Help! expand my paragraph. due in 30 mins..

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Help! expand my paragraph. due in 30 mins..
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The paragraph is:

The board of Tesla Inc. must tighten the investment decision approval processes to ensure that the company’s resources are directed towards the creation of shareholder value. There could be the need for the company to focus more on ensuring that the electric vehicles receive more attention than other investment considerations considering the potential for the creation of shareholder value. This is also important since the firm has been borrowing increasingly and investments are largely financed through debt (Lopez). Additionally, the decision process on the investments made by the company may need further considerations concerning challenges faced with the space projects by Tesla.

Please expand this part. you have to use this:

-Identification of each of your company’s top 3 concerns and your plan of action for each

-Clearly identify the concern and articulate why it qualifies as a top concern for the company; include a detailed explanation of what the concern encompasses

Provide a detailed plan of action, including why it is your recommended path forward

-Explain the benefits the board could expect from the actions and any unintended consequences the company might face

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