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Question 1

Conduct an online search to find out about the Moldova scam.

      When did this scam take place?

      What were the names of the Websites involved?

      How did it work?  

      What happened to the victims?

      Who was behind the scam and what was their punishment?

      What piece of advice in Chapter 6 would have prevented people from getting caught by the Moldova scam?

      Be sure to cite websites used in forming your answers (URLs and/or website names)

Question 2

Software manufacturers have enjoyed strong legal protection from lawsuits associated with software failures.

     Are any organizations or politicians working to create a laws that would force software manufacturers to assume more responsibility for product failures?

     Report on any effort you can find along these lines and its current status.

    Be sure to cite websites used in forming your answers (URLs and/or website names)

Question 3

When one substitution key (such as the one in Figure 8.1) is used, the resulting system is called monoalphabetic.  When two or more keys are used with some system for moving from one key to another, the system is called polyalphabetic.  The most commonly used polyalphabetic cpher is called Vigenere’s system.  Vigenere’s system was the main cryptographic method used by the Confederates during the American Civil War.

     Find out (and explain) how the standard Vigenere system works.

    Find the three Vigenere key phrases used by the confederates during the Civil War.

   Be sure to cite websites used in forming your answers (URLs and/or website names)

Question 4

Create a Web page that has images on both sides of the page and has text flowing continuously between the images.

Add a sequence of left-justified images (at least 4 images) with text flowing along the right side of the images and with no text or blank lines separating the images along the left side of the page.

It is suggested that you download SeaMonkey (www.seamonkey-project.org) to help complete this exercise as it is covered in chapter 9 and is a fairly easy tool to use.  If you have another web page tool or wish to code this yourself, you are free  to do so.

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