How to Ace Movie Review Assignment | Homework Assist

How to Ace Movie Review Assignment | Homework Assist

The purpose of a movie is to tell a story to the audience for the purpose of entertaining, informing or educating them. A movie review evaluates the presentation of the movie by analyzing the major elements in the movie. While watching the movie, it could easily sweep you off your feet and keep you at the edge of your seat; you need to stay focused on capturing the details. This is what will constitute your movie review assignment.

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How to Ace Movie Review Assignment | Homework Assist
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The creative elements of the movie and the characters evoke a certain response from the viewer and this response is what you should focus on. For your movie review assignment, you should verify your evaluations so that your review has credibility. Myhomeworkwriters has homework assist experts that offer assignment help. You can check out a homework assist sample of a movie review assignment at Myhomeworkwriters. This will guide you in completing your movie review assignment.


Outline of a Movie Review

A movie review assignment is one of the written assignments that you will have to complete in school. It is an assignment that requires time, effort and proper organization. This is because writing a movie review is more than just reporting on the events happening on the screen. You need to delve deeper and give an in-depth evaluation of those events. Before you write your movie review you need to know the outline of a movie review. Below are the components of the outline of a movie review.


  • The title and introductionliterary analysis essay

The heading should contain the title of the movie, the director, the cast, the genre, and the release date. You can also mention whether the movie was an adaptation of the comics or from a book and more. Your introduction is what sets the pace for your review and you need to start it right. Make it engaging and interesting so that the reader will enjoy reading your review. You can choose your approach depending on the type of audience you are writing to. It helps to express your feelings to the reader with an emphasis on the movie you are reviewing.


  • Summary of the plot

A summary is very important especially for the people who have not seen the movie. You should always assume that everybody reading has not watched the film. Highlight the major events in the movie without giving too many details away. Ending your summary with a cliffhanger is the best way to keep the reader interested. The purpose of a movie review is to mainly give the reader orientation of the events in the movie. For this reason, you need to structure your summary to give the reader a sneak peek into the movie so that they know what to look forward to. You will then analyze the plot in terms of its significance and whether the director or producer succeeded in executing their vision or not.


  • Director

You cannot avoid talking about the director of the movie because you see the movie through his or her eyes. For this section, you should conduct research on the person to determine their previous artistic works. This will give you an insight on how they directed the movie you are reviewing. You should devote a paragraph to the person behind the camera. Find out their inspiration behind the movie. State their notable contributions in the cinematography industry because it will help you establish the significance of the movie you are reviewing.

 movie review assignment

  • Class significance

You cannot complete your movie review assignment without stating the significance of your review to your coursework. Discuss how the content is related to your course or a certain topic. If you are reviewing a movie that is an adaptation of a book, you can relate it to your literature class. You can go further by comparing and contrasting the details in the movie to those in the movie. Determine its truthfulness and accuracy.


  • Creative elements

movie review assignment

Movie producers undertake many different creative journeys that work for or against a movie. From visual effects, special effects, cinematography, plot, costumes, camera angles, location, lighting, music, editing and more. You should check the movie for creative elements when you are watching it. Evaluate the significance of these creative elements to the plot. You can research these details for you to give the reader a comprehensive evaluation.


  • Actors

The actors carry the film because they breathe life into the characters written on paper. Discuss whether the actors were true to the story or not in terms of their performance. You can highlight the actors who depicted an excellent performance of their role and include examples. Examine whether their acting comes naturally or is more artificial. Complete this by stating whether the actors were the right choice for the film.


  • Opinion and recommendations

After you review the movie, you should give the reader your personal opinion on the movie. Ensure that you do not direct personal attacks on the director or specific actors. Keep in mind that making the movie took a lot of effort and you do not want to disrespect anybody’s work. Base your opinion on facts and ensure it is unbiased. You will then complete your movie review assignment by giving the reader your recommendation. This means you will state whether you would encourage other people to watch it or not.


Commenting on a Moviemovie review assignment

Commenting on a movie is similar to a movie review but is shorter compared to the lengthy analysis that a movie review includes. Comments constitute movie reviews. Some websites like Rolling Stone allow users to submit their comments on different movies and rate them. A five-star rating is usually that of excellence. Viewers give their response to the content of the film and these reviews ultimately influence the number of people who choose to watch the movie. Some of the viewers post detailed comments while others post short comments. The comments could be nice, kind, nasty, critical or very nice. It depends on the person reviewing the movie because responses and comments cannot be similar across the board. For those comments that take the path of a true movie review outline, they include all the components of a movie review outline discussed above.


