist in the universe that you can describe. To understand how to plan a descriptive essay, you need to begin by choosing a topic. The topic will guide your steps so that you understand how to structure your essay. Note down everything that you know about the topic so that you do not leave anything out. List the elements that will be described throughout the essay and research everything you need to know about them. Click here to order a descriptive essay.

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How to Plan a Descriptive Essay
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Elements of Descriptive Writing

Descriptive writing consists of five essential elements. Knowing how to plan a descriptive essay begins here. The elements are figurative language, sensory details, precise language, dominant impression, and careful organization.

parts of an informative essay

  • Figurative language

A descriptive essay should use figurative language to help paint a picture in the reader’s mind. You need to like something to another so that the reader can understand what you mean. You can use figurative language in so many ways. The more you use it, the more you perfect it. For example, you can say his smile was a brightness that lights up a room.

  • Sensory details

You need to tap into the reader’s senses so that you write a great descriptive essay. Your words need to be appealing to the reader’s senses. This will help them connect with your descriptions and the pictures you paint for them. You will achieve this by tapping into the feelings of the person, place or thing that you are describing.

  • Precise language

You need to use precise language in your descriptive essay. There are specific words and phrases that you can use to help the reader understand your description of something. Avoid using generalizations or vague or fuzzy language in your descriptions. The reader is most likely to see a picture you paint that has a specific description.

  • A dominant impression

For you to understand how to plan a descriptive essay, you need to know what a dominant impression means. Your descriptive essay should enable the readers to see what you see and feel what you feel. You, therefore, need to come up with a central theme that will drive your descriptions throughout the essay. All the details you give the reader will be related to your central idea.

  • Careful organization

You need to organize your statements when writing a descriptive essay. You should arrange your statements in a chronological, spatial and significance order. Meaning that you need to tell the reader where your subject is located, at what time and the importance they have. This will enable your essay to flow and have a sense of direction.


Descriptive Essay Outline TopicsDomestic violence topics

Descriptive essays have a number of topics. Finding a topic is key when it comes to understanding how to plan a descriptive essay. There are so many things that you can describe. Here are the topics that you can write about:

  1. Descriptions of a person

  • A favorite character from a book
  • Characteristics of a real hero
  • Your grandparents
  • Your best friend
  1. Location descriptions

  • A section of the airport
  • A pet shop
  • Your childhood home
  • An exhibition in a museum
  • The best holiday you had
  1. Event descriptions

  • Your ideal date
  • A snowy day
  • Your best concert
  1. Experience Descriptions

  • The worst day of your life
  • Getting your first apartment
  • An accident
  • A wedding


Words to Use in a Descriptive Essay

To figure out how to plan a descriptive essay, you need to know the type of words to use. When you are describing something, you are painting a particular picture. You need to ensure that people get it vividly. You should portray the image you saw in the same way in the eyes of the reader. Therefore, can use so many adjectives. Here are words you can use in a descriptive essay:

how to plan a descriptive essay

  • Amiable
  • Addictive
  • Aggressive
  • Arrogant
  • Courteous
  • Barren
  • Artistic
  • Benevolent
  • Decorous
  • Cordial
  • Celestial
  • Gigantic
  • Honorable
  • Dependable
  • Elitist
  • Explosive
  • Euphoric
  • Staunch
  • Vile


How to Write a Descriptive Essay Introduction

A descriptive essay introduction is the first part of the essay. You need to summarise all the main points that you will discuss in the essay. It helps to begin with an attractive statement like an anecdote or a question. This helps keep your introduction exciting and engaging. You will know how to plan a descriptive essay with a good idea of what a good introduction entails. After the summary, you should end the introduction with a thesis statement. Your thesis should contain the main purpose and the central theme of the essay. Make your introduction as original as possible so that you avoid using common phrases.


The Format of Descriptive Writing

Descriptive writing begins with you identifying a topic. After that, you need to identify the subtopics that you will use throughout your essay. Research on everything there is to know about the topic before you start drafting the subtopics. Do not worry about the organization in the first stages. Focus on gathering all the facts you need.

how to plan a descriptive essay

Note down the elements, characteristics, and function of everything that you are going to describe. The subtopics you come up with will formulate the content of the paragraphs in your body. Sieve through your rough draft and retain the information that you will use in your descriptive essay. This will help you know how to plan a descriptive essay.


