History Dissertation

History Dissertation

Writing a history dissertation may not be the easiest thing to do, considering that history is an expansive subject. Nonetheless, students who study history need to master the skill of writing a dissertation for academic purposes. The most difficult part of this process may be finding the topic, but this does not mean it is impossible. Read on to discover what it takes to write a great history dissertation.

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History Dissertation
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History Dissertation

While there is no specific format to write a great history dissertation, reading dissertation examples and samples helps. Doing this helps you establish a format and style that you like. There are basics that every dissertation requires, as outlined below.

What is a History Dissertation?

A history dissertation refers to a long write up of a specified about something, a place, or a person. In most cases, universities will specify the length of the dissertation to be about 10,000 words. Usually, it comes during the third year of the student’s academic journey. It accounts for two modules and is often double-counted by most institutions.

Roughly, this write-up should be based on several primary sources. It has to be a comprehensive review of all historical data and should be part of the introduction. These are individual projects that every student must master. Writing an excellent dissertation needs several things that must be considered

Choose the Right Topic

Experts such as Myhomeworkwriters.com/ advertise students on picking a good topic from the onset. The best dissertation starts with an excellent topic. While you may need to consider a lot of factors, the most important is to ensure that the topic is feasible and interesting. Ensure that the topic is relevant to the primary source. In addition to that, it must be worthwhile in terms of studies. Don’t rush to choose topics because of how easy they are. Consequently, choosing a topic should be a slow process. Rushing may lead to distortion, especially if there is a potential of changing your mind midway.

As part of the topic selection, take time to ask yourself questions that matter. History is a broad topic, and it is obvious that you cannot talk about everything. As such, pick a specific aspect that you want to explore. This can be economic, social, military, cultural, or political. Fortunately, it is easy to achieve this because you can pick from themes. Focus on the areas of the study that interest you the most.

History Dissertation

In case instructions require you to write a long dissertation, then consider starting with a broad topic. You can then narrow it down.

Scope the Topic Carefully

One of the best tricks with history dissertation is to scope your topic carefully. It is possible to be tempted to discuss your favorite part of the topic only, but this will not be sufficient. Also, you are advised to avoid fluff in an attempt to discuss a specific topic. Top dissertations result from proper planning and researching. This is the most important aspect of your article.

Organize your Content Carefully

When you consider that this a long term project, students ought to start early. Never wait until it is too late in the third year to begin. Your final year of school is going to be hectic hence the need to start early and save yourself the stress. Prepare and begin your research early to avoid the last-minute rush. Begin collecting necessary research material as early as you can.

Explore the structure in good time, as this gives you a chance to make adjustments early enough. Work in a bit and stretches over time. Devote time for proper academic research, preferably when away on school break. This allows you time to dig deeper into the content from different sources. After all, you will have all the time you need for this.

Supervision is Key

Prioritize meeting with your supervisor as this will help you keep track of your progress. The last thing you want is to work on the project on your own. Never annoy your supervisor by missing deadlines because of your inability to match deadlines. Academics take years to manage their projects, which is why students must work under their supervision. Pay attention to their guidance and follow their reference. Set realistic plans and goals and try to stick to them. Always let your supervisors in on your progress. Remember that they cannot assist you if you do not reveal all the details to them. Stay honest and follow every step they give you.

Read Constantly

Read smartly. As you do this, think about the things you need from the reading. Point out the main debate and arguments in your topic. You can easily establish these from your books and article introductions.

Secondly, explore the context in a wider scope. Read as many books and materials as you can to find the content you need to write your wider context. Check what different sources are saying about the wider context of the history you are writing about. For instance, when writing about Britain’s history, you may want to read everything from the era. Be informed about the social, economic, and any other relevant aspect worth noting.

Background check

Once you are well equipped with the knowledge that will go into your write up, conduct background checks. Most students focus on this part where the expectation is to synthesize information and offer examples. Your literature review should be detailed. Compare and contextualize all your primary source findings. These should be in your mind as you read while taking notes.

Master the skill of reading your history dissertation literature in tandem. Resists the urge to do this one after the other. Your sources must be in agreement, and the best way to whether they are is to read a section at a time, making comparisons. Reading should also work as a means of familiarizing yourself with the past.

Learn about the language, habits, culture, and politics of the era you are writing about. It does not matter if you are a cultural or social historian. Talk to your supervisor, who will suggest a good textbook for this purpose. A proper reference book is crucial as it will help you understand the context of the historical content you are writing.

Analysis of Primary Sources

History Dissertation

A good history dissertation is achieved by assessing all the sources first. There will many of both primary and secondary sources, but you cannot go through all of them. Spend some time going through the sources you have and look at a few dissertation examples before making a decision of which sources to use. Have a deep and meaningful assessment of the sources. You cannot have a quick look at the dissertation materials. It has to be deep and well-researched.

Going through all the sources takes time. Scrutinize all sources, both online and offline ones, to decide if this works for you. Schedule enough time to do this, and never underestimate the length it could take. Rushing through these sources will lead to a substandard essay that risks rejection when submitted. You may need to use varied skills to decode the sources, but you must analyze each.

Take note of the fact that most experts like My Homework Writers pitch it as the best assignment writing services in AUSTRALIA will advise students to be careful when reading. The process gauges your ability to express deep knowledge of the subject matter.

