Hospitality quiz | Human Resource Management homework help

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Hospitality quiz | Human Resource Management homework help
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Question 1  1 pts      

          Functional value is the perceived utility derived from the  resort’s capacity for functional, utilitarian, or physical performance.       


Question 2  1 pts      

          To become a truly sustainable operation, resort management should consider a triple bottom line audit consisting of       
    A    economic prosperity, environmental quality, and compliance    
    B   economic prosperity, environmental quality, and social justice    
     C  environmental quality, compliance, and social justice    
     D  environmental quality, social responsibility, and net income


Question 3  1 pts      

          Porter’s five competitive forces       
      A  do not apply to the resort industry since the competition within the industry is unique    
   B    is not impacted by social capital or regional resources    
    C   focus on experiential service products    
   D    are faced by all industries, including resorts


          Environmental scanning is the term applied to the process of  examining the natural environment surrounding the resort to ensure a  good fit with the resort.       



 Flag this Question   Question 5  1 pts      
            Waikiki initially began as a resort catering to the wealthy.  The arrival of ___ changed their focus and it evolved to the resort  location it is today.       
     A   Elvis Presley    
      B the Internet    
     C  World War II    
    D   jet airliner travel    



 Flag this Question   Question 6  1 pts      
            The resort industry’s future involves       
     A   a collaboration between business and government    
      B a prediction of future guests’ desires and what the environment and society will permit    
    C   an analysis of past guest activity and spending    
    D   an understanding of the demographics of the resort’s primary guests    



 Flag this Question   Question 7  1 pts      
            Two major factors in planning tourist resorts are       
      A  social responsibility and community relations    
     B  treating resorts as a business and recycling    
     C  treating resorts as a business and community relations    
      D social responsibility and capital assets    



  Question 8  1 pts      
            In today’s environment, the term “spa” typically signifies a health resort or service. The term is derived from       
      A  the ancient Greek city of Sparta    
      B the Spanish town of Spabadell    
     C  the Roman god of health, Spartecles    
      D the town of Spa in Belgium    



 Question 9  1 pts      
            Resorts combine the elements of _____ which makes them distinctive in the tourism industry.       
       A superior lodging and dining facilities    
      B recreation attractions to draw guests and activities to occupy them    
     C  recreation attractions to draw guests and superior lodging facilities    
      D activities to occupy guests and superior dining facilities    



 Question 10  1 pts      
            Tourists have greater latitude in their vacation choices due to       
      A  global climate changes    
      B advances in technology    
     C  access to the Internet    
     D  increasing prosperity and tourism options

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