You will then write an introduction. Your introduction should be impressive so that you can attract the attention of the reader. It will determine whether the reader will read through the rest of your essay or not. Give the reader a summary of the information that you will be discussing in the body. Do not go into details. You can use an anecdote or a fun fact that will interest the reader. End your introduction with a thesis statement that gives the reader your central theme. Avoid using clichés for your thesis statement. Come up with something original that highlights the main purpose of your descriptive essay.


The Body

The body should talk about your topic in details. Use all the elements of descriptive writing discussed above to structure your descriptions. Ensure that your body supports your thesis statement. The first sentence of each paragraph should include the main point that you will discuss in the paragraph.

how to plan a descriptive essay


The sentences that follow offer supporting details. Finally, the last sentence summarises all the details discussed in the paragraph. For your sentences to be systematic, you should use transition words. The number of paragraphs in your body depends on the instructions you have from your instructor. When you are thinking of how to plan a descriptive essay, consider the details you will include in the body.


The conclusion should tie your essay together. The summary should be complete and accurate. You will also restate your thesis in the conclusion. This means that you will write in using new words.   The conclusion is the last thing the reader will see, and you need to make it interesting so that they want more.


Descriptive Paragraph Format

A descriptive paragraph should contain details that are appealing to 5 senses. You need to know this for you to know how to plan a descriptive essay and structure your sentences correctly. You are immersing readers into your world, and they need to present your statements with that in mind. Here is a format you can use:

  • Contextualization

The reader needs to understand the basic elements of the subject you are describing. For them to do that, they need to understand that subject. You, therefore, need to give details about the essential elements of the item you are talking about. This will help them contextualize it and help you set the scene for what will come next.

  • Characterization

Some attributes are specific to a particular place, person or situation. You need to give the reader the characteristics of the subject you are describing. For example, giving the reader details about the character of a person helps them understand that person better.

  • Importance

For the reader to pay attention to the subject you are describing, you need to tell them how significant it is. This will ensure that they pay attention to your description. Ensure that you structure your words in a meaningful manner for them to convey the importance of your subject.


 How to Write a Descriptive Essay about A Person

When writing a description about a person, there are some things that you need to consider. As I said earlier, one of the early stages of figuring out how to plan a descriptive essay is selecting a topic. In this case, you already have a topic. Here is what you will consider for this essay:

how to plan a descriptive essay

  • Know the facts

You cannot talk about someone you do not know very well. Therefore, you need to research and get all the information you need about the person. The reader will love reading an essay that does not have any gaps. If you like a character in a movie or novel, a family member or friend, it is highly unlikely that you do not know them well. For example, if he or she is your favorite character, it is possible that you have watched most if not all of their films. Choose a character you know.

  • Describe, don’t state

The purpose of a descriptive essay is to

show the reader everything you see in a person so that they can see it too. You do not have to state the facts. Instead of dedicating a single paragraph talking about their looks or characteristics, sprinkle them throughout the essay. Let the readers see for themselves the type of person you are describing.


Descriptive Essay about a Place

For you to write a proper descriptive essay about a place, start by identifying the sensory details involved.  You should remember the detail of how to plan a descriptive essay before you write this essay. The sense of touch, sound, sight, taste, and smell are sensory details. After you identify the sensory details, create an outline.


Document everything you can remember about that place. You will then write your essay beginning with an introduction, followed by a body and ending with a conclusion. Write a strong and interesting introduction. Ensure that you describe the place expressively in the body and finish with a powerful conclusion.


Descriptive Writing Tips

You can get descriptive writing right when you structure your essay properly. This will enable you to know how to plan a descriptive essay and write it excellently. Here are descriptive writing tips:

  • Be specific

The reader does not care to know about things that they are aware of. You need to describe your subject in a way that sparks interest in the reader. For example, do not talk about the sky and describe it because the reader already knows. Talk about specific elements in the sky. If it is a restaurant, talk about an awesome painting on its wall rather than the usual stuff.

  • Be creative

Do not be so obvious when describing your subject. When the reader goes through your essay, they should connect bits of information for them to form their description. This makes your essay interesting and descriptive at the same time.

  • Give your descriptions purpose

Even though you are describing your subject, you need to ensure that your essay is flowing. Your descriptions should be engineered to push your essay forward. Ensure that the descriptions you use help you to tell the story.

  • Use concrete examples

Do not assume that the reader will understand your abstract thoughts. If you say something vague, ensure that you back it up with explicit details. Using examples is a sure way of making them understand your statements.

how to plan a descriptive essay

In conclusion, always strive to add a personal touch to your descriptive essay. When the reader knows you were present, they will trust your description. Dealing with how to plan a descriptive essay will be easier with the tips provided above. Click here to place your order.

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