What is the Purpose of Film Reviewreflective essay on nursing leadership

The purpose of a film review differs from one person to another. It is the writer of the review that fulfills their intended purpose. You should determine the reason behind your movie review so that you take the right approach. You can check the homework assist sample at My homework writers to determine your approach. There are also homework assist experts who can help you stay true to your purpose in your movie review assignment. Below are the four functions of a film review.


  • Advertising

This is by far the primary purpose of a film review because it works to publicize it to the potential audience. These reviews act as a guide for the viewers so that they can decide whether to watch the movie or not. The analysis of the movie leans towards informing the audience about the exceptional elements in the movie hence attracting their attention.


  • Journalism

A film review is a journalistic feature of its own. This is because the information given in a film review falls under latest news. The fact that they focus on the specific aspects of the film means that they give the reader important information which is the same in the case of journalism. Other factors that relate film reviews to journalism include the fact that the writer gives their opinion and their taste. The in-depth reviews combine both journalism factors.

 film review for students

  • Rhetoric writing

This involves reviews written in essay form with the intention of academic publications. Most Ph.D. students use this approach when writing their film review. The academic press and other small publications categorize the reviews into groups of stories.



  • Criticism

Film reviews with this purpose often give a brief film description and dedicate more paragraphs to analyzing the film. The basis of the analysis is on the artistic merits of the film. Film students who wish to score the best grade are the ones who mostly take this approach for their assignment.


Features of a Film Reviewdescriptive essay on corporate social responsibility

A film review provides the reader with an analysis of the major elements of the movie. This is a common assignment that you will get and you can get writing help from the homework assist experts at Myhomeworkwriters. Their homework assist sample of a movie review will give you the assignment help you need. Most film reviews are persuasive, descriptive and concise. Reviewers write them in very cutting and witty ways and use rhetorical devices to establish credibility with the reader. Below are the features of a film review.


  • A title

Your title should include the name of the film and you have the freedom to include an attention grabber. An interesting title will attract the attention of the reader. You can include the cast in your title and the release date of the movie.


  • Introduction

A good introduction begins with a hook that sparks interest in the reader. You can begin by giving your overall comment, opinion or impression of the film. This will definitely keep the reader hooked for more. You should give the reader background information on the film so that they catch up with you.


  • Synopsis

This is a summary of the major events in the film or a summary of the plot. You should highlight the major elements of the story without giving away too many details. Too many details will keep the reader from yearning to watch the film.

 movie review assignment

  • Analysis

If you know that your review is leaning on the positive side, it is best for you to begin with the weaker aspects of the film. You will then build up a positive review from that. For a negative review, the writer begins by acknowledging the strong aspects of the film and builds down to the weak aspects of the film. Your analysis should evaluate aspects of the film such as the camera shots, camera angles, music, sound, special effects, interpretation of the concept, costume, and design, and the plot. You should also reference the directorial journey of the director of the film and why they chose to adopt that particular story line.


Discuss the poor and outstanding moment of the artistic elements in the film. Your analysis should not focus on building upon your personal opinion in the introduction but rather you should focus on the good and the bad. This is because there is no film with only good qualities or bad qualities.


  • Conclusion

The conclusion works to summarize your film review. Give the reader your overall opinion of the film by restating it. You will then give the reader your recommendation on whether the film is worth watching or not.


Elements of a Movie Reviewliterature review dissertation

The elements of a movie review are the main aspects that constitute a movie review. You need to know these elements for you to succeed in your movie review assignment. These elements include the title, summary, movie director, creative elements, actors and the relevance of the movie to your coursework. These are the major elements of a movie review. When you are organizing your work, you need to focus on them for you to write an excellent movie review. You can also get assignment help from the homework assist experts at Myhomeworkwriters. It also helps for you to check out their homework assist sample to help you construct your movie review assignment. When you are organizing your movie review, you should begin with an introduction, followed by the plot summary, analysis of events, creative elements, your opinion and recommendation, and end it with a conclusion.

step by step movie review writing procedure

In conclusion, you should write your movie review assignment in an organized manner so that your ideas flow properly. Support your opinion, claims, and recommendations using examples in the movie and facts. You can use the homework assist sample by My homework writers as a guide. If you encounter any difficulties, our homework assist experts can provide you with assignment help.

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