History and reinstatement letter | Education homework help

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History and reinstatement letter | Education homework help
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Assignmen 1: Reinstatement letter

The following topics should be addressed in the personal statement along with all relevant information that addresses the reinstatement eligibility requirements:

  • Explain the reason for having fallen out of status (specify the violation and include dates);
  • Explain the reason for the status violation (include evidence and dates, if applicable)
  • It is strongly recommended to include the following information: provide a chronological and detailed explanation (include dates) of the events that led up to your failure to maintain status; what date did you realize that you are no longer in F-1 status and when you contacted the OISS&SA to resolve the issue; include reason(s) why you may consider the violation beyond your control; include a statement of how or why a denial of the reinstatement would cause extreme personal hardship to you.
  • Include a statement about currently pursuing or intending to pursue a full course of study. Include your career and educational plan and goals.
  • Include a statement attesting that you have not been engaged in any unauthorized employment.

Asign 2: Litera Analyze Essay 600-800 words

Topic is Article which is in attachments

must include 2 of the supporting details below:

a) Characterization b) Symbolism c) Plot d) Foreshadowing e) allusions f) Other figurative language such as simile, metaphor, repetition, etc. g) Irony h) Conflict i) Point of View j) Connotation; Denotation k) Quotation, paraphrase, summary

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