How does this leader leverage power, politics, networking, or

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How does this leader leverage power, politics, networking, or
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 Unit focuses on how leaders influence people by using—and potentially abusing—power, politics, networking, and negotiation. For this unit’s discussion forum, your initial discussion post should include two parts:

Part 1: link to video clip
Before you post in the discussion board, locate a video clip that demonstrates a leader’s influence through the use—or abuse—of power, politics, networking, or negotiation. Once you identify a video clip, be sure to copy the link and insert it into your discussion board post. To locate a video clip, you may use either YouTube or the Films on Demand database through the Online Library.

You may choose any leader for this video clip; it does not need to be the leader that serves as the topic for your research paper. Begin your discussion post by (a) providing the name of the leader and the title of the video clip and (b) posting a link to the video clip. The video clip should be less than three minutes in length. If it is longer than three minutes, feel free to post the link, but please indicate the time-stamp for a three-minute window within the video, so your professor and peer learners may view just that three-minute window. (Please demonstrate respect to your professor and peers by refraining from video clips that include vulgar language or behavior.)

Part 2: Discussion
Analyze this video clip as the basis for your discussion board post. How does this leader leverage power, politics, networking, or negotiation in order to influence people? In your opinion, does this leader use these strategies ethically? Explain. Evaluate the overall effectiveness of this leader’s influence. How does this leader’s influence—as well as his or her power, politics, networking, or negotiation—impact other people? 

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