Writing Process

Start writing early and do not stop until you get to the conclusion. Whether you are writing on one of the most popular Irish history dissertation topics or not, do not stop until you get to the end. Once you have gathered all the materials together, and have your ideas in place, write to the end. Only take pauses to send the covered content to your supervisor for approval and corrections.

Begin with easier elements of your project writing. Do not worry about beginning with the introduction. In fact, most people leave the introduction for the end. It is possible that you will draft and redraft your dissertation a couple of times. The final copy will undergo an editing process before the final submission.

When you start early, any existing weaknesses with the plan will come to light. It will also help you figure out what to include in the over 10,000 words. Never approach a history dissertation with the mentality of working under pressure. This requires a systematic approach, where a supervisor is involved in all steps of the way.

Argument Development

Spare a few hours to brainstorm and think about the argument you want to front. Explore works that other people did, and check for gaps that you can fill in your own writing. Know the narrators of the story, and capture important arguments that will make your essay stand out. The wider significance of the dissertation should be clear through your findings and topics, without overstating it. Focus on all research areas equally without dismissing any part. Conclusions should be done to the scope of the length and sources. Note that you are to build on the work previously done in the research. Do not worry, but creating new content.

Stay Calm and Work Through the Problems

Dissertations aim at fixing problems. However, the length of the essay can be intimidating. Take examples of environmental history dissertations that explore environmental issues from the past. There will be numerous challenges to address, but this should not be an issue. Use the road map you created in the earlier phases of your writing process. Prepare for issues along the way, as this is an expected norm.

When this happens, reach out and seek intellectual help. Your supervisor will be a big part of fixing any issues that come up. A good supervisor will have an idea of what you are facing and offer relevant and timely advice. Remember that he or she also encounter challenges during research work.

History Dissertation

In the case of anxiety and stress, talking to your supervisor will help chart a way forward. There may be a need to attend counseling sessions. Understanding and accepting that the process is overwhelming and stressful is the first step to achieving success.

History Dissertation Writing Hints

Everything from medieval history dissertation ideas, to the actual writing, follows a specific pattern. History being an expansive field means that writing a dissertation can be a difficult process. However, with a few hints here and there, students can come up with the best dissertations ever. Below are some of these hints.

  • Considering options based on personal experience. Come up with all the relevant questions about the subject before tackling any of them.
  • Pointing out your interests in the field of study. It is always a good thing to do research in an area of study that interests you. Look at the different topics before making a step.
  • Think through the topics first. Having a brainstorming session is crucial. Do not dismiss great ideas for lack of depth just because you did not take time to think about it.
  • Assess the availability of information for your topic. The quality of information is an important consideration in this case. Your paper should be comprehensive and detailed.
  • Carry out investigations about the relevance of the topic. Remember, you are writing to address specific issues. Make sure you understand what the public opinion is on the matter first before exploring it. Write content that will stir the interest of people. Check whether there are misconceptions and popular opinions. Conduct some background checks.
  • Choose topics that interest you and the public. You are likely to get funding when the topic you choose is of interest to society.
  • Come up with an excellent thesis statement. A good hypothesis helps you set a great framework for your research. This makes it possible for you to approach the research in a calculated manner.

History Dissertation

  • Use different sources of information that you collect. Consider using credible sources that have been approved after making comparisons.
  • Go with a format style that is common or specified by your instructor. You can construct your paper with a lot of ease as long as you choose a style that is consistent.
  • Choose a format that tells a story.

How long should a history dissertation be?

A history dissertation should be long enough for it to be relevant. Consider the different examples of already done dissertations. An oral history dissertation has specific length requirements, just like written ones have. Consider works done by established historians to get a feel of how things should be. Most professional history dissertation papers are not less than 9,000. This is a strictly set upper limit that must be adhered to or risk losing marks for the whole paper. Students should start it early if they are to cover much of it in a good time.

How do I choose my dissertation topic history?

As mentioned earlier, the topic is a crucial part of the content you are going to write. Choosing a good topic is not an easy process, though. You need to factor in a lot of things, including relevance and depth. As such, consider the following tips.

  • Choose an interesting topic. Always choose a topic that you can handle for a long time without getting bored and abandoning the project.
  • Seek to be different. It is easy to replicate and spin content that other people have already done. However, a good scholar and researcher seek to build on this content, bringing in a new and better idea as opposed to copying them.
  • Avoid being vague. No reader will continue reading content that appears to be unspecific. It is both unprofessional and shows some level of incompetence. Be specific all the time.

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  • Be wide. Explore and explain your dissertation with examples. This allows your paper to be comprehensive and useful.
  • Research is crucial. All content must be well-researched to pass the test. History can be long and impossible to narrow down. However, with better and extensive research, you can come up with a great dissertation paper. Use primary and secondary sources in your research.
  • Stay objective. Focus on the main idea of your dissertation. Whatever you write should be an answer to the thesis statement. Do not digress
  • Ask for help when stuck. The process can be long and tiring, not to mention stressful. When faced with such challenges, talk to an expert, preferably your supervisor. Your supervisor will guide you throughout the entire process of writing your history dissertation.

To write a good paper, always go through already written examples on the subject. When writing about politics in historical time, consider reading a few undergraduate dissertation examples politics from the library or other sources. A history dissertation is not a difficult paper to write. All you must do is stick to the suggestions described above. Any student who puts his mind to it can achieve it. Take time, plan, execute, and review before submitting the final copy of the writing.

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